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Thursday, February 26, 2009

OLD Friends

This post is dedicated to the people I spent time with during my teenage years. Laura Hepker, Sarah Lampel, Tracy Pursell, Meredeth Bryant, Mishelle Anderson, Vickie Peterson..and the whole gang of girlies and boys I spent INSANE amount of time with. Tom and the stud squad, All the sleep over crowd, (really?? Pixie stix and mountain Dew?? Where were our parents??) the friends I spent many happy hours playing football and Frisbee with....I just want to say thanks for making my teenager-hood pleasant, not too much drama and for always being supportive of each other. I have SO many fond memories of you all! I recently joined facebook and have really enjoyed catching back up with you all. Ron Farrell?? Really, I thought he was MIA...LOL! Anyone heard from Chris and Chris in the last 10 years?? To the Jason's the and the Chrisses who gave me one of my favorite nicknames ever... Superwife still exists...Whoda thunkit?? LOL! Anywho...I've been enjoying the little saunter down amnesia lane, and it really reminded me how SUPER BLESSED I was to enjoy so many true friends during a time in some people's lives that they are convinced that they have no friends. SO, THANK YOU, thank you my good friends!
Lil' Devil, Superwife, Shortcakes, Adorable, Lil' Bit, Sunshine, and/or Krist...some of the MANY nicknames I went by in Highschool ; )

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