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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Few Catch Up Posts

Well, I"m a few days late, but I'm gonna combine a few people and call it a day...hope they don't mind!! **George...I figure if I wrote about Tom, then I need to write about the others, right?? To be honest, even though George and I only dated just under 6 months, he probably had the biggest impact on my life. We were that couple that really should have never dated, but couldn't seem to help ourselves...LOL! We were such great friends, but spent most of our time fighting while we were dating. I learned alot about personal boundaries and where exactly my comfort zone really was while dating George. George introduced me to following my heart and not just doing what made other people happy. He taught me to enjoy myself in a way that other people hadn't. As with Tom Anderson, I still consider George a friend although we don't run in the same circle anymore. George is a great person....a son that tries hard to take care of his family and parents, and a great dad. He knows how to have a good time and loves to laugh, a deep hearty chuckle like his dad and a most delightful sound. Anywho, enough about George...love ya buddy! **Jason...Well what to say about Jay?? As most of you know, our relationship ended less than amiably...LOL! But, I can still find things to be grateful for...I CAN! I learned what I'm willing to put up with in a relationship and what I WILL NOT! I learned about misplaced loyalty, trusting blindly and sadly, that I'm far more defiant and willful than I'd like to admit. I learned that loving his family is NOT enough to hold together a relationship an that you can't make something work by sheer will power..I TRIED, I did! I learned to stand on my own two feet in that relationship and that there are worse things than being alone...LOL! I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression about Jay, we had lots of good times together during our dating, but he was not the guy that God had in mind for me and it took me longer to listen than it should have. OUCH, that's embarrassing to write! Dang...I need to stop writing...too much introspection involved! Anywho, Jay is still a person that I catch up with from time to time and I'm glad to report that is well and happy. His parents are having him slowly remodel the whole house...and it looks good. Hugs to you, my friend! **Carl Zegan...Although I never officially dated him, we did go on a few dates. OOO, I was goo goo over him (Gosh, I hope he doesn't read this...LOL) Well, when I was 16 and he was 23...he was sooooo mature and sweet and cool! We always had such fun together...as we are both pretty funny. He always said that I was as sweet as peaches (insert evil laugh here...Muahahahaha) shows how much he knows, right?? Just kidding! As I got older and dating him became "more appropriate" we were going different directions and hanging in different circles and it became evident that he was not the one for me either. As of my last chat with him, he was still very much single and wishing for the right girl to come along. He is an honorable son who cares for his parents and extended family deeply, is an elder at his church and sells insurance, as well as running a 'green/homeopathic' website to teach people about green healthcare that God provided us without the "help" of western medicine. It's a great little site full of helpful advice and many great links...but I can't remember the name of it right now...sorry! Anyhow...Carl is still a good freind of mine and we catch up regularly. Carl, miss ya buddy! Blessings to all of these and you who read this mess! Kristy

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