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Thursday, February 26, 2009

OLD Friends

This post is dedicated to the people I spent time with during my teenage years. Laura Hepker, Sarah Lampel, Tracy Pursell, Meredeth Bryant, Mishelle Anderson, Vickie Peterson..and the whole gang of girlies and boys I spent INSANE amount of time with. Tom and the stud squad, All the sleep over crowd, (really?? Pixie stix and mountain Dew?? Where were our parents??) the friends I spent many happy hours playing football and Frisbee with....I just want to say thanks for making my teenager-hood pleasant, not too much drama and for always being supportive of each other. I have SO many fond memories of you all! I recently joined facebook and have really enjoyed catching back up with you all. Ron Farrell?? Really, I thought he was MIA...LOL! Anyone heard from Chris and Chris in the last 10 years?? To the Jason's the and the Chrisses who gave me one of my favorite nicknames ever... Superwife still exists...Whoda thunkit?? LOL! Anywho...I've been enjoying the little saunter down amnesia lane, and it really reminded me how SUPER BLESSED I was to enjoy so many true friends during a time in some people's lives that they are convinced that they have no friends. SO, THANK YOU, thank you my good friends!
Lil' Devil, Superwife, Shortcakes, Adorable, Lil' Bit, Sunshine, and/or Krist...some of the MANY nicknames I went by in Highschool ; )

Props to the Man

Hey, didn't get a chance to post this yesterday but wanted to just shout out a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet hubby, DAN. He turned 34 years old yesterday and I was glad. Glad that he managed not to get killed in a freak work accident like his brother did during his 33rd year, Glad that he is a great dad, a super hubby and a great son,friend, brother, SIL and BIL, and GLAD that he decided to turn his life around. My Dan ROCKS! Big hugs to you, my love! Hope your birthday was happy and there were no freak attacks by the mad monkey....LOL!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Sorry Ladies and Gents~
There will be no post for this week...I'm simply too busy and too far behind on other things to do this today...I'll try again next week. THE END...see, I can write a short post.
Yeah, me

A Few Catch Up Posts

Well, I"m a few days late, but I'm gonna combine a few people and call it a day...hope they don't mind!! **George...I figure if I wrote about Tom, then I need to write about the others, right?? To be honest, even though George and I only dated just under 6 months, he probably had the biggest impact on my life. We were that couple that really should have never dated, but couldn't seem to help ourselves...LOL! We were such great friends, but spent most of our time fighting while we were dating. I learned alot about personal boundaries and where exactly my comfort zone really was while dating George. George introduced me to following my heart and not just doing what made other people happy. He taught me to enjoy myself in a way that other people hadn't. As with Tom Anderson, I still consider George a friend although we don't run in the same circle anymore. George is a great person....a son that tries hard to take care of his family and parents, and a great dad. He knows how to have a good time and loves to laugh, a deep hearty chuckle like his dad and a most delightful sound. Anywho, enough about George...love ya buddy! **Jason...Well what to say about Jay?? As most of you know, our relationship ended less than amiably...LOL! But, I can still find things to be grateful for...I CAN! I learned what I'm willing to put up with in a relationship and what I WILL NOT! I learned about misplaced loyalty, trusting blindly and sadly, that I'm far more defiant and willful than I'd like to admit. I learned that loving his family is NOT enough to hold together a relationship an that you can't make something work by sheer will power..I TRIED, I did! I learned to stand on my own two feet in that relationship and that there are worse things than being alone...LOL! I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression about Jay, we had lots of good times together during our dating, but he was not the guy that God had in mind for me and it took me longer to listen than it should have. OUCH, that's embarrassing to write! Dang...I need to stop writing...too much introspection involved! Anywho, Jay is still a person that I catch up with from time to time and I'm glad to report that is well and happy. His parents are having him slowly remodel the whole house...and it looks good. Hugs to you, my friend! **Carl Zegan...Although I never officially dated him, we did go on a few dates. OOO, I was goo goo over him (Gosh, I hope he doesn't read this...LOL) Well, when I was 16 and he was 23...he was sooooo mature and sweet and cool! We always had such fun together...as we are both pretty funny. He always said that I was as sweet as peaches (insert evil laugh here...Muahahahaha) shows how much he knows, right?? Just kidding! As I got older and dating him became "more appropriate" we were going different directions and hanging in different circles and it became evident that he was not the one for me either. As of my last chat with him, he was still very much single and wishing for the right girl to come along. He is an honorable son who cares for his parents and extended family deeply, is an elder at his church and sells insurance, as well as running a 'green/homeopathic' website to teach people about green healthcare that God provided us without the "help" of western medicine. It's a great little site full of helpful advice and many great links...but I can't remember the name of it right now...sorry! Anyhow...Carl is still a good freind of mine and we catch up regularly. Carl, miss ya buddy! Blessings to all of these and you who read this mess! Kristy

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Marvelous Miss Sue and her Wonderful Hubby, Bro John

Miss Sue is about the greatest thing ever. She is the illustrious Bro John's wife, proud parent of my two best friends and one darling ex-boyfriend...LOL! She was mothered me when I wasn't allowing my own mother to do so, called me one of her own and helped me grow up. She has led first and foremost by example, secondly by guiding me to the Bible and a far third, with words. She is a fantastic pastor's wife...knowing when to speak up and when to hush up, working diligently by her hubby's side and sometimes in his absence, serves on the women's committees and fearlessly leads the troublesome 4-6 grade boys in AWANAs. ; ) When I would wander into church, scared and alone...seeing her on the 3rd row, right hand side, made everything feel alright, the world was NOT going to end in the next 5 minutes. When I stomped into church so mad at the way my life was going, seeing her there in the 3rd row, right hand side reminded me that there WERE still things that were stable and good in my life, and when I skipped in with good news to share, there she was...3rd row, right hand side...ready to rejoice with news of a new baby, cancer beaten back, or marriages put back together. And in all of these situations...she was ready with a smile, a perfectly spoken word and a hug as big and as tight as a bear. Ah, yes...the perfectly marvelous Miss Sue!

Here is something I wrote about Bro John a while back...it still suits...even though it was written for his b-day party in April of last year.

Right now I wish I was in IL with all of you at Bro John's 60th birthday party. I've been trying to formulate a letter to have put in his scrapbook, but the words fail me...and we all know how often that happens! How do you say thank you to a man that has been such a huge influence in your life? How do you find the words to tell him how you feel about the impact he has made? John Hover has been a rock in my life for over 16 years now. He's been my pastor, a mentor, a confidante, a big brother, a father, a marriage counsellor and most of all a friend to me. I've been best friends with his daughter(s), thought about marrying his son, worked for him, with him and around him. He has taken me places, helped me accomplish things I didn't know I could do, given me responsibility I didn't know I could handle and then praised me when I did well. He's laughed at me, near me and with me. He's scolded, harangued and harassed me when my attitude was out of line. Remember that he's know me since I was 18...I've grown up a bit since then, I hope! He has brought me into his family as a full fledged daughter, even thought we all laugh and say that I must be the milkman's daughter since I was born while he was in jail. Anyway, I suppose suffice it to say that I adore him and wish him the happiest birthday ever and may this year be his best yet. Bro John, I love you!

Your littlest one,


Pat is a Flipper!

Pat is our middlest of middle children...hee hee! He is 10, wild, loud and crazy, and a handful. I've always said that Pat was born to keep me humble about my parenting skills and BOY is he good at it...LOL! Actually, he is getting so mature that it blows me away some days. ANYWAY, Pat is great on the trampoline and getting better all the time. At the end, I'll add a video of his newest trick, those of you with weak constitutions should look away...ha ha! Pat is thriving at home, learning so much and starting to show a real interest in big cats. He just reads and reads and reads about them. He got a big cat National Geographic movie for his birthday and loves to watch it. We call him the "Baby Whisperer" because Titus loves him best of all the boys. He LOVES to take care of him...feeds him, carries him around all the time, and will even change cloth diapers. Pretty impressive if you ask me! Pat is also becoming quite the baker...his peanut butter kiss cookies are WAY better than mine and Thursday he made a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies that were delicious with no supervision at all. WOW! He loves to be in the kitchen, in the garage and outside...just not at his desk. But the beauty of homeschool is that school can go to those places, and he can still learn. Ha, we were laughing the other day about math being everywhere...he was working on some of his math skills while playing darts with Dan...LOL! Well, it's time for that video....check him out...quite the Flipper...that's a back flip with FULL twist...ZOIKS!! Where did he learn THAT?? Way to go, Pat!!
Love, Mama ; )

Chasing My Own Tail

Greetings from sunny and warm NM! Another week has FLOWN by and I find myself wondering where it all went. We had a good week of school...especially since we decided to only do 3 day weeks and just read on the other days. They boys are enjoying the extra 'free' time, although I keep filling it up with chores. I have figured out how to make up a huge batch of bread dough and only baking up what we need for a few days and freezing the rest, that way I can just take out a loaf or two as needed, let it rise in the pan and poof, none of the hassle of mixing up bread dough each day...yeah! That is saving me some extra time so I made sweet rolls this week and I think they are the best batch I ever made! YUMMY!!
Dan is eagerly anticipating his birthday this week (as are mom and Lily) and game night/b-day party will be on Wednesday so that we aren't missing game night to go visit EK and Linda over the weekend...ROAD TRIP! Late Tuesday night, Alec will arrive and we are so excited about seeing the red haired wonder again...it's been too long, as it has with most of you. Speaking of which, I need to practice Guitar Hero today...LOL! Most of this week, I have been poring over my new book called 'Managers of Their Homes' and working on my schedule. Still haven't gotten very far, but I will get there! I'm excited about putting some more order to our days and squeezing a bit more productivity out of our hours. I've spent hours researching exactly what I need from Abeka for next school year and also researching My Father's World stuff since their Science, History, Art, Music and Bible curriculum are all in one, PLUS multi-grades in one, so I can teach one class each day and cover James, Pat and David all at once. For Derek's pre-K year coming up, I'll be doing mostly lapbooks and writing my own curriculum (how is it that he's ready for this already...isn't he still a baby??) Anyway, that's where most of my week went. Dan spent all of last weekend working a side job that he bartered his services for so that he could have that HUGE new fishtank. He even bought 20 new fish yesterday for it and it still looks almost empty...LOL!
I need to catch up on my daily thankful Blog for my Feb challenge...since Game night was last night I missed one...just a reminder...those are in NO PARTICULAR order (Winks, Kelly) so if you are last, doesn't mean I love you the least, OK?? I love you all and miss you, too~ Have a great week, loved ones!!



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dennis and Beccy Winn

Well, I could write a novel about these two wonderful people! They sort of wandered into our lives many, many years ago as a VERY poor, barely out of college couple that needed a place to work on their car, so Dad offered his garage. Mom quickly realized that they were buying car parts with their grocery money and fed them...and the rest is history. ; ) They were at that great age when they were old enough to be friends of our parents and yet young enough to still seem cool to us kids...LOL! They lived not that far from us and we spent almost as many hours at their house as they did at ours...they both lived away from their families, so we became their new family. I remember being in utter AWE of them as they seemed to know just about everything! I'm sure our parents got REALLY tired of hearing..."But Dennis and Beccy said......." Dennis was always fun to have around, loves to laugh and yet has a very sensitive heart for people. Beccy knew where to go looking for a bargain, run the church office, burp the baby, make dinner and still be playing a board game with us all without getting edgy or flustered....oh the time I've wasted trying to be her...(don't tell, OK??) LOL! They have 3 lovely boys, Jonathan, James and Jordan, all who are brainiacs like their parents, well mannered, (not sure where THAT came from) and love the Lord. Can parents ask for anything more?? Beccy introduced us to the crunchy notion of home birth and cloth diapers and I am glad that I was exposed to that at a young age. Watching them cling to each other and to the Lord after the death of their first baby was a lesson I won't ever forget. Goodness, we used to love to watch them bicker over answers for Trivial Pursuit..they used to challenge the answers on he back of the card...LOL! My favorite childhood vacation was with them, going to visit the St. Louis arch, going to their parents house, riding the inner tube behind the boat...good times with great friends! MANY happy hours were spent at Great America when Beccy would take us while Mom was working, wonderful memories of 'helping' them decorate their Christmas trees, paint the house, whatever they were doing, we wanted to be doing it too. We were BLESSED to call them friends, and to have their influence in our lives...and for that, I'm grateful!
D and B, I miss you guys soo much! Hope our lives cross paths again soon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kelly, This One is ABOUT You!

Kelly on the left, Jodi on the right and me in the middle where I belong...LOL!

~~As opposed to the one titled, "Kelly, This One is FOR You."..LOL! Well, according to Jodi, I lie about all these people and make them sound wonderful (does that mean she doesn't think they are wonderful??) ...sooooo, what do you want me to say about you? Hee hee! Anywho, enough silliness, let's get down to business. Kelly, you are a great sister! Old enough to offer advice since you've already been there and done that, but young enough to still be relevant ; ) Fun enough to want to spend time with, and practical enough to clip coupons with! Goodness, I am having so much fun with these...trying to really pinpoint my fave qualities about my peeps...LOL! Well, funny, and loyal seem to always make the list and you are both of those in abundance. A great story teller is usually at the top of the list and you do that well, also...as if any child of Dad's couldn't tell a great story...LOL! Gracious...let's see here...we both love to scrap, chase kiddos, our hubbies and the occasional stray dog, shop for a bargain with our gal pals and spend a happy day buried in a pile of books. We have all those things in common, and although we also have differences (such as you being concrete random and I'm SOOO concrete sequential) we seem to compliment each other. Isn't that a funny little coinkidink?? Man, what I wouldn't give for some chex mix, the Monopoly game board and a few hours to share with you...*sigh* or a full day to hit all the OUAC stores for 100 miles...gosh, I miss those trips! I miss your kiddos, your hospitality, your pretty flowers and your scrapbooking prowess! OK, well according to B, I'm getting old and sappy so I better stop before I get mocked anymore...LOL! I'm sooo glad that you are coming to visit us soon, the Monopoly board is waiting!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rusty Martin

Rusty was my youth pastor for MOST of my youth group years. I started with Bruce and Karen Kozman, suffered for a short time under Mike and Angie McCarthy and finally landed safely in the leadership of Rusty. He and his wife Janet has two sweet little boys, Andrew was adopted and Timmy was born about a year after that...funny how that works sometimes...right? Anyway, Rusty was a great leader...the kids loved him and the parents were either afraid of him or hated him...LOL! That man knew how to command our attention and keep it, just enough fun to keep up coming back and enough seeds being sown that we flourished and grew under his leadership. We grew not only in numbers, but in personal depth of character. For example, we spent one happy summer studying the beatitudes, which we named the 'Lettuce' Attitudes...you know, let us be kind, let us be merciful, etc...and so to start each evening, we would play volleyball with a head of lettuce until we were just throwing around the core and then we would sing praise songs that led into worship songs, which quieted us down and got us in the right mindset for a lesson, then we discussed prayer requests, took them to the Lord and then hit the books. Then out for ice cream to keep us coming back. ; ) I know why the parents feared him..he was a powerful influence on their kids right at the age when parents already feel like they are losing control anyway and we were a loyal group of teenagers. As an adult, I can see the horror of your young teenagers coming home from a concert in downtown Chicago and then regaling you with tales of running down dark deserted alleys between buildings at 1 am...yikes! But we were too young, too trusting and too stupid to worry about the dangers...we were just running! LOL! Oh my, what a happy little jog down memory lane I'm having! I used to babysit for his two sweeties all the time...in fact, I think I'm scarred for life from it...LOL! He would call me from the corner gas station and say, "Your mom said that you could watch the kids overnight. I'll be there in 5 minutes, be ready..." To this day, I keep my overnight travel kit packed and ready to go...LOL! Maybe I DO need therapy after all...LOL! I haven't seen Rusty in just about 1/2 of forever, but I keep him near me always in my heart. When I graduated from High School, he and Janet gave me a small book called Precious Bible Promises. It's just a small book of scripture quotes under headings so that you can find them more easily...that book has brought me GREAT comfort during the years since high school. Not just the verses, although they are wonderful loving promises from God above, but I can always feel Rusty's love and affection for me as I read those words of wisdom. Oh dear, I AM getting old and emotional...someone shoot me!! Anywho, all of that to say that Rusty was such an influence in my life that although I haven't seen him for over 10 years, I still think of him almost daily. Rusty...thanks for letting me use the Valarie to learn how to drive in the snow...sorry I messed up the tranny...oops! Donuts in the church parking lot with a foot of snow, is there anything more fun than that with a real wheel drive car?? Ah, yes...the good old days! **Sigh** I don't miss them as much as you might think :winks::
Little Miss Kristy
PS. I don't have a pic of him in the computer, but imagine a sorta gringo/Mexican dude with super bowed legs and a puffy black fro...that's about him...LOL

Kermit...the Man, not the Frog ; )

Kermit...hmm, where to start?? Kermit is married to the wonderful and glorious Miss Candy, which makes him alright in my book, obviously he has good taste...LOL! Kermit is one of my fave guys, due to growing so much in the Lord and just maturing as a man. He's my 'go-to' success story for NOT blaming your rotten upbringing for your present lame lifestyle. Kermit's growing up years were tough...really pretty bad as far as childhoods go. BUT, he's grown to love his wife and kids the way God calls us to do...sacrificially and all the time! He is loyal, FUNNY, a man of God, ran the AWANA program at our home church for 5 years, helped lead the youth for a while, is leading boy scouts now and LOVING it, been my employer, my friend, my helper when Dan wasn't really in that mode for a time, and a source of a Godly male influence for my boys when they didn't have one. I truly could practically write a book about Kermit, but first, he's DIE of embarrassment and second, trying to catch up and I KNOW he will forgive me for keeping it short. Love you, Kermit!!

The Mighty Miss Kristy


Hopefully Dolli will forgive me for posting her nickname for the whole world to see, and will still let me see the baby...LOL! Dolli is the first niece that I ever really got to know. She ROCKS! She is only about 8 years younger than me so it's kinds like sister/niece, but that makes it fun! She loves to laugh, goof off, shop, hang out and chat, and play with the kiddies. On game night, we would have soo much fun laughing and being silly together. She was Dan's lifting buddy after Ryan was born and the 2 of them probably got more of a workout from laughing than anything else. (awww!) She is doing a great job of being a good mom to Ryan and working hard at being a good wife to John as well and I'm proud of them both. I could go on and on, but again, (please forgive me) I'm trying to catch back up on this so this is an abbreviated version of her wonderful qualities. Oh, and one I almost forgot to mention....she is a GREAT daughter. No mom has ever been loved as well and as much by a daughter.

Hugs, Gator!
Auntie K

Charlie~ AKA my man, Charlie

OK, not the BEST pic of him ever, BUT in case you can't read the shirt, it wasys, "I'm not TRYING to be difficult, it comes naturally"....and that is just SOOO Charlie! LOL

For whatever the reason, that's what my dad calls him...it's not just plain Charlie, it's My Man Charlie...LOL! I admire the sentiment behind that. I have really developed an affection for Charlie since we moved here. Devin's mom passed away just a few hours after Devin was born and Charlie has raised him alone and that boy is sweet, well mannered, kind and thoughtful. Takes a good man to raise a boy like that. He's honest about the mistakes he's made in his life, tells a great Carl story (LOL) and plays a mean hand of cards....Oh my gravy, I'm making myself laugh! He came over a cooked my birthday dinner so that I could have the day off from kitchen duty, that's a great man right there!! As with most people that I"m thankful for, he is FUNNY, loyal and someone you can depend on in a pinch. He and Dan are great buddies and the boys just adore him and get so excited when he is coming over...when they hear the motorcycle roaring from about 3 blocks away, they are all outside waiting when he pulls up...LOL! Charlie, no disrespect meant, but I"m trying to catch up so yours is a bit shorter than some...I hope you still love me...LOL


Simple Woman's Daybook

Link to Peggy's site for those who enjoy this setup and want to view others of the same type.
FOR TODAY February 17, 2009, yes, I'm late by a day...LOL

Outside my window...it is warm and sunny and the world is blooming again, hurray for spring!

I am thinking...that life is good, and God is GREAT ALL THE TIME

I am thankful for...Money back from taxes, a wedding in my son's future, new schoolbooks on the way soon, chats that make life seem easier, and happy~healthy~homeschooled boys!

From the learning rooms...a relaxed schedule for the rest of the year, I realized that we've been going TOO FAST...how funny is that, so we can do 3 day workweeks for the rest of the year and take a decent vacation during that time as well...WooHoo!! From the kitchen...Bread is rising, Pork roast is thawing for dinner and the dishes are DONE...I'm ridiculously happy about that.

I am wearing...work out clothes so that I stay in the mindset of activity all day

I am creating...a healthier, slimmer me sometime in the near future

I am going...to work tonight, and a late night grocery shopping adventure after that...anyone up for Walmart at 2 am??

I am reading...Managers of their Homes...I wish I would have found this book years ago...getting organized and scheduled so that my days are more productive and my evenings are more relaxed

I am hoping...that Dan likes what I got for his birthday next week

I am hearing...Titus finishing off a bottle, Horton hears a Who, the dishwasher, the dryer and the washer doing my work for me...LOL!

Around the house...I need to straighten the laundry room shelves, babyproof the girl room, find the gate, keep up with the laundry and dishes now that I am caught up, and find time to take a deep breath once in a while...LOL

One of my favorite things...labor saving devices...LOL! Ovens, running water, Dishwashers, laundry machines, vacuums..etc!! I use my each and everyday, lovingly and with deep gratitude!

A few plans for the rest of the week...getting ready for Alec's visit next week, b-day cards in the mail, Dan's b-day prep, ordering the new curriculum once the tax money comes in and ordering Dan's other b-day gift also.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...Here is a picture of Dan's new FREE HUGE fish tank! Remind yourself that Dan is OVER 6 feet tall and so is his arm span...LOL

Friday, February 13, 2009

David is a Gem!

Well, some people wouldn't be that grateful for their kids being around and underfoot all the time, but I am. My kids ROCK! David is my 11 year old and he is super cool! He LOVES all things Pokemon, video game and sports related. He is born on a special day, too. He was born on the one year anniversary of his Uncle David's tragic death in an on the job accident. So even though it started as a bad, sad day, it's now a happy day each year. He LOVES to play outside and especially on his bike or on the trampoline. He and the neighborhood boys could happily spend all day just riding up and down the street. He is a dare devil and will try just about anything someone can think up...which has caused a few gray hairs on my head. ; ) He is loving, affectionate and sensitive also. His wife is gonna be so blessed! He is already eating like a teenager and is in the middle of a growth spurt which means its a good thing I get a discount at Kohl's since he needs new pants again...hee hee. He is enjoying the lap book project we are working on about historic inventors and wrote a 6 page paper about his invention, some super-duper mixed handheld super computer/video game doodad. Yes, 6! He also is a great helper with the little ones, Derek and T just adore him and James would happily follow him around all day. He is in the 6th grade this year and doing well. Life is David is usually sunny, as he is cooperative and easy to get along with. I just adore having him around all day!

Love you, son!


Catch up Time Again

My goodness, has ANOTHER week flown right on by?? Wow, I'm so not ready to be done with this week and at the same time, I'm relieved it's over, does that make sense? It's been another long, somewhat stressful week...you know, school getting derailed several times due to interruptions, my very first (and thankfully, really short) migraine, my house is trashed, anxiously awaiting results from the Dr, and having to have a difficult and humbling chat with Jodi that involved ME admitting I needed a bit of help here and there...don't die of shock...yes, I KRISTY, asked for help. **GASP** On the other hand, several things went really, really well this week...Karen and I had TWO coffee and chat mornings this week, Dolli and John bought a house in Cali that is LOVELY, my chat with Jodi went very well, I officially became UBER~crunchy (ask if you want to know,) my bread baking skills have survived the test of a month's time and the boys are still asking for it daily and Dan brags about it at work, I am really enjoying the pastor's sermon series on the New Testament's Double Dog Dare about living the radical Christian life, I got my book in the mail "Managers of Their Homes" a book series designed specifically for the Christian homeschooling family, and Dan and I had a fun evening last night, just catching up with one another and goofing off. Ahh, life is good! I am sooo enjoying doing my daily blogging about people that I'm grateful to have in my life. Pat got a turtle, in case you missed that short update, and it driving me crazy trying to drag it out 83 times a day. Anywho, all in all, life is full and busy, but wonderful. On Monday, I go back to the Dr to see what's going on inside of my wacky body...LOL! School will resume after this short break, Dan is doing a small side job this weekend in exchange for a HUGE fish tank, and life goes on. Anywho, many things to look forward to, Alec's visit at the end of the month, Dan's b-day, Mom and Lily's b-day, a visit with EK and Linda, and hopefully soon a visit from Kelly...yeah!! Thanks for stopping by to catch up with us MeYeR's again this week. Ta Ta For Now!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jodi Bug

Jodi, Jodi, Jodi...where to start?? Well, about 31 years ago now, my parents introduced me to this strange little wrinkled creature and said these life altering words..."Come and look at your new baby sister." LOL! And there hasn't been a dull moment since! Life with Jodi is fun because she likes to have fun, make new friends and have great adventures. She loves to laugh, to sing and to be silly. She lives with us these days and although it isn't perfect, it does suit both of our needs. She gets free childcare from me, and she gets free headaches from my boys. I get another girl in the house and I also get two more boys to play with, clean up after and run around with....and to get headaches from, too...LOL! We have already decided that in our 'new' house...(note: this house only is real in our heads)...we will have a scrap room, a sewing room, a girl room, a computer room and a office...and all of these will be BOY-FREE zones...hee hee! She is directing the local preschool and LOVING it...nobody organizes and delegates like Jodi. Now, if she could just get Lupe (the owner) to quit hovering over her and micro-managing...*sigh*. Anywho, Jodi is probably the most musically talented one of us...she got Mom's voice and Dad's rhythm, so music and the arts are her thing. Not sure if she shared this on her blog yet, but if she didn't, act surprised when she does...but she won a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) award for The Dark Knight. It's SSSOOOO cool! She really seems to like it here, she loves the warm weather and has even taken off her coat several times...hee hee. Anywho, my life was irrevocably altered on that day so long ago...but it's good thing! Love ya, Jo!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Candy is so Sweet!

Sorry, Candy, I just couldn't resist! LOL! Candy is my other best friend. In fact, my 2 best friends are sisters and I happen to be blessed enough that they don't mind sharing me! Candy is a wonderful, Christian woman and I am honored to call her a friend. We have shared many a laugh and a few tears together over the years. She is married to the charming Kermit, who just happens to be one of my favorite men in the whole world...a post about him some other time...and the mother of some of my fave kids on the planet, too. ANYWHO, back to Candy, whose real name is Andrea, she is just great! Passionate, exuberant, funny, wise and a great cook, this gal rocks. She is my go-to gal if I am searching for something in the Bible, advice about my sometimes interesting marriage, or just someone to chat with over a cup of tea. We have attended the same church for years, been in Sunday School together, served on committees together, led AWANAs together, and it's always been a real joy. I have been her nanny for years and miss her children dearly since the move to NM. I've learned so many things from Candy about loving when it isn't easy, to just keep taking things to the Lord no matter how much I'm tempted to worry and fret, about growing your marriage even if it seems like you are the only one working on it, sticking up for myself and so many other things. We ALWAYS have fun together. Some of my fave memories are of Candy, Liz and I out on a bargain hunt for kids clothes 2x a year....oh my goodness, the adventures we had! Also all the fun times we had while scrap booking together while the kids were home with the hubbies...LOL! Oh my, I'm about to get melancholy....Candy, I miss you so much that I physically ache sometimes...can't wait to see you this summer!!
Hugs and Smiles,

The Red Headed Wonder

Alec...where to start?? I met Alec YEARS ago, right after the Bean boys became part of our lives. Ricky wanted to invite him to spend the night, but I was a bit leary since I'd heard stories about his antics. So the invitaion was given with strict stipulations that if he was a problem, not only would Alec have to go, but so would Ricky...and then we waited. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but Alec was NOT it...LOL! He was a model of good behavior, with yes ma'am and no sir left and right. LOVELY! Now, that being said, once I got to know Alec better, I got to see more of his mischievous nature in action. How many people get away with SPANKING another student while in high school?? I love that story. ; ) As most of my treasured friends are, Alec is a fantastic story-teller. The sparkle of mischief in his eyes as he shares this story is contagious...LOL! Anywho, I've gotten the privilege of knowing Alec over the past few years and what a gem he is! Lively, opinionated, the only 17 year old I've ever met that can eloquently discuss politics, charming, a real card shark, sensitive, and that mop of red hair! He is honest, a loyal friend, a great listener, a growing Christian, and a FUNNY, funny guy. Now, lest you think he's without flaw, he DOES love that wretched screen door music....you know, the kind that hurts your ears from 3 cars away?? LOL! But, he plays a mean guitar solo and he RULES at Guitar Hero! He is coming to visit us at the end of the month and I am so excited to see him again, it's been way too long. I'm sure he needs a haircut, which he generally only allows me cut the prized red mane. YEAH, me! He has sort of adopted us and the feelings are mutual. Alec, we miss you, can't wait to see you and LOVE you!!

Ever Yours,

Mama K

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Look What Pat Got Today!!

This is my turtle his name is Boxter. I got him at Amazing Reptiles. My favorite reptile is a turtle . My wish was to get a turtle since I was 4 years old . I got one. Hooray!! Now that I got one I finally have a friend. He is a boxer turtle, that's how we got the name Boxter.

Aerosmith fans!

Those who know me know that I'm not a huge rock~n~roll fan, but I do admire talent when I see it, especially when done in the 'right' venue. Anywho, I found this youtube video of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith singing "Amazing Grace" in church....it's really good. Check it out!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zjogu3Uk9Fs Hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Jim and Carlye

Jim and Carlye Rhyne are members of our "home church" and are wonderful, wonderful people. They work with the youth group, are on most committees in the church, are always helping others, and are lots of fun to boot! When our young couples group was meeting, I always looked so forward to whatever wild tale Jim would be telling and hope I could sneak a peek at Carlye in time to catch her rolling her eyes...LOL! Jim is several years older than Carlye and is as talkative and gregarious as she is shy and quiet....in fact, I bet my parents were lots like them in the early days of their marriage. The had a baby last year that they named Haley and she is the prettiest little thing ever! So quiet and sober...always watching to see what is going on. Oh, how I miss those little cheeks! Anywho, they are encouraging, FUN, and true servants of the Lord and I'm blessed to know them and count them as friends. They care for the church body in a way that most people have forgotten how to do....selflessly. OK, favorite Jim story...LOL! You're gonna love this! At one of our young couples get togethers...we were doing what we always did, trying to one-up each other with stories of the stupid stuff we did in our younger days...and during this particular session Jim won with this story...Once upon a time, when he was young and (apparently very) foolish, he was speeding and got pulled over and as the cop is handing him a ticket, he asked Jim, "What were you doing going 103 miles an hour, anyway??" To which Jim ever so politiely replied, "Slowing down!" LOL! He is a great story teller so it doesn't really jump off the page like it should, but I just LOVE that story...LOL! ::Giggles::

Jim and Carlye, I miss our friendship and the laughs. Can't wait to see you this summer!



Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today, February 9, 2009...

Outside my window...the sun is shining, the clouds are light and fluffy and sand is in little piles where the boys have been playing.

From the learning rooms... We are hitting the books t his week since we got interrupted several times last week.

I am thankful for...silence, a chance to catch my breath now and then and doing this weekly...solidarity, sisters!

From the kitchen... Mac and cheese are bubbling away getting ready for lunch, later today, chicken and rice casserole with fresh bread...man, I love to cook!

I am wearing... jeans and my heavy duty cleaning shirt since I've scrubbed the whole kitchen form top to bottom already today...phew!

I am reading... Masterpiece, Musclehead Revolution, Educational Travel on a Shoestring, and the New Testament in 90 days

I am hoping... To start losing more weight...goodness knows I'm working hard enough to be losing SOME!

I am creating... a clean, peaceful and loving home for my family and friends

I am hearing... dogs lapping water, the dryer whirring, James giggling and the other boys whispering since they are in time out and aren't supposed to be talking...oops

Around the house... clothes are waiting to be folded, floors are waiting to be swept and mopped and my bed is calling me already and it's only 12:30....I'm in trouble...LOL!

One of my favorite things... books. Books are friends, books are educational, books can take you to far off or long ago places and times, books can be just silly to make you laugh or tragically sad to remind you of how blessed you are...BOOKS

A few plans for the rest of the week... home, home and more home, a few days of working at Kohl's but other than that, I intend to just be happy to be at home.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... Hmm, what to share?? Ah yes, my clean shiny sink since I just got done scrubbing it. Ta~Da!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dear Ol' Dad

Well, since I've already written about my Mom and made my Dad cry, I might as well write about Dad and make Mom cry, right? Ya know...I'm finding this much harder than one would think. How do you pinpoint the exact qualities that make you love, admire, respect and have affection for one person and dislike or merely tolerate another? Some people that I adore, I've just never stopped to think about what exactly it is that I like about them so much...I just DO! Anywho, moving on to Dad..Larry Dog, Uncle Larry, Scooter, Papa, Mister Smith (which he does NOT answer to) Old Goat, Shuffle-upagus, Larry Boy, Big Daddy...anyway you look at it, it's still him. Larry Edward Smith, born in cold wet Oregon in April of '36, and by his 2nd birthday had lived also in Cali, Florida and had settled in cold and snowy Boston, Mass. He has 2 brothers (both deceased) and 3 sisters, all alive and still feisty. Joined the Navy at the ripe old age of 17 to escape the 'housing projects' (otherwise known as the ghetto) and to make a better life for himself. He learned a trade, stayed employed for 20 years and earned himself a retirement nest egg. He has been arrested for murder, blown up in an engine room, broken his arm and leg in the same year, been struck by lightening, won dance contests, and had many, MANY other adventures. Once a wild and woolly party animal, drinker, gambler and skirt chaser, he met the Lord not long after meeting my mom and did a 180 and never looked back. Ask him sometime to tell you what his life was like before that change and you may never look at him the same. The Lord has done some miraculous things in his life. Amen and Amen! I never knew that part of him, just the wonderful, loving man that he is now. Like most kids, I thought my Dad ran the world and could fix anything. He had all sorts of advice about this and that and ALWAYS a funny story that was behind the advice that made it stick. My Dad taught me that just because I was a girl, didn't mean that I couldn't do something. I was under the hood of the car, in sports, in the garage and generally in the way, all the time. LOL! He also taught me to respect people, to observe people and to love people. My dad LOVES people, in fact, Mom says he would talk to a rock if he got bored enough. He wanted boys when he had kids, but instead he got Karen, Debbie, Kelly, Kristy and Jodi. Poor guy! But after raising us and dealing with all the boyfriends we dragged home, he as decided that boys weren't so great after all...LOL! He is a great guy...just ask him, he'll tell you! Actually though, he IS a great guy. He's been a faithful, loving husband to my Mom for just over 40 years now, a (mostly) patient father to some of the most exasperating daughters ever born, and a super Papa to many, many grandkids! He has worked hard to provide for us, even two jobs sometimes, showed up for all of our sporting events, and spent time with us when I'm sure he would have rather been doing other things. He was the reigning racquetball champ for about 20 years, LOVED to ride motorcycles, and still plays on the church softball team...did I mention that he is 72?? He is a FUNNY, funny, funny guy, loves silliness, practical jokes, slapstick comedy and OLD John Wayne movies. He loves the Lord and many times when I would just pop over unannounced would find him poring over his Bible, even though he doesn't read well. He just loves to read it over and over. That is an amazing legacy and one I'm thankful for! He works at the church alongside my mother as the custodian and really enjoys the lining up of the pews...him and his silly broom stick measuring stick. Don't mess with the stick! Hee hee! Anyway...this is getting really long, I think I could probably go on and on, but that's enough for one day. Even I"m getting sentimental now...sniff, sniff! Gosh, Dad, I love you and miss you so much, thanks for always loving me so well!

From your loving daughter,

Precious~~ hahahahahahaha

Tom Anderson...I Almost Forgot About Him

Ah, the joys of young love, right?? Oh my...I was digging through some old notebooks the other day and stumbled across some notes from Tom. How I enjoyed reading them! I laughed, I almost cried, and I reminisced for a while. Now, most of you know that I'm not a big advocate of dating bunches of people before getting married, but he was such a great "starter" boyfriend. I had forgotten how much fun we had, how much he encouraged me to be me, to follow the Lord and to be in His service. He was one of those gems that later you find yourself thinking, "How did I let him get away??" LOL! Now for those of you who know me, you know that's not how it happened, but for those of you who don't...here's the short version...I was older, his parents thought I was a bad influence (can I hear laughter in the background??) and they forced us to split company. Don't get me wrong, I love my life and I don't wish that things had turned out differently, but I WAS reminded of how gracious God was to me when I was just putting my toes in the dating pool. We spent more time playing football and eating pizza with the youth group than anything else. I think in 18 months of dating, we went on about 5 single dates. Even though I haven't seen him in about 8 years, I would still consider him a friend and hope that he considers me one as well. He is funny, kindhearted, hopelessly sentimental, a big goofball, honest, a teacher, a leader and a fantastic friend. He is a good big brother, an honorable son and a respectful part of society. Tom, I miss our friendship and our fun together....if you're ever in NM, look us up, we would LOVE to see you!


PS...this picture is of us at L Bar C Youth for Christ camp in Kansas City, in July of 92. I am 18 years old in that picture, don't I look about 12?? Yikes! LOL! ; )

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Greetings, one and all from warm and sunny New Mexico! It has averaged in the low 70s this week and the sun has been shining like crazy! Today, however, it's is cool, cloudy and windy...a perfect day for curling up in front of the fireplace and watching a movie or reading a good book. I am soooo glad about that since it has been a hectic, bothersome week and I'm pleased that it is over...LOL! It was one of those weeks where nothing went tragically, horrifically wrong, just many little annoying things happened. We worked hard all week at school and probably only produced 3 days worth of work, we forgot to read out of our Masterpiece book completely, I waited for over an hour and a half to see the Dr, only to spend 38 seconds with him when he finally showed up, Derek has been having accidents again this week, Bubba is peeing on EVERYTHING Jodi owns, I smashed my finger playing cards of all things, I have been stressing and eating which means that for the SECOND week I haven't lost any more weight (grrr) plus Dan and I realized that since our house was sold this year, we have to pay all the taxes on that "earned income" of which we never saw a penny....sigh!! So, suffice it to say that we are glad, Glad, GLAD this week is over and we can start fresh on a whole new week! YEAH! On the flip side of the bad is always the good, so to put it in perspective...we can start fresh on school tomorrow and make up some of that work, we can read an extra chapter in Masterpiece, I can make a new appt with the Dr. once he gets my bloodwork back, Derek will start going potty in the right place again once things settle down a bit, Bubba will either stop peeing or he will go to live at the animal sanctuary, my finger will heal soon enough, I am noticing my nervous snacking and am getting control of it, and now the house mess is behind us and we can move forward from here. And those are all good things!! So, all is not lost! Isn't that a happy thought?!? We are looking so forward to visiting with EK and Linda at the end of the month and really enjoying the anticipation of seeing Alec playing Guitar Hero once again in our LR...*sigh*. Plus, Kelly is coming sometime soon, date to (hopefully soon) be determined. yeah! I am really enjoying baking all of our bread, although I will say that it seems to disappear faster than store bought loaves...LOL! But, I feel so good about supplying our boys with bread that is wholesome, nutritious, and also void of chemicals, preservatives and the ever pervasive HFCS...hee hee~ well, I think that's enough ramblings for today. Don't for get to check back daily this month for my Fantastic February Challenge and your name may be the one at the top of the next page!! Have a blessed and Joy filled week!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Sister-Girl, Karen!

My Sister-Girl, Karen! She's been so fun to live near! She has shared her home, her bathroom and her life with us! We have so enjoyed getting to know her better over the past year and a half. She is a great housemate, glad to share in the chores, make meals plans and she cleans the kitchen every night...yeah! She is a great coffee pal, we have coffee together about once a week, sometimes more to share what's going on in our lives...and for adult conversation...LOL! The boys adore her and in fact, we invited them for dinner tonight since I've been hearing grumblings about me hogging her during the coffee hours. She is a honest, patriotic, freedom loving, hippy gal ; ) She tells it like she sees it and what you see is what you get with Karen. She doesn't put on airs or try to keep up with the Jones, she just does what she feels is best. She gives good advice, and unlike most people, will listen and take advice that is given to her....now that's rare! She LOVES to read and is knowledgeable about most issues. She is STRONG...and I know that she hates it when people way that, but the truth is the truth! She spoils me shamelessly, always bringing me some small treat, giving me a break or doing a dish while I'm not looking. She encourages me when I am discouraged, cheers me when I'm doing something right, and reminds me to take care of me, so I can be a better mom, wife, teacher, employee and friend. She gave me this really sweet card for my birthday and I think it describes our relationship really well...
What Is a Sister? by Emily Matthews
She's someone beside you lending a hand,
Offering words that say, "I understand"...
She's someone you turn to, day after day,
To share any worries that life brings your way...
She's someone you trust, and her words and her smile
Are kept in your heart and make life worthwhile.
You're never too busy to listen, never to busy to care,
You're always so eager to offer your help along with your gifts which you share
You're a woman who's made such a difference in so many wonderful ways~
A sister who's loved and liked and admired and who's wished the most special of days.
OK, the last part is about the birthday, but the rest is so accurate! Karen is a good mom, a fun auntie, a sweet daughter, and happy Memaw and a great sister! I love you, Sister-Girl!

A Little Bit About Lauren

Ahhh, Lauren. She makes my heart smile. She is engaged to my 'Shua and is soon to be my 'daughter in love' ...and I can't wait! When people ask me if I like Lauren and if she's a good match for 'Shua, I always have the same reply, "I adore her and if I could hand pick the wife for Joshua out of a million girls, I'd pick Lauren every time...she's just right for him!" She has a heart not only for people, but for God. After spending a week in Memphis with her as my bunk mate, I really got to see her heart in action. She is tender, compassionate, loving, gentle and kind, but had just a touch of spunk and sass to her, too. ; ) She's a mite stubborn, which will help her in being 'Shua wife, since I have often accused him of being a mule...LOL! She loves children, the elderly and the infirmed and is studying to be a nurse so she can help people all the time. She is a twin and has an older sister and bro in law with a baby so she is an auntie, too. My kids absolutely love her, in fact, Joshua didn't want to bring her over for a while because he didn't want to have to share the attention....Oh my, I had almost forgotten about that!! She tends to break easily so we are all protective of her, which she hates, but we just don't want her to get hurt. She loves to sing and laugh and play, write, study and take pictures. She is a great friend, a trustworthy confidante and a growing Christian. Like I said, she makes my heart smile...that's my Lauren! I love you, sweet girl!
Mama K

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

'Shua, my Darlin' Boy

Most of you know that 'Shua is adopted...but adopted or not, he's MINE! I tell him all the time that he may not have come from my body, but he was born to be my son. ; ) We 'found' him when he was 13, lonely and in need of a family. Oh, my heart just went out to him...so much like me, he was. Proud, independent, funny and sweet, all covered up by piles of bravado, rudeness and temper. Ooowhee, it's been a fun ride! We invited him to stay a week with us, and the week turned into a month, the whole summer vacation, and eventually...forever! His bio brothers came sometimes, too and we love them all, but 'Shua is ours. He is bossy and helpful, silly and emotional by turns, moody as the day is long, and has a heart the size of Texas. He can be willful, defiant and downright rude, but if you turn those qualities around, you have determined, independent and truthful without the sugar-coating us mamas put on things sometimes. He is a hard worker, a loving fiancee and a loyal friend. He looks enough like Dan that people don't believe he's adopted, which I always found odd and somewhat comforting at the same time. When we moved here to NM, he stayed in IL to be near his Lauren...and I thought I was going to come unglued...pretty shocking to the mom who always thought that she was holding her boys loosely in her hands. I felt physical, actual pain...but it's been a growing experience for both of us, and it's OK to let go a little, he's a biggie boy these days. I am sooooo proud of him, he is working 2 jobs, staying out of trouble, and staying faithful to Lauren and the Lord...what more could a mama want...except maybe for him to magically decide to move here???? Just kidding, son! I could go on and on about my boy, but he is probably hiding with a beet red face by now and wishing I would HUSH UP...and so I will! Love you, 'Shua!
Mama K

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Best Friend Liz

Oh, this one is gonna be so fun! My best friend is named Elizabeth, and she is the best gal pal a girl could ask for! We met under difficult circumstances for both of us...me from a terrible break up and her going though some serious private issues. How we ever became friends is beyond me, I just call it a God thing! We had so much fun 'growing up' together, even though when we met I was already 18. She introduced me to the concept of sneaking out my bedroom window (relax Mom, I never did!) and I taught her how to drive a stick shift. She taught me how to be less timid and I taught her how to temper her feelings about things with tact. She taught me how to stand up for myself and I reminded her that it's OK to let people walk on you...for the right reasons. We did all sorts of stupid things together, like getting a flat tire on the WRONG side of Chicago, in the pouring rain, with no spare and 3 babies in the car. Like putting 7 large people in a car that should have only really held about 4.27 small ones...LOL! Like road trips with no real planning involved, just get in the car north of Chicago and drive to Mississippi, no big deal right??? Like going camping when we are indoor people. We also have so many shared hobbies...like singing, scrap booking, kids, cooking, music and being voracious readers...although I like historical fiction and she likes mysteries and thrillers. We love to go get a cup of coffee and slice of pie at the Baker's Square and discuss our lives. We have been together through trials, tribulations, joys and sorrows. She held my hand as I had a miscarriage...how many friends will do that?? As we've grown and matured, our relationship has deepened, instead of talking about boys and which one is cuter, we talk about babies, teenagers, health problems, hubbies and bills, etc. But we also discuss what God is doing in our lives, what He is teaching us and what areas He is growing us in...in spite of ourselves. I'm so incredibly blessed to have a best friend that shares my faith and reminds me of it when I forget, or lose my way. Her father once said that the most loving thing a person can do is point someone back to the cross...and that is sooooo true! Oy, this is all over the map, but that is par for the course with us...LOL! She is compassionate, has a deep love of teenagers, FUNNY, practical, moody, makes great spaghetti sauce from scratch, loves her family fiercely, manages the local KFC and wins awards for it, is super creative and LOYAL to the core. I admire her "intestinal fortitude" as I call it...she can give and give and give of herself and just when I think she must have been wrung dry by the constant giving of herself to others, she just keeps on giving. I am one grateful recipient of that giving...my life is richly blessed by her presence in my life. Now that I live here in the wilds of NW, we can't do the grocery shopping in the middle of the night together anymore, but we still find ways to stay close despite the miles. I love you Squeeks! Don't ever change!


PS. I heard "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" the other day...I miss you!! LOL!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Mom, she ROCKS!

Today's post is about my mom. LaVonda Ann McCracken Smith...She rocks! She is a great example of a Godly woman, Elizabeth George would be proud of her...LOL~ Gosh, I don't even know where to start...hmmm.... She has been married to my dad for just over 40 years now and they are happy as two peas in a pod! My mom is one of the most helpful people you'll ever meet...she can whip up a meal for the family that just had a baby, run the church office and keep the house presentable all at once. Just don't look in her bedroom...hee hee! She is a GREAT grandma and they kids LOVE spending time with her...she always has some small activity or craft planned to make the visit special. Like when she was here for the holidays, she taught David and Patrick how to crochet. They loved it! She grew up on a dairy farm on the NW side of Ohio and knows the value of a hard earned dollar and can stretch her grocery dollars until they beg for mercy (where do you think I learned it??) She has a lovely voice and we used to wake each Sunday morning to the sounds of her practicing the organ and singing...ahhh, sweet melodies! She gardens, she cans and freezes, she bakes awesome caramel rolls and makes a mean lasagna. She isn't afraid of hard work, difficult people or Depressing economic times because her trust is in the Lord God Almighty. She is a big, brave, dog...LOL! She is compassionate, loving, honest, dependable, a cheer-er of underdogs, tender without being a sissy and once in a great while she makes a snarky comment that is soooo unexpected and funny that she only has to do it about once a year...LOL! Have I mentioned that I love my mom?She is a great friend, always ready to run to the rescue of whoever is in need at the time. If there was a way to save the whole world from itself without messing up free will, she would have figured it out long ago! She is the proud mother of us 3 (Kelly, Kristy and Jodi) the "fairy step mother" of 2 (Karen and Debbie) Grandmother to many (Dolli, Tammi, Leesa, Christopher, Tyler, Jayson, David, Ellyn, Patrick, Mady, Opal, James, Mikey, Derek and Titus)...and Great Grandma to 2 (Alexis and Ryan)...phew! Not bad for only being 60. She has been a member of the same church for almost 40 years and plans on continuing...talk about a charter member! She's played the organ, worked in VBS, led Sunday school adventures, taught our GA class, been on the hostess committee, put in MANY years behind the nursery door with my dad, and run the church office. Besides preaching, I'm not sure there isn't much she HASN'T done at the church, since now she helps my Dad as custodian. Alright, I better quit as I'm sure she is mortified that I'm braggin' on her so much already...LOL! Anywho, suffice it to say that my mom ROCKS!! Thanks Mom!!


Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY ... February 2, 2009

Outside my window...it is warm and sunny and as Karen loves to say, "We live in GOD's Country!' So warm and sunny all the time, hurray for warm weather in February!

I am thinking...that life is good! The boys are playing nicely, school is going well, Dan is working, Jodi is settling in as director of the center, Titus is napping, bread is on it's second rising already and I have worked out...phew!

I am thankful for...Dan. He is so wonderful...if you don't believe me, see my previous post...LOL!From the learning rooms...we will be working on our inventors lapbook again, reading more of Masterpiece, working independently on a few things and enjoying more! Who knew school could be enjoyable??

From the kitchen...Bread is rising, tea is brewing and dishes are soaking! BLTs for dinner tonight, one of my faves..can't wait to eat it on that yummy whole wheat bread...YUM~O!!

I am wearing...workout clothes since Billy Blanks was on the ticket this morning...he is soooo mean! (But my body will appreciate my efforts soon, I hope)

I am creating...more pages for my homemakers binder, letters for my pen pals, encouraging words for my friends that read my blog and a happy home for my family!

I am going...to work 3 nights this week, and to the Dr. tomorrow. I intend to go a few places in my reading and that's enough adventure for me, but maybe Dan and I will sneak in a short date somewhere. ::here's hopin::

I am reading...the Bible (all of the NT in 90 days) Educational Travelling on a Shoestring and The Love Dare

I am hoping...to get everything done today, I could use the encouragement!

I am hearing...boys playing and heading outside, the dryer and my brain rattling around in there...LOL!

Around the house...I'm working on the room of the week challenge for CEOs at cafemom, enjoying my super clean bedroom from last week's challenge, trying a new recipe this week, making sure the backyard gets put back together after the boys get done playing.

One of my favorite things...Dan...have I mentioned that I really like him...*sigh* I'm really reminded in these hectic past few days of how helpful he is and how blessed I am to have him. He's always helping out, suggesting a new way to do something more efficiently or folding up some laundry while I'm busy doing something else...he ROCKS!!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Making Valentine cards with the kids, planning our trip to see EK and Linda, pondering what to get Dan for his b-day and getting excited about Alec coming to visit..which means I need to practice up on Guitar Hero. ; )
Here is picture thought I am sharing...Hmm, what to share this time... ah yes, my cozy, super clean bedroom...last night I slept sooooo soundly, no mental clutter to keep me awake! *Sigh*

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Main Man, Dan!

Dan is the first on my list of favorite people (after this they will be in NO particular order, no fighting!!) So, what can I say about my Dan? Ya wanna know my favorite quality about Dan is?? He loves me. It sounds simple and should be self evident, but that right there is HUGE to me. I KNOW that I'm not always the easiest gal to live with and I'm certainly wacky enough to send most men heading for the hills, but Dan knows me, loves me and most days, I think he even likes me!! He is kind, compassionate, FUNNY, smart, helpful, loving, and it doesn't hurt that he is handsome, either! He is astute in ways that continues to amaze me, even after being married to him for 12 years. He can see through what people are saying to hear what they mean...especially with teenagers! The kids all love to hang with him since he is soooo much fun, always thinking up some new way to play a game, ride a bike, trike, skateboard or scooter. He builds ramps for them to fly off of, has become the go-to guy when the neighborhood kids' bikes break and is the first one to suggest a rousing game of hide and seek tag at the park...plus he does the BEST underdog pushes on the swings!! He is a 'green' fellow too, and has been since before being green was 'IN'...Dan is the best re-user of materials that I have ever met...he can take things that people are tossing and look useless to me and in no time at all, it's a new cabinet, ramp, fence, car part, weight bench, doodad or whatchamacallit that you've ever seen! He helps me make my homemade detergent, admires my bread baking skills (I've got MAD bread skillz) and gives other people 'green' tips from what we've learned together about being healthier, greener and more cost efficient. He has been such a good sport about practically having 3 wives...LOL! He just grins and helps whoever needs him and keeps on going! When I'm at the END of my homeschooling rope with the boys, having trouble getting the 'light' to come on, he is there to explain it in a way I never thought of so that they get it. He knows when I'm having an off day to send me to my room to call a buddy or tells me to go get a coffee and take a break...*sigh* He's practically McDreamy...LOL! Don't get me wrong, I know that he has flaws, faults and difficulties, but it sure is nice to be able to go on and on about how wonderful he is....2 years ago, I probably couldn't have come up with 2 things...that is sooo embarrassing! The Lord has been so much better to me than I really deserve, and I'm grateful! I'm gonna go hug my special hubby right now! Who should go next?? This is fun...see you tomorrow!!


Fun February Challenge

OK, here's the plan...each day in February, I pick someone and list some of my favorite things about them. The plan is to remind me of all the wonderful people God has surrounded me with and to remind them of how much I appreciate them. If you have suggestions as to who shuld be next, a quality that I overlooked or anything else...drop me a line. I think it's only fair that Dan should be first. OK, here we gooooo!!
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