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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hopefully Dolli will forgive me for posting her nickname for the whole world to see, and will still let me see the baby...LOL! Dolli is the first niece that I ever really got to know. She ROCKS! She is only about 8 years younger than me so it's kinds like sister/niece, but that makes it fun! She loves to laugh, goof off, shop, hang out and chat, and play with the kiddies. On game night, we would have soo much fun laughing and being silly together. She was Dan's lifting buddy after Ryan was born and the 2 of them probably got more of a workout from laughing than anything else. (awww!) She is doing a great job of being a good mom to Ryan and working hard at being a good wife to John as well and I'm proud of them both. I could go on and on, but again, (please forgive me) I'm trying to catch back up on this so this is an abbreviated version of her wonderful qualities. Oh, and one I almost forgot to mention....she is a GREAT daughter. No mom has ever been loved as well and as much by a daughter.

Hugs, Gator!
Auntie K

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Karen Balding said...

I'm so glad you added that last sentence. As you know I think EVERY parent should have a Dolli. She is the most wonderful daughter in the world. She SOO misses everyone here. She always tells me she misses our great game nights and gabbing with you. I'm proud of her being a great mom, too. Love, Karen

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