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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kelly, This One is ABOUT You!

Kelly on the left, Jodi on the right and me in the middle where I belong...LOL!

~~As opposed to the one titled, "Kelly, This One is FOR You."..LOL! Well, according to Jodi, I lie about all these people and make them sound wonderful (does that mean she doesn't think they are wonderful??) ...sooooo, what do you want me to say about you? Hee hee! Anywho, enough silliness, let's get down to business. Kelly, you are a great sister! Old enough to offer advice since you've already been there and done that, but young enough to still be relevant ; ) Fun enough to want to spend time with, and practical enough to clip coupons with! Goodness, I am having so much fun with these...trying to really pinpoint my fave qualities about my peeps...LOL! Well, funny, and loyal seem to always make the list and you are both of those in abundance. A great story teller is usually at the top of the list and you do that well, also...as if any child of Dad's couldn't tell a great story...LOL! Gracious...let's see here...we both love to scrap, chase kiddos, our hubbies and the occasional stray dog, shop for a bargain with our gal pals and spend a happy day buried in a pile of books. We have all those things in common, and although we also have differences (such as you being concrete random and I'm SOOO concrete sequential) we seem to compliment each other. Isn't that a funny little coinkidink?? Man, what I wouldn't give for some chex mix, the Monopoly game board and a few hours to share with you...*sigh* or a full day to hit all the OUAC stores for 100 miles...gosh, I miss those trips! I miss your kiddos, your hospitality, your pretty flowers and your scrapbooking prowess! OK, well according to B, I'm getting old and sappy so I better stop before I get mocked anymore...LOL! I'm sooo glad that you are coming to visit us soon, the Monopoly board is waiting!

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