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Yes, we're *those* people. The crazy ones that homeschool. On purpose. Because we like it.
If you are interested in what we are using this year, you are in the right place. Here is an overview of what we are doing for the 2017-2018 school year.
With a job change firmly in place for this school year, we are doing this a little differently this year. Jodi and I are sharing the teaching time with my Derek and her Titus. It's good for them to have a class mate, and to have a variety of teachers and styles. So, without further ado...

DEREK (and Titus):

  • We are once again returning to My Father's World for our curriculum. It covers Bible/character training, geography, history, science, art, music and our read-aloud books. We are in year 2 of the 5 year cycle called Creation to the Greeks. It can be found here. I teach in the afternoons while Jodi is with clients. We are following the public school schedule since James is in public school and it also keeps our schedule simple in terms of when Jodi will have clients in the office and I will be at work.
  • Jodi teaches in the mornings and is writing curriculum specifically for Derek and Titus to cover Language Arts and Arithmetic, with a special focus on writing. She is using the "What Your ___Grader Needs to Know" series as a starting point and adding from there. So while some of the work is too easy for them since we are going back to square one to make sure we've covered all the basics, they are picking things up at an exciting rate that have been missed here or there along the way, and when she teaches something they already know, they feel ahead and super smart. I call that win-win. We are also using Teaching Textbooks Grade 4 as a way to cover some of the basics and reinforce the math concepts that Jodi is teaching during the mornings.
  • Derek and Titus are learning some Spanish this year and we are using the DuoLingo phone app to allow them some independent learning time. They are both soaking it up like little sponges and are teaching us new things weekly.
  • Extra Curriculars include: Lego Club, Synergy Group, Game Nights, Craft Day/Board Game Day/camps at Learn For a Lifetime, play dates with friends (and each other) and for Derek, joining the church youth group. Grma is snow-birding in Cruces this year is always on the lookout for activities they will enjoy that are both entertaining and educational.
  • The boys are trying JAM's Build Your Own Machines online course for some engineering fun. They are building all sorts of amazing machines from normal household goods. Check it out here.

    That pretty well sums up what we are doing this school year. If we add or change anything, I'll update the page.

    Edit: It's been probably the best school year ever so far! It's only January 3rd and we're nearly half done with our school year, DT and T are learning EVERYTHING we show them and are progressing so well! Woot!
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