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Monday, November 24, 2008

The SImple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY November 24, 2008...

Outside my window...I see the blue cloudless sky that is so indicitive of the Southwest...Have I mentioned recently that I love it here?

I am thinking...about a myriad of things, bust mostly about the coming holidays and a few special visitors that we will be having. That and what I should be making for dinner...LOL!

I am thankful for...each and everyday that Dan and I have together...because even the bad days now are better than the good days used to be...ain't that grand? And for cooler days and snuggly nights, healthy boys that drive me to distraction some days and for labor saving devices like the wash machine and electric ovens.

From the learning rooms...we are taking it easy this week...just finishing up our history lapbooks and doing some computer work...no worksheets or homework.

From the kitchen...I smell the fresh baked pumpkin bread that I made last night, and thinking that I need to get back in there and produce some lunch before the little ones start gnawing on my arm.

I am wearing...my World changers shirt, black yoga pants, I can pretend that I worked out, warm socks because it is chilly in the house today...and french braids because it keeps my hair from getting into everything, and because Dan likes it so much.

I am creating...a funky new apron and it's almost done...yeah!

I am going...nowhere until I leave for work tomorrow night....so nice!

I am reading...Green Eggs and Ham AGAIN! (does that even count as reading?) and My Bible

I am hoping...that I am doing the right things with my children to help them become men that love God, their wives and their familes

I am hearing...Jose (landlord) setting up the furnace, yeah! Boys laughing at a funny TV show, the Gaither Vocal Band and the humdifier...oh, and Bubba barking...it's always loud around here...hee hee

Around the house...I need to start wrapping gifts for Christmas, writing my holiday letters, wash some windows and get some boys to turn that pigsty into a bedroom again

One of my favorite things...hugging Dan when he gets home after work and he smells like hard work and a hungry belly ;)

A few plans for the rest of the week: See 'Around the House' above

Here is picture thought I am sharing...this picture is 2 years old, but I don't have leaves to turn colors or jump in here in NM, plus Joshua is all grown up and gone now..so this is my fall favorite.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Day Late and Dollar Short

Story of my life...right? LOL! Well, here it is Saturday afternoon and I'm finally getting on here to update everyone on our state of being. As I sit here, Dan, Dave and Pat are helping Karen move into her new apartment, Jodi is putting Titus down for nap, James and Derek are jumping on the trampoline and Aaron is nursing a migraine...never a dull moment. ; ) Actually, the reason that I didn't blog last night is that Dan and I were out Christmas shopping, grocery shopping and renewing our Sam's membership, hence the dollar short part...On the upside though, we have food in the cabinets, a new way to save money at Sam's and several more Christmas secrets in the closet...hee hee. With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, I am reminded of how grateful we should be every day and aren't. We are paying our bills down bit by bit and still can afford an occasional luxury. I have been looking over my journals as I sort through the 87, 392 boxes of paperwork I found in the garage (sigh!!) and I was reminded of exactly HOW BAD it really was for a while....no wonder I was pretending to be Scarlett O'Hara and saying I would think about that tomorrow...LOL! I am soooooo grateful to not be there anymore, but I am even farther down the road to be grateful for those hard times that made us determine whether we were going to sink or swim and also for those times that drove to my knees and into the loving arms of the Father. God is so gracious to us if we just ALLOW Him to be! Moving on...We are enjoying Aaron's visit and looking forward to Dad and Mom's also. Rumor has it that Ricky and Alec are going to try to sneak in a visit in the early parts of December, but that remains to be seen. For now, dinner is simmering, a fire is crackling cheerfully to keep us warm and soon Charlie and Devin will be joining us for an evening of laughter and games. So, I must get off of here and tend to my family and home (*sigh of contentment*)
PS. To those of you that know my very first lost boy ever, Dariel...he had an accident at work this week and smashed his hand in a press and broke it....pray for healing of the hand and patience for Dariel...waiting for things to get better was never one of his fortes! Ha ha ha!

Aahhhh, the good life! BTW, do you like the couch covers??

Friday, November 14, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

I am trying something new...this is called the Simple Woman's Daybook, go check out her site! Here's the link Just click on the work link and it will take you to her site

FOR TODAY (November 17, 2008)...

Outside my window...there are 3 noisy boys playing on the trampoline burning off excess energy before homeschool lessons start.

I am thinking...That I should be doing something more worthwhile with my time right now...ha ha

I am thankful for...so many things...but for today mostly my wondful hubby Dan who indulges me so often and let me get away when I need to have a break

From the learning rooms...today, no lesson plans just a few random worksheets and some science links on the computer

From the kitchen...the smell of a lovely pumpkin spice candle, tangerine orange hto tea and the though of chicken casserole for dinner

I am wearing...rags as usuall and a lovely little chunk of baby T spit up

I am creating...this blog for the first time

I am going...to work later tonight...well, at least my job for money

I am reading...the Bible, The 5 Love Languages of Children and lesson plan books

I am hoping...to enjoy the holidays greatly with family and friends

I am hearing...a fanit country music station, the humidifier and the joyous shouts of the boys and they hop and jump outside

Around the house...it's getting cleaner, and that's a good thing

One of my favorite things...Mondays...a fresh new week to explore all the possibilities

A few plans for the rest of the week: Working, helping Karen pack for her move on Saturday, teaching the boys, watching Casey, Game Night and anxiously awaiting Aaron's arrival on Wednesday

Here is picture thought I am sharing... handsome hubby Dan (otherwise known as the Love Monkey), isn't he dreamy?!?

The idea is that each week I would do this and then I can go read the other womens blogs with the same questions....it's just a neat idae I thought. So if you like it and want to see it continue...let me know!

Staying On Track

In an effort to stay on track with my self imposed blogging schedule..here I am again just because it's Friday. I WAS going to show you some new photos, but my new software is cranky and is giving me a hassle and of course it's too late to call customer service...*sigh* So, instead, I will bore you with the mundane details about my life here in the wilds of New Mexico. Not a whole lot new and/or exciting went on this week...Jodi went back to work and the boys went back to school, but worked hard so that they could have today off. I took today off as well, since all of us moms pretty much work all the time, so I did the bare essentials and kinsa goofed off today also. So after this I will be working on my new apron sewing project that keeps getting put off. Tomorrow I have big plans of wading in hip-deep to the pile of paperwork boxes Dan and I found in the garage. I will probably kill my shredder with the amount of papers to get rid of, but it will be a wonderful feeling not to look at those boxes everyday in my room...they've been nagging me in my sleep this week...ha ha! Jodi and I continue to make plans for the upcoming holidays...her Advent book came in the mail today, (thanks, MOM) and Thanksgiving dinner is almost completely planned and bought for. The boys are already looking forward to the breaks in school and I am honest enough to say that it will be nice to have my afternoons back for a few days. School really is going well this year...David actually said the other day that he wanted to do ABeka again because what we are using right now is too easy and it's boring...can you imagine that?!? Derek got a new (to him) toy this week. Dan rigged the electric scooter with training wheels, a padded seat and a variable speed control and now Derek is zipping up and down the street in what looks a bit like those scooters for disabled people on TV (are they called hover~rounds?) hee hee! So when the software gets working again...you will love those pics...in fact, he's been wearing his bike helmet non-stop for about 3 days now...he looks like a kid with epilepsy. Wqel, I"m rambling more than usual, so that must mean I"ve run out of things to say. Bless you all this week and hope this finds you healthy and happy! Lost Boys, Mama K loves you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

5 minute blog

Greetings from still warm New Mexico! At least during the day, we are averaging in the low 70s still, but it gets pretty chilly overnight...around high 30s. I only have about 3 minutes left o blog so here are the highlights of the week.
  • The boys enjoyed a week of no worksheets since the printer was down, but that had been remedied.
  • Jodi's teeth got pulled and she is back to work after enjoying a week home with her babies.
  • Aaron is coming for Thanksgiving, James is getting excited about that
  • Jodi and I have been planning meals for the holidays already and sharing Christmas secrets
  • Have I mentioned that having another girl around is nice???
  • Dan and I spent all weekend cleaning out the garage so that there is room for Jodi's things, and so we can consolidate what we have into a better box system
  • We have TOO much stuff, but both did a great job of saying goodbye to some old things.
  • We inherited a cat this weekend also...our next door neighbors bought a car and the kitten came with it...LOL! However, she is afraid of cats and sent it to live outside....where it wandered over to our garage while we were cleaning...and it's it's ours...Harley the II is his name.

Now I have to leave for work before I am late...love to all!

Kristy and the Man Crew

Saturday, November 1, 2008

November Musings ~ 2008

As I sit here sipping gingerbread tea and listen to my two favorite labor saving devices (the dishwasher and the clothes washer) whirr in the background, I peek into the living room where all 3 boys are curled up together and watching a movie. I see into the kitchen where the cabinets are full and I think about my closet, where many holiday secrets are already hiding. I think about my favorite hubby who is off taking classes to make himself more useful to his company...and Jodi who is out doing something fun with her two boys and I just can't help but heave a sigh of contentment about where God has led us. Don't get me wrong, its not all sunshine and roses, but it IS so much better than where we were...and I'm talking about emotional places, not location. We are busy making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas...having survived the 'non-specific fall holiday' that just passed....and only having to explain to 38 people WHY we don't celebrate that holiday. At least only 35 thought we were crazy...ha ha! Anywho; as we look forward to fall weather, REAL fall holidays and the birth of our Savior, our hearts always turn toward home and family. We are so anxious to see Dad and Mom again...it's just been forever! We also think of all of our dear friends and family back in IL and spread across the country really, and I just want to thank all of you who have prayed diligently for us. For those who make efforts to keep in touch...we appreciate your letters, cards and calls so much...you can't imagine! Continue to keep us in your hearts and prayers as life is never perfect, but God is always sovereign. A few prayer requests and praises...

  • KAREN got a JOB!!!

  • Jodi is having all of her wisdom teeth plus two molars extracted on Monday...OUCH!

  • My work is headed into the busy season; pray for grace and patience as I forge ahead with only 3 hours of sleep 4 days a week

  • School is going really well for D and P, they are learning to self-motivate, schedule their own work times and work with less 'hand-holding'

  • Derek is busier than ever...and asking how everything works...I think we have another Dan on our hands...oh my!

  • Jodi and I have decided that our kids are getting smarter, cuter and more devious with each one....start praying now for us to survive...ha ha ha!

  • Charlie was in a motorcycle accident this week, it wasn't serious, but he is stiff and sore, plus his bike is messed up

  • Ricky OFFICIALLY joined the US navy this week....you decide whether that's a praise or a request

  • Joshua is working on putting together his testimony to share with the church...pray that he finds the right words to say

  • John and Dolli are making great strides in repairing their relationship...pray that they bring their marriage under the will of God and that they continue to grow closer together.

I guess that about sums it up for this week. I will be posting a few pics and then I'm out, to enjoy my labor saving devices...ha ha! Have a great week everyone!! I miss you all! Lost boys, mama K loves you!

Kristy and the Man Crew

Just checking to see if I've still got it...yup, I do!

David taught Titus how to hold his own bottle this week.

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