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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Day Late and Dollar Short

Story of my life...right? LOL! Well, here it is Saturday afternoon and I'm finally getting on here to update everyone on our state of being. As I sit here, Dan, Dave and Pat are helping Karen move into her new apartment, Jodi is putting Titus down for nap, James and Derek are jumping on the trampoline and Aaron is nursing a migraine...never a dull moment. ; ) Actually, the reason that I didn't blog last night is that Dan and I were out Christmas shopping, grocery shopping and renewing our Sam's membership, hence the dollar short part...On the upside though, we have food in the cabinets, a new way to save money at Sam's and several more Christmas secrets in the closet...hee hee. With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, I am reminded of how grateful we should be every day and aren't. We are paying our bills down bit by bit and still can afford an occasional luxury. I have been looking over my journals as I sort through the 87, 392 boxes of paperwork I found in the garage (sigh!!) and I was reminded of exactly HOW BAD it really was for a while....no wonder I was pretending to be Scarlett O'Hara and saying I would think about that tomorrow...LOL! I am soooooo grateful to not be there anymore, but I am even farther down the road to be grateful for those hard times that made us determine whether we were going to sink or swim and also for those times that drove to my knees and into the loving arms of the Father. God is so gracious to us if we just ALLOW Him to be! Moving on...We are enjoying Aaron's visit and looking forward to Dad and Mom's also. Rumor has it that Ricky and Alec are going to try to sneak in a visit in the early parts of December, but that remains to be seen. For now, dinner is simmering, a fire is crackling cheerfully to keep us warm and soon Charlie and Devin will be joining us for an evening of laughter and games. So, I must get off of here and tend to my family and home (*sigh of contentment*)
PS. To those of you that know my very first lost boy ever, Dariel...he had an accident at work this week and smashed his hand in a press and broke it....pray for healing of the hand and patience for Dariel...waiting for things to get better was never one of his fortes! Ha ha ha!

Aahhhh, the good life! BTW, do you like the couch covers??

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