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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Best Thing I've Heard All Week

     A brilliant friend of mine (Hi Amy!!) called her new boyfriend a 'gentleman savage' on Facebook this week, and it struck a chord in me. It's quite possibly the best description of what I want my boys to be when they are grown. I want them to be wild and free, but with a heart for Jesus, good manners (as needed), great work ethic, and a tender love for their spouses and children.
     I've often called my sons wild hooligans and this is often a good reflection of them, as they are loud, rowdy and sometimes (OK, often) obnoxious. I've even been known to call my children feral, and this is occasionally true of their behavior. However, both of these less-than-stellar nicknames are said with much affection and deep love and they don't appear to be offended by either one.
     This is my life as their mama in a nutshell. Dastroyah decided this weekend after church that he was going to turn his much beloved Pathfinder into a dune buggy of sorts, and there was MUCH laughter in the front yard as the best demolition crew in the lower 48 tore that poor thing to bits. Once they were satisfied that it looked the way they wanted, Dastroyah, PattyCakes, Alex and Nathan piled in for a test run. They were shirtless, filthy, and loud, and for a split second I considered hushing them and telling them to clean up and get shirts on before they headed out. But another split second later, listening to them laugh together and watching the camaraderie between all of them, I swallowed my desire to hush them and just enjoyed watching them drive away with their arms, mouths, and legs flying. I dared a peek at Hercules who was supervising the buggy project while working on his Beast of a Truck, and the joy in his eyes was unmistakable from the time spent with them. A few minutes later, they returned and all tried to shout over one another to tell us how the test drive went and how they were already making plans to change this or that. Then they went in the house, ate everything, cleaned up a little and tumbled out the door again like a rabid 4 headed Tasmanian devil to share their special brand of crazy with someone else. One of them even remembered to bellow thank you as they went out the door.

And so they are...wild and free, but with a heart for Jesus, good manners (as needed), great work ethic, and a tender love for their mama.
My work here is done.


Monday, July 3, 2017

#100HappyDays: Day 35

Day 35 of #100HappyDays
Watching the sunrise and listening to The BIGS (plus two) laugh together this morning with Dan as we wrapped up our VERY quick camping trip.
#TheManCrew — feeling happy in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

#100HappyDays: Day 34

Day 34 of #100HappyDays
A quick camping trip with the family, and a few of the tribe. Fire, s'mores, tunes and stars. — feeling happy.

Oh my word, this was the craziest, most ridiculous, silliest, most adventuresome, shortest camping trip I've ever been on. PLANS were to take the Beast Truck and the Pathfinder and go for a quick overnight in the sticks, possibly even off-roading to a cave we've visited before. However, in true MeYeR fashion, things didn't go as planned including adding more people and vehicles than previously thought and a missing camp stove which turned into a later than planned departure that meant we couldn't get to the cave. As Hercules repaired Nathan's tire after a failed attempt to drive over a bush that was much sturdier than it looked, we realized that we had less than 15 minutes until  sundown and we were literally in the middle of nowhere. *ahem* So, we scouted in each direction for anything that looked remotely level and cleared of shrubbery and thorns. In the rapidly fading sunset, we decided that tents were out of the question and that we would just build a fire circle and sleep in our vehicles. Dinner was served from the top of the cooler while Mama K served as a human lamp stand while wearing a headlamp. After s'mores and much laughter, we all headed to bed. P and N used Nate's Blazer, while David, Johnny and Derek used the Pathfinder and Dan and I opted to sleep under the stars in the bed of the Beast Truck. Annnnnd....Cue the rain. LOL! We fussed with the canopy to keep ourselves dry and that worked for a while but then the wind picked up and nearly carried it away, so we laughed and gave up sleeping. Shortly thereafter, it quit raining and the sun came up. we gobbled a quick breakfast and packed up "camp" and headed back to civilization as Kristy had to be at work by 8.

All's well that ends well, right? We were all safe, no one got carried off by predators, no one wrecked a vehicle, and I was on time for work smelling like the great outdoors and camp smoke.

In other news, while this was a delightful experience and I shall long cherish the memory of it, next time 6 men ask me to go camping with them in the boonies, I shall politely decline and enjoy a few hours of reading and quiet music (and indoor plumbing) all alone. Amen.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

#100HappyDays: Day 33

Day 33 of #100HappyDays
Fireworks at the dirt track is a family tradition since we moved to NM years ago. As I sat surrounded by so many of our tribe, all with smiling faces upturned for the excitement of the fireworks, I peeked around at all these amazing people whom I call mine, either by blood or by choice, and my heart overflowed and leaked out of my eyes. Along with our 5, we added Nathan and Johnny, plus our annual companions, Jodi and her boys.
That moment was only captured by my mind's eye, not the camera lens. Let's just suffice it to say there was much laughter, much jostling, much giggling, more food and drinks than you can shake a stick at and well...there may have been a few shenanigans. Oops.
In the absence of photos, I offer this gem. A lovely reminder that while man created fireworks, God created the originals that light up the sky.
#Creator — feeling happy at Southern New Mexico Speedway.

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