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Friday, January 30, 2009

Alec is Coming... and other fun news!

Here at the MeYeR house, we have been busy, busy, busy this week! We (thank you, JESUS!) got in a full week of school without much whining or crying...and the kids were great, too. We started a new lapbook this week about the famous inventors and the boys are really liking it. History and Science in one fell swoop and it's FUN, too...what's not to love??? Dan has 'come over to the dark side' and is now allowing me to bake all of our own bread...whole wheat of course and NO HFCS!! YEAH! I have enjoyed a week without working in the evenings so far and have almost caught up on my sleep!! I have managed to get in my work out each day and a few days I even snuck some extra time!! Dan says I'm not lifting enough because I can still smile while I'm lifting...but I'm pretty content with where I am in that regard. Game night was last night and we missed Ty because he was at a b-ball game....but the rest of us had fun. Karen has been over twice for coffee in the morning and we have enjoyed gabbing together and laughing over the antics of the boys. It's nice to have her visiting more often again and I am pleased to say that she seems to be happier in the past few weeks than she has been most of the time we've been here...it's a beautiful thing! Jodi has been working about a zillion hours and when she's not working at work, she's working at home and when she's not doing that, she's running in circles doing the "modified stationary panic," (Dennis, that was for you!) and the owner is managing to drive us all crazy...poor Jodi!
On another note, I have spent the week wrestling with the whole Old Testament Law vs New Testament grace issue. I am pretty sure I'm headed in the right direction, but am still praying over it. Feel free to leave me your opinion about that. Dan and I are enjoying our Double Dog Dare of the New Testament at church...and are making our way through the NT in 90 days. Wheee!
Alec IS coming in February and we are sooo excited! He will be here just in time for Dan's b-day and will be here for a full week...yeah! I better get practicing on the guitar hero. We are e-mailing back and forth with some friends from church about gettting together during an upcoming trip they have planned...I hope we can make it work! Anyway, I've chattered enough for this week, I guess so I'll add apicture or two and be off. Let's catch up soon!
Kristy and the Man Crew
Here are T and I hanging our while the boys play. James was hiding in a fort and wouldn't let me take his pcture...hee hee!
David brought some cars and he and Derek had a ball letting them go flying down the slide and crash...woohoo!
Pat is working on doing one arm pull ups...I cant' do a pull up with two hands and a stool! Ugh, youth is soooo wasted on the young!

Dan, Dan, the welder man!

Ok, so some of you know that Dan got a welder a while back. He collected copper wiring to strip until he had enough to have a decent chunk of money, and then traded it in for the welder he always wanted. Personally, I didn't think there would be much to do with it once he got it, but what do I know?? LOL! Anywho, he has enjoyed it so much and it's been so much more useful than I would have ever guessed. He has found (or made up) an excuse to use it at least twice a week since he got it. ; ) He has welded the trampoline back together before we got a new one for Christmas, used it to reattach Jodi's muffler, build a cart to roll the actual welder around on (including a little drawer to keep his gloves in) taken it to work and had such fun updating his workout equipment. First he cut apart a barbell bar that he didn't use into little sections and welded them to the back of the weight bench to hold his free weights so they weren't on the floor, then he decided he needed a dumbbell stand to hold all his dumbbells so he wouldn't have to stub his toe on them, and then he made a stand to hold his barbells so he didn't have to bend over to pick them up anymore. Oh, I almost forgot, he made a new ramp for the boys bikes and scooters from some scrap metal and a sheet of plexiglass! Isn't he the craftiest of the crafty? Who thinks up this stuff?? Anywho, I just wanted to share a few photos of the things he made...ENJOY!

Seriously, how does he think of it all???


Monday, January 26, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY January 26, 2009...

Outside my window...birds are chirping, dogs are barking and the sun is shining with a furious brightness.

I am thinking...that Home is the best place ever!

I am thankful for...babies, big boys and hunky hubby!

From the learning rooms...we are starting a new lapbook about inventions...how great is that? History AND science in one!! We are enjoying our read-aloud book called "Masterpiece" and fractions are getting the best of some of us.

From the kitchen...whole wheat bread is baking and tempting me with it's delightful aroma and bean soup is bubbling away on the back burner.

I am wearing...khaki capris and a sage and khaki speckled shirt that has too much Lycra for my taste.

I am creating...mended shirts, full tummies, a home to enjoy, a healthy mommy, happy hearts and boys that will become Men that follow God.

I am going...to stay home most of the week and have a coffee hour with Karen on Friday..so looking forward to that!

I am reading...the New Testament in 90 days with Dan and he is asking me to read each night before bed...WooHoo!

I am hoping...that we are scheduled to have out taxes done soon...got big plans with that 'extra' money!

I am hearing...James read about trains, the UPS truck drive by with Shadow barking at it, Titus' jumparoo rattling as he bounces happily and Mickey Mouse clubhouse...I'm allowing Derek to watch since he isn't feeling well today.

Around the house...much to clean, and a veritable MOUNTAIN of laundry to fold...I managed to get it clean, but keep putting off folding it so now it's taken my king sized bed hostage...BAD LAUNDRY!! ; )

One of my favorite things...doing this each week! It's 15 whole minutes of just me time and I look forward to it each week.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Getting into the habit of baking all of out bread, finally found a recipe that hubby approves, Getting a full week of school done, working out at LEAST 5 times, losing another 2 pounds or so, and making nutritious meals all week long.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...This is Tyler and Patrick (whom normally DON'T get along) this was taken at Pat's b-day party last week...they were reading Pat's new encyclopedia about big cats...so sweet!

For more posts about the simple life and enjoying life at home, visit Peggy's site Here or click on the photo at the top.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Zipping By

Hey there friends and neighbors! Greetings from perpetually warm NM! It was so warm today, (you all in IL should hold on to your hats) that Dan and I went motorcycle riding...and it was wonderful! We explored ruins of an abandoned army outpost nearby, had dinner in the Chile capital of the US (or so they say) and generally had a wonderful time. It's the middle of the night here and I am just home from work, but I wanted to stop by and say hi and share my fun day. I will try to post another one tomorrow and add pics and such, but I was bubbling over with JOY from today and HAD to share it! Goodnight all!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

To enjoy other blogs of this nature, simply click on the picture and then scroll down. This is a great site!!

FOR TODAY ... January 19, 2009

Outside my window...I see dried leaves, clinging to a the few tress I have, sandy window wills and a cloudless, blue sky

I am thinking...that Monday is one of my favorite days of the week, a brand new chance to get things going in the right direction...although that isn't working out so well today...LOL!

I am thankful for...new beginnings, peanut buttery smiles and sweet moments to reflect on life

From the learning rooms...much to accomplish this week...starting new lapbooks, finishing up 'Masterpiece," fractions, decimals and alphabetizing..oh my!

From the kitchen...Fresh zucchini bread lingers, whole wheat bread waiting to be made and yummy goodness hiding behind cabinet doors

I am wearing...workout clothes...does chasing kiddos and crazy dogs count as working out??

I am creating... order out of chaos!

I am going...crazy...wanna come along for the ride?? Actually, I'm creating new routines and schedules for us to keep us on track with not so much willy-nilly room

I am reading...the New testament in 90 days...it's the double dog dare for our sermon series coming up,,,yeah!

I am hoping...that losing weight will be easier than gaining...but not holding my breath!

I am hearing...the Incredibles movie play, the dishwasher whirr and the dryer tumble...time to go fold clothes!

Around the house...It's time to get cleaning...a few dishes left over, clothes to fold and beds to make.

One of my favorite things...Quiet! Hot tea, scraps of fabric that make something new, a good book, and a snuggle with a wiggly boy.

A few plans for the rest of the week: working out, work, school, AWANA club work, resting at home, last week was TOOOOO crazy...I'm getting too old for that nonsense!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...hmm, let's see...what to share?? OH...check this out! The boys' friend got a new puppy and brought it over to share...everyone get excited about it...so cute!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Night check in!

Auntie Kristy and Titus with Bath time hair!!
Yeah, I made back to blog on Friday...yahoo! Not a fascinating week, but finally a return to getting the kids to bed on time, an ALMOST full week of school, and getting more sleep again for mommy. But, I also got back to the things I love, spending time with kids, sisters and hubby, baking for the family and hanging out on Cafemom. AWANAS was a HUGE success last week, which was answered prayer and Titus is managing to keep mostly on his schedule, making his life more pleasant and mine more predictable...thank you, JESUS! We are having the usual pizza and a movie night...look at this glorious pizza... anyone wanna come over?? We are watching "Space Chimps" and "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" (it's about Intelligent Design instead of Evolution) I'm pretty excited about it...I know, I know, I don't get out much, but it's OK to be happy at home, right?? RIGHT??? Anywho...greetings to you all and I hope you have a great weekend...just a few other snappies form this week and I'm gone!
Love to all,
~K~ and the Man Crew
This one of James and Titus is so sweet, they are wearing their matching T shirts...Aaawwww~

The boys made their own swing to add to the playground in the backyard...so creative they are!!

I made my first attempt at cream puffs, they weren't QUITE right, but a very tasty mistake...yummy!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY ~January 12, 2009

Outside my window...it is cool and breezy, but the sun is shining brightly and the air is crisp.

I am thinking...that I have got to be more productive with my time this week! Putting T on a schedule is turning out to be more of a hassle than it should be, but once it is done, I will be able to get more done in less time...PLEASE?!?

I am thankful for...boys who play nicely together (sometimes) less TV and more music. A new AWANA program that ALL the boys loved on their first night even though they cried all the way there.

From the learning rooms...Now that we have our new printer up and running, we will be bale to do a full week of work, worksheets and ALL, hurrah! We are finishing up our lap books about slavery and picking a new one to start by the end of the week.

From the kitchen...I am planning yummy meals based on my pantry full of food and only supplementing with fresh dairy and veggies...hurray for a well stocked pantry!

I am wearing...my workout clothes since I was working out 15 minutes ago.

I am creating...a new routine for us and a new schedule for T...catnapping is NOT an option!!

I am going...nowhere pretty much...just working one day this week, so I get to be home all week, and I love that!!

I am reading...my Bible and that's it for now

I am hoping...that the new routines will go well and things will start moving in the right direction again...Christmas break threw us all for a loop

I am hearing...T scraping up his little fruity puff things, the bigger boys playing in a tent they mad in their room and Derek happily splashing away in the tub.

Around the house...much to clean, organize and work through, but it's also moving in the right direction and that's what counts!

One of my favorite things...a week at home to get re-started! I need to work on getting some more sleep this week, still feeling run down from the holiday excitement, and spend some quality time with Dan...we've been slacking in this department and it's starting to show.

A few plans for the rest of the week: NONE...I'm making no plans for the week except to be home and happy..that's it!

Here is picture thought I am sharing... My sweet nephew Titus playing in his snuggly bed...aawww~

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wrapping up the week

Hello friends!
Just popping in to say that thankfully, this has been a rather uneventful week. No visitors from out of town, no trips to the ER, so one is actually sick although a few of us are still fighting off the runny nose syndrome, everyone went back to their regular work schedules, kids went back to school slowly and it's time for the weekend! Oh, John and Dolli are about to arrive at their new base in northern Cali this evening, after 3 days of driving with a car and truck, a crazy cat and a baby...good luck with that! We are having game night tonight with Charlie and Devin, Karen and Tyler. Pizza is rising and the boys have managed to get away with almost no school today since it is life lessons day anyway which means less table time, plus, right as we were getting started, the cable guy showed up to do Jodi's TV...rats, so much for schedule...LOL! But, we have instituted a NO TV before school and chores are done rule this new year and although I've heard "I'm Bored" more often lately, I don't think they really are...they are playing outside together, playing board games, reading more (on purpose!) and there is much less fighting...Praise the Lord! Chores are getting done earlier with less fuss and they've actually wanted to work on school earlier also so they can 'earn' that precious TV time...especially since we bought Guitar Hero World Tour....yes, I'm really sorry already, anyone know where to buy high quality earplugs?? James really gets into the singing!! LOL!Plus, as an added bonus, it's one less reason for me not to workout in the AM...Oh darn, the kids are already watching something...LOL! So, all things are going well. I've had two days this week that just didn't pan out the way they should and poor Dan came home to me wandering about in a messy (and I mean MESSY) house, the kids running amok and dinner still frozen...how embarrassing! But, we muddled through that and things are going better now. In an effort to make Dan feel less sad about Dolli moving away, I agreed to be his work out partner 2 days a week...what was I thinking?? He's a slave driver...hee hee! But it's a nice trade...after he gets home, we read several chapters of the Bible together and then he works out or starts whatever project he had in mind for that night and I start dinner. Sigh* isn't that the way it's supposed to go?? How come it took us 12.5 years to get here?? LOL, because we are hard headed and stubborn as mules, both of us...we are just doing that as a team these days. OK, enough nostalgia for today...gotta get back to the boys and making sure I pour enough learning in for today...does teaching them how to make pizza count?? We've already had reading time, problem solving games time, played a board game together, and had our socialization time by letting them work out their differences on their own until I hear a threat of violence (just kidding) and are working on pizza. Add a few worksheets just for the basic skills practice for today and we will call it quits for this week. Have a great weekend everyone! I can't wait to kick back and enjoy pizza, some games with friends and a sweet time of Bible reading and prayer with the hubbs..life is good!
Now that's a lap full of babies! John, Dolli and Baby Ryan, we miss you already!

Kelly, this one is for you!

We just chatted yesterday for the first time in forever, it seems. When we don't chat for awhile, I can just sorta pretend I don't miss you all so much. After we got off the phone, this huge wave of homesickness just crashed over me. Don't get me wrong, I love it here...but sometimes I just wish HERE wasn't so far from THERE, ya know?? I loved it when you could just drop by 38 times a week just to say hi, or drop the kiddies off for the afternoon, or pick me up for an impromptu trip to the scrap booking store. SIGH* I guess Dad was right when he always used to say that life got complicated after you turn 18...LOL! Anywho...all of that to say that I can't wait to see you when you come visit...Oh my GRAVY..all that time to visit, catch up and scrapbook...wheeeee! We also hope/plan to make the long awaited trip back to IL with all of us sometime this summer to just hang out for a week or two...catch up, hang out, have a BBQ, go visit our friends at church and maybe take a girly trip to Long Grove...no kiddies invited...anyone under 30 being considered a kiddie...ha ha ha! Oh, I am drooling just thinking about it...yeah! Tax refund, here I come..watch out! OK, enough chatter for one day I think...Kelly, I miss you!
BTW, don't forget that I get to be the first one to read your blog, if you get one started...if you don't start it before you get here, I'll help you get it going!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Normal?!?

LOL! Let's be honest here...anyone who knows me at all, knows that I'm not normal to start with, so it's pretty hard to get back to it...but I digress already, not a good sign ; ) Back to normal means getting the boys back to school, getting back to my regular schedule for cleaning (and goodness knows we need that!), me time and back to baking and cooking for the family. So it was with a smile on my face that I woke up this morning, ready to get back to my 'regular' life, and with a few new ideas to start trying as well. I'll share just a few of my goals for the year, but I promise not to bore you with all the details...hee hee! Here we go....
  • Get school going again finish this school year by the time to start the next one...LOL! Also, next school year, start working with Derek 2x a week
  • Lose 40 pounds...that's the obvious one (not only portion control and exercise, but more HEALTHFUL eating...Health food co-op, here we come)

  • TV is officially an only AFTER school and chores thing, as of this morning...they were SOOOO pleased!

  • We are upping our goal of dinner at the table 5 nights a week to 6, so only pizza night is front of the TV now and with the carpet still being brand new, that's not even happening...hurray for progress!

  • Make a LONG AWAITED trip to Illinois to visit with my family and friends that are so dear to us all

  • Date night is 2x a month...minimum!

  • Family Game night is every week with a family outing once a month

Well, that's enough of that...now I have a zillion people to help hold me accountable...that May and May NOT be a good thing...LOL! As for the rest of my AB~normal life, I'm loving it and wish you all could be here with me all the time! Lost Boys, Mama K misses you all so much! Be blessed and joyous in this new year~



Just a few snappies to get you caught up~

Can I hear a Zoom Zoom??

Ah, family~

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...January 5, 2009...when did THAT happen?!?

Outside my window...it is crisp and clear, no breeze is blowing and I THINK we almost had a frost last night...LOL!

I am thinking...that new Year's resolutions should wait until February...Jan 1st is too soon after the holidays, no one has any energy left

I am thankful for...peace and quiet and no visitors (as much as I love them!) and a return to my "normal' life

From the learning rooms...we are getting started again. Hurray for a schedule...but still no printer, so no worksheets today. We are also starting a 4 full days and a 1/2 day schedule to allow more time for life lessons

From the kitchen...I think I found my counters last night... I haven't seen them in weeks due to the Christmas goodies everywhere. I am going to be making Roast chicken with mashed potatoes and salad for dinner...anyone coming over?

I am wearing...Clean, unstained, unholy clothes...and I'm not even going anywhere! One of my many goals is to NOT look like I've been run over by the garbage truck when Dan comes home each day...LOL!

I am creating...a slimmer, more healthful me for the new year as part of my multi-faceted new year's goal plan...and leftover Christmas projects...oh well, some day I may catch up with myself

I am going...no where at least for today...and I'm grateful for that

I am reading...the Bible, A Woman After God's Own Heart, (yes, again, I'm rather hard headed) and many kiddie books with the boys...and I'm looking for the 3 cousin's detective books, anyone know where to find them??

I am hoping...to meet or exceed at least 1/2 of my goals for the year....I accomplished about 80% last year, not a bad percentage I think

I am hearing...David read to the little ones, Titus babbling in his jumperoo and Pat making silly growling noises to make him laugh....plus the dishwasher, clothes washer and the furnace keeping us warm

Around the house...Christmas is put away, the house is picked up and ready to be cleaned, just got to get to it. This week will bring filing cabinets out of retirement, kitchen cabinets reorganized, and a sorted pantry...as Jodi brought about 700 dollars worth of dry goods in the truck that got here a few days ago...Praise the LORD

One of my favorite things...a full pantry, meals planned out and a few hours to browse the health foods store. Also, a lit of goals to be working on...I love new ideas to try out

A few plans for the rest of the week: Just getting the ball rolling again. Trying to get school on track again, the house back in order and to make more efficient use of my time. I DON'T wish for more hours to fill up, just a better way to use the time I have.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...Family Togetherness...this is my Father Larry, my oldest half sister Karen, my niece Dolli and my great niece Ryan Elizabeth...so cute...Awwww~

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