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Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Normal?!?

LOL! Let's be honest here...anyone who knows me at all, knows that I'm not normal to start with, so it's pretty hard to get back to it...but I digress already, not a good sign ; ) Back to normal means getting the boys back to school, getting back to my regular schedule for cleaning (and goodness knows we need that!), me time and back to baking and cooking for the family. So it was with a smile on my face that I woke up this morning, ready to get back to my 'regular' life, and with a few new ideas to start trying as well. I'll share just a few of my goals for the year, but I promise not to bore you with all the details...hee hee! Here we go....
  • Get school going again finish this school year by the time to start the next one...LOL! Also, next school year, start working with Derek 2x a week
  • Lose 40 pounds...that's the obvious one (not only portion control and exercise, but more HEALTHFUL eating...Health food co-op, here we come)

  • TV is officially an only AFTER school and chores thing, as of this morning...they were SOOOO pleased!

  • We are upping our goal of dinner at the table 5 nights a week to 6, so only pizza night is front of the TV now and with the carpet still being brand new, that's not even happening...hurray for progress!

  • Make a LONG AWAITED trip to Illinois to visit with my family and friends that are so dear to us all

  • Date night is 2x a month...minimum!

  • Family Game night is every week with a family outing once a month

Well, that's enough of that...now I have a zillion people to help hold me accountable...that May and May NOT be a good thing...LOL! As for the rest of my AB~normal life, I'm loving it and wish you all could be here with me all the time! Lost Boys, Mama K misses you all so much! Be blessed and joyous in this new year~



Just a few snappies to get you caught up~

Can I hear a Zoom Zoom??

Ah, family~

1 comment:

study said...

Great goals better than mine for sure. Do not come begnning of April for hopefully I will be gone for 9 days. Hopefully a family vacation will happen.

Miss you so much.

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