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Friday, October 30, 2009

Catchin' Up with Us MeYeR's

Greetings from sunny and warm-ish New Mexico! I say warm-ish, because while it's 55 during the day and to those in the Northern US, this seems really warm, but to us that don't have our heaters on yet...it gets a bit chilly overnight...so glad for my heated water bed~HA! It's been an eventful few weeks around here, so let's get to it! How about some bullet journalling? (Warning: Goofy pictures ahead!)
  • Dan is STILL in Hurley and is quickly growing weary of it. The few guys that are left on the job are the ones that expect someone else (namely Dan) to carry their dead weight and cover their tracks to the boss. Plus, since 'Shua isn't working with him anymore, I think he is lonely, sitting up in a hotel room all by himself. So when he gets home, he is tired and grumpy. He's also been either doing side work on the weekends to start earning Christmas money, or been working on someone's car....poor guy can't catch a break : ( I bought him tickets to the Speedway for next weekend, (shh, don't tell!) so hopefully I can get him to rest a bit and enjoy himself for 5 whole minutes.

  • 'Shua and Lauren have both acquired seasonal jobs with my beloved Kohl's and start in a few weeks. Hurray, that's answered prayer! Plus, unemployment has come through for 'Shua and he has also been working weekends with Dan. Josh celebrated his 21st birthday last week and got a new PS2 and a fishtank, both things that he has been wanting. So, they have a roof over their heads and food on the table. God is good, all the time!

  • David has been invited to join the boys gymnastics team at the local gym, tested all the way into level 5 (WOW) and has been training with the level 4 kids waiting for his upper body strength and flexibility to improve...but the coach said a few days ago that David is too good for this group and he needs to move up. David is nervous since those kids are a bit older and have been doing gymnastics for longer, plus their practice schedule will interfere with Game Night...so he hasn't decided yet, but he is really enjoying working out at the gym.

  • Pat has been working hard at school these past few weeks and I am really proud of him! He sits right down and gets to work with a minimum of fuss or muss...it's really great! His attention span has improved greatly over the past year and he is maturing in other areas as well. He is glad to be home, although he does miss his PaPa and Grma and speaks of them often

  • Derek is enjoying pre-school and likes to do his coloring pages, work in his lapbook and read books with Mama. He is the resident clown and keeps us laughing everyday with his silly antics and ridiculous statements. He has declared himself a BIGGIE boy and wants to go along to gymnastics, to 'Shua's house or wherever he thinks he's being left out of going...LOL!

  • Me, I'm still working at Kohl's of course, teaching school and digging into our new curriculum that we are starting on Monday plus trying desperately to keep up with the laundry...HA! Pat has had hives this week and in trying to get everything as clean as possible to rule out allergens, I've broken my previous record of over 30 loads of laundry in 1 week: YIKES! I've enjoyed a week of not cooking since Jodi has planned all the meals this week and cooked them all, hurray! I've gained 5 pounds, *dang it* but it was totally worth it! ; )

  • In other news, James AND Titus have been diagnosed with the swine flu in the past 10 days and so we had swine flu day and ate all piggy meals...LOL! Pork roast for lunch and white beans and ham WITH bacon bits for dinner. We're so silly! Both are doing well again, although I'm starting to wonder if Aaron has it, as he doesn't seem to feel that great.

  • In the exciting news department, Lauren and I had quite an adventure while trying to run errands today. The transmission linkage (I'm guessing) went out in 'Shua's car, leaving us stuck at the top of a hill, rolling backwards and INTO traffic! Whee! Anywho, 2 men jumped out and helped the boys and I push it around the corner so it would coast down the hill and then David got his first time behind the wheel as Lauren and I pushed it into a subdivision. Another gentleman came along and offered his help as we stood there pondering what to do...have I mentioned I LOVE Las Cruces? The people are so friendly...not one person honked at us while we were blocking traffic, no one flipped us off and no one hollered out their window...it's SO not Chicago! : ) On a side note, isn't she pretty?? Gosh I love having them here by us!

  • I guess that's about it for catching up for this week or two...thanks for listening! Have a great week!
Blessings from our family to yours,

Kristy and the Man Crew
PS. This video is for the Grandma's...it's a video of Titus, who has learned to say CHEESE!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The BIG Trip~Days 9 and 10

Welcome back to our Grand Adventure blog. If you haven't been reading along, catch up here. If you are current, then away we go! Tuesday was a day of sleeping in to start with...sigh, that sure felt good! as was usual by then...Mom, Jodi and I got our heads together about who was going where, when, why and the all important one...WHO was watching the kiddos?? After that was taken care of, we proceeded to do some rather mundane things, such as laundry, dishes and tidying of the house. After that, I prepared and headed out to lunch with Cindy Turner, who is the delightful Miss Mavis' daughter. We are about the same age, and attended youth group together WAY back in the day at Clearview...and so we had about 10 years or so to catch up on. We met at Panera bread in Libertyville since she lives about an hour south, so that was halfway and after ordering identical lunches without consulting one another (odd, huh?) we sat for 3 solid hours and carried on as only old friends can do. Oh my, we had fun! We caught up on church, family, kids and school, work and fun...it was GOOD TIMES! Reluctantly, we parted with the promise to do that MORE often, not less and to write. We keep up on Facebook quite well and I"m enjoying the renewal of a dormant friendship.
I went home and collected the boys who were quite anxious by then and we headed out to Kermit and Candy's for dinner. Jodi and her boys had been invited as well and we all bellied up to dinner together and shared some fellowship over some tasty lasagna and salad...yummy! We didn't go anywhere, or do anything fancy, just chatted and laughed and shared some sweet time together while the kids played. Jacob was kind enough to introduce the boys to Charlie the Unicorn...thanks a lot, Jake! Everyone had a ball, but we had to call it an early evening since not everyone was on vacation and their kids had school the next day. *rats!!*

Day 10 was a day that I had been eagerly anticipating...Dinner with #27! (that's Laura Hepker for those of you who do not have 20 years history with us Smith's) Wa-hoo! We had been planning it for MONTHS! So we met up after several small setbacks due to construction traffic (grrr!) at the Outback Steakhouse, which I had never been to before, and proceeded to have a 4 hour long dinner...I was full for 2 days! HA HA HA! But, as with all my visits with dear friends, the company was even better than the food~! Laura, I had a blast! Thanks for battling the traffic goons to get there! Anywho, we caught up on everything relevant in our lives and still had an hour or so to dig through some fun old memories, old crushes and some of the HUGE misconceptions we had about ourselves 'back in the day'. It was a great evening, and one that I will long cherish the memory of...thanks again, Laura!

The BIG Trip~Days 7 and 8

For those of you following the BIG trip saga, welcome back. For those of who are just joining us, Check out Days 1&2, 3&4, 5&6 to get caught up *winks* Days 7 and 8 were great days~ BOTH of them! Day 7 was church at our beloved Crossroads Community Church in Island Lake/Port Barrington. We made it as usual, too late for Sunday school, too early for church...see~ Just like old times already...LOL! So we chatted with Kermit in the youth room and snuggled Lisa Decker's new baby until time for church to start. It was so refreshing to walk up those stairs and into the newly decorated sanctuary (which still felt like home) and hug all the familiar faces and do some much needed catching up. We sang, and it was GOOD to sing the favorite hymns with those I hold so dear again. Bro John preached a wonderful sermon that touched my heart and then Candy and Kermit invited us to lunch. MMMM, good Chinese with great friends...does life get any better? ;D Thanks guys, it was awesome...my fave part being Kermit forcing Hannah into complete silence for 15 WHOLE minutes, I thought she was going to expire on the spot...LOL! After that, we headed back to Dad and Mom's for an afternoon of chatter and game playing, and I think even a movie. So restful and calming...*sigh* Mom and I worked late into the night, wrapping up Marleea's album (Kelly had finished her's earlier) and then chatted WAY too late, just enjoying one another's company. LOVE YOU MOM! The next day, was "ALL LIZZIE, ALL DAY" Day : ) This was a much anticipated day! We didn't make any firm plans, just to be together as much as possible for the day...just like the old days...LOL! And so we did! There was much running back and forth, picking up and dropping off of kids, food and running of several errands, but through it all, we chatted about the 'good old days,' looked forward to the the future, laughed over childish antics, lamented over issues we were struggling with, drove up and down EVERY under construction road in lake county and in general had a BALL! In the middle of the day, we stopped being so silly and went to Marleea's visiting hours to give our deepest regrets and regards to Lee, Marsha and Killleean. It was a bustling, active time with people sharing their memories of Marleea, poring over photos and LOTS of hugging! Lee and Marsha, we LOVE you! Later, we headed back out for a few more hours of fun, giggling, silliness and chatter over pie and coffee! Oh my, the times we had! Liz, you are undoubtedly, undeniably, and unforgettably, the BEST, best, BEST friend a gal could ever have! You are always in my thoughts, my prayers and in my heart! Anywho, as time is no longer our friend and we had both been up way too late the night before, we called it an early evening and headed home to spend time with our families....and all was well. And those were days 7 & 8. Thanks for sharing our journey with us!
Kristy and the Man Crew

Monday, October 26, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...October 26, 2009

Outside my window...it is pitch black and silent since it's only 4:30 AM...Dan has just left for a week away at work and I'm heading back to bed as soon as this is done.

I am thinking...that I need to get back into the habit of rising early again, but not today ; )

I am thankful for...parents that let us each become our own person while keeping us within a set of boundaries.

From the learning rooms...ABeka lessons 7-15 this week ( we are doubling up after getting a late start) and hopefully our "My Father's World" will arrive this week and we can get started on that as well.

From the kitchen...Jodi is cooking this week so I am looking forward to a week off of kitchen duty and a week of comfort foods and sweets. My 'diet' will be out the window, but I'm ok with that...LOL

I am wearing...My nightgown since I'm heading back to bed really soon!

I am creating...an organized new schedule...between David's new gymnastics routines, trying to squeeze school into 4 days a week and several other changes, it's just time for a complete overhaul.

I am going...crazy...one day at a time...LOL! Actually, to the gym with David, hopefully to the health food store and possibly the library today.

I am reading...Robinson Crusoe, The Moon By Night, and my daily B.R.A.G. devotions

I am hoping...that David does well at gymnastics and decides to to start competing as I think it would be good for his fragile ego.

I am hearing...the rooster next door crowing...he can't seem to tell time! The dogs finishing their breakfasts...and other than that...NOTHING! Hurray!

A few plans for the rest of the week...the gym 3 times with D, working 1 night, game night, running errands with Lauren on Friday, and I'm sure something else will come up! Mostly, I want to get school on track and make sure our new schedule will work out.

Around the house...it's not too bad...just the usual dishes, laundry and a bathroom to clean. Last week, all the boys wardrobes got switched to fall/winter stuff, and we passed on the 'too smalls' I need to mend a few things and then that project will be complete.

One of my favorite things...crock pot meals so that there is no last minute rush to get dinner on the table if school runs long.

A picture thought I am sharing with you...'Shua turned 21 this week. My, how the time does fly! He and his wife invited us for cake and ice cream and here is picture of that gathering.

The Simple Woman says, "Would you like to linger on the simple things...then join me and many others in taking a little look into the day plans and thoughts of those who are focusing on simplicity...beauty of 'everyday moments'

Monday, October 19, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...October 19, 2009 (WOW, already??)
Outside my window...it is sunny and bright...another gorgeous day in the desert of NM
I am thinking...that Mondays are great! I know, I'm sick in the head, I've often been told so ; )
I am thankful for...a Daughter in love that offers me her friendship, her trust and her confidences...it's a glorious thing!
From the learning rooms...just getting off the ground today, AGAIN, a few math worksheets, an hour of reading and a few thank you notes.
From the kitchen...Bread is baked and cooling on the counter, leftovers got eaten up at lunchtime, leaving the fridge ready for this week's goodies.
  • Monday~ Split pea soup and fresh bread
  • Tuesday~ Chicken breasts, Rice and salad
  • Wednesday~Breakfast for dinner...scrambled eggs, fried ham and biscuits
  • Thursday~Mac and cheese with smoked sausage
  • Friday~Pizza with the gang
  • Saturday~White beans and ham
  • Sunday~Lasagna with fresh garlic bread and salad

I am wearing...A green knit jumper, a gray t-shirt, short socks and polka dot tennies
I am creating...a place to call home....one not to be embarrassed of, one to recover in after a long day out in the world, and one to bring friends, family and strangers that soon will be called friends to.
I am going...nowhere except for work this week...hurray!
I am reading...a daily Proverb, school books with the boys and my lesson plans!
I am hoping...that this school year is one we can look back on with pride and fondness.
I am hearing...Aaron play football on the PS2 and not much else...it's pretty loud...ugh
Around the house...the floors need some attention, some clothes needs folded and I've GOT to get to the bathroom, it's beginning to get scary. 2 men and 5 boys...enough said!
One of my favorite things...Monday after a sweet family filled weekend! Spirits are joyful, hearts are happy and bodies are refreshed...it's a thing of beauty !
A few plans for the rest of the week...not much, just school, work and keeping the house tidy.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing... for those that have been waiting, a wedding picture from the Big Trip!

'Shua and Lauren~ Sept 26, 2009

This post is in response to the call to simplicity. If you liked this post, check out Miss Peggy's Site at www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com ENJOY!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The BIG Trip~Days 5 and 6

Dad really liked his knife that we brought him. It was shaped like a motorcycle on the outside and really sharp on the inside...LOL Another post about our trip...I want to be sure I remember everything! Let's see, Day 5 was Friday, and Miss Cindy Freeman came to spend the day. It was game night, so throughout the day I was busy, slicing and dicing, preparing for that, but we had a great time playing Scrabble, Farkle and such, all while chatting and carrying on as only she can do : ) Game night arrived and so did the Hanna's, #27 AKA Hepker (who brought pixie sticks and Mountain Dew, OH MY!!) and later, Lizzie arrived to hang out. We ate pizza, laughed and enjoyed ourselves very much! Mike passed out the pixie sticks to the kids, much to our horror...but they did quite well. When they got rowdy, we just sent them out to run it off : ) We played 80s trivia which I stink at since I was still living happily under a rock back then...LOL, played several games of Farkle with Dad and then he went to hide from us when we got to being too silly for his taste. We eventually sent everyone home to sleep off the toxic effects of too many pixie and and way too much giggling. Saturday was Lauren's bridal shower and Kelly, Jodi and I went while Mom stayed home with the kiddos. She gets a saint's honor for that job. The shower was lovely, and full of emotions since Lauren was moving here. They had a cute New Mexico theme and so the house was decorated in chili's and cacti, and we ate chips and salsa, tamales and quesadillas. YUM~O! After that, we went back home and just relaxed for a bit. Kelly, Mom and I worked on Marleea's picture albums for the funeral. (For those who may not have heard, Lee and Marsha Bell's daughter was killed in a motorcycle accident the night before I left for IL, and Marsha asked us to make some albums, not only for them to have, but to show at the visiting hours before the funeral) Mom and I stayed up WAY too late chatting and laughing together, which is something I really miss about living here. Anywho, I guess that about sums up Days 5 and 6. Thanks for reading and I'll try to get another post up about our big trip soon!


Catching up with us MeYeR's

Well, I haven't done one of these in a while so let's do this again..it's one of my fave posts to do. : ) We returned from our trip about 10 days ago and hit the ground running...we arrived home at 10 pm Tuesday night and Dan went back to work at 4:30 am on Wednesday...poor thing! The next few days were spent doing laundry, putting the house back in order after the dogs had been running the place for almost 3 weeks and helping Josh and Lauren unpack the moving truck once they arrived in Cruces. Thursday evening, Dan returned home and we enjoyed some family time, just us...yeah! Then it was Friday...which for us means the weekend. Dan worked with 'Shua on a side job and I went grocery shopping with the boys...and then, the return of game night~ yippee! It's my favorite night of the week! Friends, fellowship, and food, my 3 favorite Fs...ha ha ha! David's 12th birthday was on Saturday and I found myself thinking, "When did THAT happen??" He's getting so grown up and before you know it, he'll be grown and gone, oh my! We didn't celebrate with a party since we were expecting Ricky's arrival and I thought it would be nice to have the party when he was here. So it was pretty low-key, but he DID get the MP3 player he's been asking for, complete with a set of rules about what he can play on it, how long he can use it each day and and admonishment NEVER to wear it to the dinner table...LOL! So Dan and he spent most of the afternoon downloading music onto it. It was a good day! The rest of the weekend passed in a flurry of activity...church, getting Dan ready for another week in Hurley and errands. This past week was rather (thankfully) uneventful, as the boys as I started school with just an hour or so each day to get the brains working again, Lauren coming to visit (hurray for another girl in town) and me heading back to work. School went much better than I had dared to hope and we got back into the routine of having Pat home...yeah! Thursday night Dan arrived home again after a hard week's labor and I'm pretty sure he headed to bed right after the boys went down while I was at work. ; ) Friday, Dan went to work with 'Shua again and the boys and I went grocery shopping with Lauren, an experience I'm sure she will never forget...LOL! Right as the game night crowd was showing up, Derek decided to cover my entire room and Jodi's dog in baby powder...oh my gravy, what a mess! HA! As for the actual game night again, it was awesome with almost the complete game night crowd of regulars, and even the delightful Miss Cecilia came, although coming to our house very nearly gives her a panic attack every time she comes. Robert and Tracy came with sweet little Izzi and she was lovingly passed around all evening, and Tracy brought SUPER YUMMY Doughnuts...homemade! Wow, I'm in awe! We all had a blast, Karen stayed WAY later than normal and that's always a treat! Dan was being especially silly and had everyone in stitches most of the evening. Charlie and Lauren had a rematch at the chess board and both seemed to have a great time. Saturday we spent just hanging out with Ricky and Cedie (Mercedes) after they finally arrived after spending much of Friday night totally lost somewhere in CO. Dan and Ricky spent much of the day working on speakers in his car...which ended up blowing up amidst a huge amount of smoke, so I'm told. Have I ever mentioned that it's not dull around here?? Anywho, we all shared a meal together and it was good. We had a bonfire (which I missed due to work) and fun was apparently had by all. Sunday, we missed church while trying to figure out what Ricky was doing and when he was leaving, so then we had lunch together and they left town. Cedie BTW totally rocks at Apples to Apples! I really enjoyed spending several hours getting to know her over the weekend. HUGS to you, Cedie!(Still waiting on some pics that Lauren took, I'll post them when they arrive) Then Dan and I indulged in a long lost tradition, the Sunday afternoon nap. We put in a movie for the boys and took a nap on the couch...*sigh* Then we prepared dinner, got Dan ready for another week of work, put the boys to bed early after several late nights, and spent 2 hours sitting by the revived bonfire chatting and laughing together. The perfect ending to a great weekend! So, to wrap it up....it's great to be home, life is good and we are happy! Thanks for sharing an interest in our lives! We love you all!

Kristy and the Man Crew

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...October 12, 2009
Outside my window...it is warm and sunny. The high is about 79 with an overnight low around 55. My favorite kind of weather!
I am thinking...that routines are fine and dandy, but there must be some 'wiggle room' for unforeseen 'adventures'
I am thankful for...a house to call home, a job for Dan that pays the bills, and food to put on the table to feed my hungry family. And also a hubby that is pretty easy on the eyes! ; )
From the learning rooms...so far today, not much, just some quiet reading. But for the rest of the week, getting back into our routines of the 3Rs so we can start FULL school on next Monday.
From the kitchen...again, not much today, but I am looking forward to using my new crock pot this week. Thanks, Josh and Lauren!
  • Monday~Grilled cheese sammies with Chicken and rice soup
  • Tuesday~Chili with corn bread
  • Wednesday~Dinner at Josh and Lauren's house...yeah!
  • Thursday~Pork Roast with roasted veggies
  • Friday~Pizza and veggies with dip
  • Saturday~Pot Roast with the trimmings

I am wearing...navy yoga pants and a patriotic tee, plus shoes for once...LOL
I am creating...a safe haven for my boys and a clean/usable school room, it's still buried under a pile of toys.
I am going...To work 2 nights this week, to Josh and Lauren's for dinner, and some errands during the weekend
I am reading...my daily Proverb and the devotionals that go along with my B.R.A.G. readings
I am hoping...that the next few weeks go smoothly with as little tension as possible.
I am hearing...Pat complain about homework, Derek ask for help with his game, and David playing with the neighbor boys.
Around the house...it's pretty picked up and tidy (for once) and I'm actually caught up on the laundry (Thank you , Jesus!) so for today, I've got a project to get the school room usable again after a summer being the playroom.
One of my favorite things...sitting beside the fire with Dan, chatting and laughing. Ahhh, good times!
A few plans for the rest of the week...school, work, errands, game night, and time with family.
A picture thought I am sharing with you...Dan and Derek all ready for bed. No it's NOT that cold here but he found some and wanted to put them on...LOL

This post is in response to a call to the simple life, as done by the delightful Miss Peggy over at the simple woman...check her out!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The BIG Trip~Days 3 and 4

Call me corny, I LOVE Illinois! : )

Here we go again! Tuesday night as I approached exhaustion and driving fatigue, I decided to just sleep for a bit in the van and then press on, but my parents who remember well the joys of travelling across the country with small children in tow, called ahead of me and reserved a hotel room for us. What a wonderful sight that little hotel was...and a blessing! After getting a good night's sleep, 'coincidentally' we were across the hall was the hotel laundry room and I used it with JOY and Praising! Then we headed out for yet another day of driving...and within a few hours we were where things were sounding familiar and an hour after that, they were LOOKING familiar and by mid-afternoon, we were THERE!! David jumped out of the van, flopped down on the grass and started making "grass angels" instead of snow angels. He was just so happy to see a large expanse of grass that was NOT in a park! : ) Dad, Mom, Pat, Jodi and her boys and all the Hanna's were there to greet us and what a wonderful reunion we had! Hugs all around and much laughter!! I stopped on the way into town to see Liz and then she came later in the day to visit for a bit as did Candy. The next day was filled with Kelly's visit, Lauren came and brought the delightful Miss Zoe over to play and a game of Scrabble...and MANY of Farkle. Oh the laughs we had and the delightful chatter of dear friends!! It did my heart good! I don't think I actually have any pics of these two days of travel...but they were sweet indeed! A special OOPS to Dave and Margaret whom I managed to miss seeing...I am sooooo sorry about the confusion! It was NOT my intent to miss seeing you both. Humble apologies! As for the rest, that I DID see...thank you sooo much for your kind welcome and visits...it's wonderful to be reminded of just how much a good visit can lift your spirits!

Thanks again for reading about our travelling adventures!


Kristy and the Man Crew
PS. Funny story of the day on Wednesday was this...after Derek announcing yet again that he needed to potty on the way into town, I pulled off on a ramp to find a bathroom and David was reading the signs...and when he saw that we were in El Paso...he FREAKED out! Of course it was El Paso IL, but he thought we had driven for 3 days only to arrive in El Paso, TX, which is only 45 minutes from our home! And by the time I realized what was going on...I was laughing too hard to correct him. He nearly worked himself into a tizzy before I could explain! OH my, good times!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The BIG Trip~Days 1 and 2

The BIG Trip, the Great Adventure, or a Walk on the Wild Side; whatever you want to call it, we began our journey on Monday September 14...at the bright and early time of 5:30 AM. I packed the car, tucked in Dave and Derek, filled up the gas tank and away we went. We had gone all of 31 miles when Derek announced that PaPa and Grma lived far away and he wished we would hurry up and get there...LOL! I learned several things that first few days and here they are in NO particular order...

  • Derek has a bladder approximately the size of a large thimble and could be counted on every 45 minutes (give or take 3) to demand the need for a potty break...right NOW!

  • David is a great traveller....doesn't complain, helps Derek stay entertained and plays quietly in the back...hurray!

  • Each state we went through seemed to get exponentially larger...Texas looks like it will take about an hour to cross, but in reality takes 3 days longer than eternity...LOL

  • The Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere...in TX, of course!!

  • Oklahoma is the worst state to drive across....ever! It doesn't have asphalt highways...it has concrete block roads! So, remember if you can, riding your big wheel down a sidewalk....ca-chunk, ca-chunk, ca-chunk.....for HUNDREDS of MILES...and for this pleasure, I got the privilege of paying 16 dollars! Yeah ME!

  • Missouri takes a really long time because every SINGLE mile of highway is under construction. I'm sure this is a great thing in the long run, but since I just wanted to get across right then....not so much.

  • Derek slept in on Tuesday morning...until 10 AM, something he's pretty much NEVER done in his whole life, so that's why we didn't make it in to town on Tuesday, but that was OK with me...he must have needed the rest. I'm sure it helped him be a bit more pleasant for the rest of the trip.

  • Did I mention Derek needing to pee every 45 minutes...I'm sure I did, but it does bear repeating.

  • No matter how many games, toys and educational activities you bring along...you always forget something that the kids deem really important.

  • Along the same lines, no matter how many snacks, drinks and treats you bring, you find yourself buying JUNK at inflated convenience store prices....highway robbery at it's finest.

  • Whoever invented the portable DVD player is a genius and should be given a medal of some kind...seriously!

  • Horton Hears a Who...for the 3rd time....can I get earplugs, please?

  • I discovered that having a semi pass me at 85 plus in the dark on an unlit, under construction, unmarked highway makes me want to cry for Hercules and pee my pants...I've become such a baby!

  • Getting there is NOT half the fun...whoever said that is a LIAR and if I ever catch up with him in a dark alley, he MIGHT live long enough to be sorry he said it...LOL

The truth is that the first two days, although LONG....were quite pleasant. The boys did great at getting along, I didn't get lost, I didn't lose my temper or my mind and things went along swimmingly. Friends and family alike were praying for our safe travel and it was great! Thanks for reading about our BIG trip~

Kristy and the Man Crew

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY October 5, 2009
Outside My Window...the sun is shining and a warm breeze blows lazily past. The temp is 82 and the low for tonight will be about 55...my favorite kind of weather!
I am thinking...that fall is my favorite season, and that I am GLAD to be home once again. Our trip was great, but coming home is always great, too!
I am thankful for...Pat being HOME again!!! Dan coming home with us, boys that are getting along in spite of a prolonged separation, and a chance to bake again.
From the learning rooms...today was the first day of school since we were gone for most of September and missing a few students for most of the summer, and it was just the basics today, just some reading, Bible and a math worksheets to get the neurons firing again.
From the kitchen...I did the baking yesterday and I'm glad about that since today went by way too fast...LOL! As for the meal plans, I did the unthinkable and went grocery shopping without making meal plans....gasp! I've sorted through the food I came home with and here's what I've got so far...
  • Monday~ Mac and cheese with smoked sausage and salad
  • Tuesday~ Chicken and rice casserole
  • Wednesday~ Leftovers
  • Thursday~ Meatloaf with potatoes and green bean casserole
  • Friday~ Pizza, veggies and chips with dip
  • Saturday~ Spaghetti...and I'm going to try making my own noodles for the first time!
  • Sunday~ Not sure yet, but since I go shopping on Fridays, I can pick something up then

I am wearing...a gray t-shirt and green knit jumper...with bare feet of course
I am creating...a fresh start to school this year, time to get those brains full of smarts!
I am going...to work T, W, Th and Sat night; Grocery shopping and errand running on Friday and to church on Sunday...hopefully otherwise nowhere, I need to be at home to get school going
I am reading...a Proverbs a day with the boys and my daily reading as posted by my B.R.A.G. group on facebook...check it out!
I am hoping...that this will be our best homeschool year ever. We are trying some new curriculum this year that's a bit more hands on and also geared for multi-age teaching...hurray! I can't wait to get started...it's been along summer break and it's TIME to get going again!
I am hearing...David, Patrick, Derek and William playing Whoonoo, the ceiling fans turning and the washer finishing the spin cycle.
Around the house...as usual, there is much to do, but the hosue is picked up, the laundry is caught up and there is plenty of time to get it all done.
One of my favorite things...watching an after dinner movie with the boys that we've read the book and can compare the book to the movie.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: School, school and more school! Last year we kind of drifted in and out of school. This year I want to start and end with purpose and deliberation. So this week is devoted to school and getting it started on the right foot.
Here is picture thought I am sharing... David and Patrick showing off Pat's new 'camp-out' theme room...mostly it's a tent popped up in his room until we can afford him a new bed, but he likes it for whatever the reason...and I'm glad about that!! : )

This post is in response to a call to the simple life by the delightful Miss Peggy... check her out at www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm Back and I'm Blogging Again...well, soon I will be

To all who think I must have fallen off of the planet; DO NOT DESPAIR! We have returned home safely after our adventurous road trip and I will soon be blogging regularly again. I am awaiting wedding pictures before I delve into the whole 2 week tale. So for now, a quick few snapshots and then, we wait : )
Kristy and the Man Crew
Dave and Derek were such great travellers...it was great! I am sooo proud of them!

Sleeping in feels SOOOOOO good! We need to vacation a bit more often, it was super!

Goodness, but the scenery on this trip took my breath away. God is an amazing Creator!! I LOVE the NM sky!

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