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Monday, October 12, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...October 12, 2009
Outside my window...it is warm and sunny. The high is about 79 with an overnight low around 55. My favorite kind of weather!
I am thinking...that routines are fine and dandy, but there must be some 'wiggle room' for unforeseen 'adventures'
I am thankful for...a house to call home, a job for Dan that pays the bills, and food to put on the table to feed my hungry family. And also a hubby that is pretty easy on the eyes! ; )
From the learning rooms...so far today, not much, just some quiet reading. But for the rest of the week, getting back into our routines of the 3Rs so we can start FULL school on next Monday.
From the kitchen...again, not much today, but I am looking forward to using my new crock pot this week. Thanks, Josh and Lauren!
  • Monday~Grilled cheese sammies with Chicken and rice soup
  • Tuesday~Chili with corn bread
  • Wednesday~Dinner at Josh and Lauren's house...yeah!
  • Thursday~Pork Roast with roasted veggies
  • Friday~Pizza and veggies with dip
  • Saturday~Pot Roast with the trimmings

I am wearing...navy yoga pants and a patriotic tee, plus shoes for once...LOL
I am creating...a safe haven for my boys and a clean/usable school room, it's still buried under a pile of toys.
I am going...To work 2 nights this week, to Josh and Lauren's for dinner, and some errands during the weekend
I am reading...my daily Proverb and the devotionals that go along with my B.R.A.G. readings
I am hoping...that the next few weeks go smoothly with as little tension as possible.
I am hearing...Pat complain about homework, Derek ask for help with his game, and David playing with the neighbor boys.
Around the house...it's pretty picked up and tidy (for once) and I'm actually caught up on the laundry (Thank you , Jesus!) so for today, I've got a project to get the school room usable again after a summer being the playroom.
One of my favorite things...sitting beside the fire with Dan, chatting and laughing. Ahhh, good times!
A few plans for the rest of the week...school, work, errands, game night, and time with family.
A picture thought I am sharing with you...Dan and Derek all ready for bed. No it's NOT that cold here but he found some and wanted to put them on...LOL

This post is in response to a call to the simple life, as done by the delightful Miss Peggy over at the simple woman...check her out!


Katie said...

Too funny about the pajamas . . . my boys have been wearing their fleece blanket pj's for about a week now. They love them and they wanted to wear them!

A Gracious Home said...

I enjoyed your post. I hope you enjoy your new crock pot. I need one. Your menu sounds great. I hope you have a blessed week. Doylene

elm said...

OOoooooh!! A weekly menu - posted right out there where I could join in with you! I am so bad about the "planning" part of preparing meals! I need to get on the ball with that! Great idea to post it on your daybook!!

Lainie said...

Kristy thank you so much for the comment on my daybook. It just made my day :)

And being by the fireplace is my variety place to be too!

Have a great week and good job on the laundry. I still have two more loads!

Tara said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my daybook. Love your blog. My boy's love their fleece Pj's. Tried wearing them last week then whined for an hour they were to hot. It is in the 90s still in Fl. They say we are to see 78 on Saturday. Oh how I pray. I don't like running the air. Love the windows open to fresh air.
Blessing with your full school.

Shirley... said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog!! :) Made me smile...

I love how you list out your weekly menu, great idea!

I read some about your vacation and just had to say that I cracked up when reading about the roads in OK. So true...

Have a great week and start to your school!

One More Equals Four said...

Sounds like a pretty good week! Love my crock pot...when I use it. I find it hard to find recipes that my family really loves.

Love those warm pj's, I say turn up the air and wear 'em!

Have a great week!

House of Estrogen said...

What crockpot did you buy? I need a new one and have been reading reviews trying to decide what to get.

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