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Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Well, I haven't done one of these in a while so let's do this again..it's one of my fave posts to do. : ) We returned from our trip about 10 days ago and hit the ground running...we arrived home at 10 pm Tuesday night and Dan went back to work at 4:30 am on Wednesday...poor thing! The next few days were spent doing laundry, putting the house back in order after the dogs had been running the place for almost 3 weeks and helping Josh and Lauren unpack the moving truck once they arrived in Cruces. Thursday evening, Dan returned home and we enjoyed some family time, just us...yeah! Then it was Friday...which for us means the weekend. Dan worked with 'Shua on a side job and I went grocery shopping with the boys...and then, the return of game night~ yippee! It's my favorite night of the week! Friends, fellowship, and food, my 3 favorite Fs...ha ha ha! David's 12th birthday was on Saturday and I found myself thinking, "When did THAT happen??" He's getting so grown up and before you know it, he'll be grown and gone, oh my! We didn't celebrate with a party since we were expecting Ricky's arrival and I thought it would be nice to have the party when he was here. So it was pretty low-key, but he DID get the MP3 player he's been asking for, complete with a set of rules about what he can play on it, how long he can use it each day and and admonishment NEVER to wear it to the dinner table...LOL! So Dan and he spent most of the afternoon downloading music onto it. It was a good day! The rest of the weekend passed in a flurry of activity...church, getting Dan ready for another week in Hurley and errands. This past week was rather (thankfully) uneventful, as the boys as I started school with just an hour or so each day to get the brains working again, Lauren coming to visit (hurray for another girl in town) and me heading back to work. School went much better than I had dared to hope and we got back into the routine of having Pat home...yeah! Thursday night Dan arrived home again after a hard week's labor and I'm pretty sure he headed to bed right after the boys went down while I was at work. ; ) Friday, Dan went to work with 'Shua again and the boys and I went grocery shopping with Lauren, an experience I'm sure she will never forget...LOL! Right as the game night crowd was showing up, Derek decided to cover my entire room and Jodi's dog in baby powder...oh my gravy, what a mess! HA! As for the actual game night again, it was awesome with almost the complete game night crowd of regulars, and even the delightful Miss Cecilia came, although coming to our house very nearly gives her a panic attack every time she comes. Robert and Tracy came with sweet little Izzi and she was lovingly passed around all evening, and Tracy brought SUPER YUMMY Doughnuts...homemade! Wow, I'm in awe! We all had a blast, Karen stayed WAY later than normal and that's always a treat! Dan was being especially silly and had everyone in stitches most of the evening. Charlie and Lauren had a rematch at the chess board and both seemed to have a great time. Saturday we spent just hanging out with Ricky and Cedie (Mercedes) after they finally arrived after spending much of Friday night totally lost somewhere in CO. Dan and Ricky spent much of the day working on speakers in his car...which ended up blowing up amidst a huge amount of smoke, so I'm told. Have I ever mentioned that it's not dull around here?? Anywho, we all shared a meal together and it was good. We had a bonfire (which I missed due to work) and fun was apparently had by all. Sunday, we missed church while trying to figure out what Ricky was doing and when he was leaving, so then we had lunch together and they left town. Cedie BTW totally rocks at Apples to Apples! I really enjoyed spending several hours getting to know her over the weekend. HUGS to you, Cedie!(Still waiting on some pics that Lauren took, I'll post them when they arrive) Then Dan and I indulged in a long lost tradition, the Sunday afternoon nap. We put in a movie for the boys and took a nap on the couch...*sigh* Then we prepared dinner, got Dan ready for another week of work, put the boys to bed early after several late nights, and spent 2 hours sitting by the revived bonfire chatting and laughing together. The perfect ending to a great weekend! So, to wrap it up....it's great to be home, life is good and we are happy! Thanks for sharing an interest in our lives! We love you all!

Kristy and the Man Crew

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