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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The BIG Trip~Days 3 and 4

Call me corny, I LOVE Illinois! : )

Here we go again! Tuesday night as I approached exhaustion and driving fatigue, I decided to just sleep for a bit in the van and then press on, but my parents who remember well the joys of travelling across the country with small children in tow, called ahead of me and reserved a hotel room for us. What a wonderful sight that little hotel was...and a blessing! After getting a good night's sleep, 'coincidentally' we were across the hall was the hotel laundry room and I used it with JOY and Praising! Then we headed out for yet another day of driving...and within a few hours we were where things were sounding familiar and an hour after that, they were LOOKING familiar and by mid-afternoon, we were THERE!! David jumped out of the van, flopped down on the grass and started making "grass angels" instead of snow angels. He was just so happy to see a large expanse of grass that was NOT in a park! : ) Dad, Mom, Pat, Jodi and her boys and all the Hanna's were there to greet us and what a wonderful reunion we had! Hugs all around and much laughter!! I stopped on the way into town to see Liz and then she came later in the day to visit for a bit as did Candy. The next day was filled with Kelly's visit, Lauren came and brought the delightful Miss Zoe over to play and a game of Scrabble...and MANY of Farkle. Oh the laughs we had and the delightful chatter of dear friends!! It did my heart good! I don't think I actually have any pics of these two days of travel...but they were sweet indeed! A special OOPS to Dave and Margaret whom I managed to miss seeing...I am sooooo sorry about the confusion! It was NOT my intent to miss seeing you both. Humble apologies! As for the rest, that I DID see...thank you sooo much for your kind welcome and visits...it's wonderful to be reminded of just how much a good visit can lift your spirits!

Thanks again for reading about our travelling adventures!


Kristy and the Man Crew
PS. Funny story of the day on Wednesday was this...after Derek announcing yet again that he needed to potty on the way into town, I pulled off on a ramp to find a bathroom and David was reading the signs...and when he saw that we were in El Paso...he FREAKED out! Of course it was El Paso IL, but he thought we had driven for 3 days only to arrive in El Paso, TX, which is only 45 minutes from our home! And by the time I realized what was going on...I was laughing too hard to correct him. He nearly worked himself into a tizzy before I could explain! OH my, good times!

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Arlene said...

Sounds like your adventure was a fun one. It's so great when we can enjoy fellowship with our loved ones.

RYC: You are more than welcome to link your facebook group to my blog; I'd be honored for you all to read my posts and make any comments or questions. I'll try to post something about Proverbs daily. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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