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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Birthday, Labor Day...all that good stuff!

Well, this is a bit later than my usual Friday night post, but I've been having trouble with this computer lately, so here goes nothing! Jodi, James and Titus (now named Mr T.) are settling in well. David and Patrick are so thrilled to have someone else to play with and all the boys are enchanted with Mr. T. Jodi is enjoying the warm weather and has busily started applying for jobs already. So, just a quick hollah for a few of my peeps and I'm outtie...LOL!

~Dan! It's been great being married to you for these 12 years...not all of them have been perfect, but you have always loved me and that counts in my book.
~Kermit and Candy...Happy birthday to both of you...sorry I missed them!
~Karen and James...I didn't miss them, but I hope they were happy for you.
~Jodi, James and Mr. T...glad that you are finally here safe and sound and ready for your next adventure
~Dad and Mom...I'm taking good care of them, I promise! Can't wait to see you at Christmas. I have some great pics to share, but I'm afraid they would crash the computer right now, so they will have to wait for a few days until I get this thing fixed.
~Lost Boys..I miss you all soooo much! I'll be calling you this week to catch up.
~Lizzie...wishing I was there with you right now...I am missing you so much these days...sure ya can't squeeze in a visit?? Still waiting on that Elvis picture...LOL!
~Candy...the longer I'm gone, the more I miss you...call me when you have 5 minutes to chat.

Bye until I get this thing fixed!! God Bless you all this week!!
Hugs to you all,

Saturday, August 23, 2008

She's Almost Here and He's There

Hello to all our dear family and friends near and far,
Greetings from another hot summer day in Cruces. We have had a full week, preparing for Jodi's arrival and Dan's departure. We are also house hunting for a rental that is large enough to give us room to breathe, enough bathrooms to go around, a yard for the kids to play in and not cost a bazillion dollars...I know, it's a pipe dream, but God hs a place for us that will be just right...we just have to find it...LOL! Dan toook off yesterday to fly to Chicago for the shortest visit ever and to drive Jodi's car crammed full of things back here to Cruces. Jodi got on the train Thursday for her trip here with James and Titus. James had his 6th birthday on the train...boy, was he excited! So both are still in transit...but I get to leave in just a few hours to pick her up and Dan will be back sometime tomorrow. I think that he is going to end up spending the week out for town for work, so this first week will be interesting! I need to go build a crib so I better get going. I'll snap a few pics and post them after Dan gets back on Sunday.
Love to you all!~

Friday, August 15, 2008

Greetings from sunny New Mexico

Hello to our friends and family, near and far!
We are having a great week...just hanging around together, playing with neighbors, and hosting game night. Not much is going on, we're just enjoying the last lazy days of summer. Dan is working a side job this weekend, I'm working almost all of next week and then the fun stuff starts! Jodi is headed here on Thursday, Dan is flying to Chicago on Friday, Jodi arrives here on Saturday (HURRAY) and Dan will be back sometime Sunday afternoon. I am staying home to keep the home fires burning and keep up with the kiddos and new housemates. Karen and company are well, as are Charlie and Devin...they all love our game nights and we have such fun! SO, again a short note...(yeah, me!) and I'll add a picture or two from this week. Love to all and we are missing you always! Lost Boys, Mama K misses you, too!
PS. Pics aren't working right now...I'll add some later!

As you can see, Baby Ryan is a big hit with the boys!

Who says that dogs don't smile?? Bubba loves to have his tummy rubbed!

I about choked when Derek found these...thank you AWANA store...LOL!

Awww, Uncle Dan loves little Ryan! She's so sweet!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just a quick note...really!

OK, this is going to be quick...really! We had a nice normal, almost boring week. I worked, Dan worked, the kids layed around like lazy bums since it was scorching hot all week, and Derek enjoyed his first week of being 3....he's pretty good at it! We saw some great sunsets and rainbows, (have I mentioned how beautiful it is here?) and Jodi bought here tickets for her to get herself and the boys here and also purchased Dan's ticket to fly to Chicago and pick up her car. Road trip anyone?? That's about it for this week, I think. Oh, for those of you who have been praying, John and Dolli are doing MUCH better and she is looking forward to his return to the States in December so that they can start their life together again..PTL!! Just incase you didn't notice, I posted 2 times today, so don't overlook the other one right below it...it's pretty good stuff, too! Love and Miss you all so much. Wish I was coming with Dan to Chicago so that I could see you all, but maybe next time. Lost boys, Mama K loves you sooooooo much!

Kristy and the Man Crew

This is what I see when I get the mail in the evening...this is right outside our house...WOW!

God is SOOO good!

Are you ever amazed at the goodness of God?? Just totally blown away and humbled that the God that created the universe cares about your petty worries, wants and dreams?? I am. I am constantly amazed at the goodness of God and how much He cares about lil' old me. Just today, I went to a small scrap gathering at my church and I went with the notion that I would just sit in a corner and scrap while the ladies gabbed away...assuming they were all old friends and I would be considered an outsider, but God had other plans. I went, I sat and started scrapping and pretty soon I noticed that all the women were introducing themselves to each other and proudly showing pics of family so that the others could see what they looked like, so I eased my way into the conversation and soon we were chatting like newfriends. Isn't that nice? But it gets better...a late comer showed up and sat down opposite of me and that most amazing thing happened...Wait for it...she is not only a mom of all boys that are right around David and Patrick's ages, but she is an all ABeka homeschooling mom! WooHoo! I about cried I got so excited. So soon we were sharing storied of homeschooling, the life of an all boy mom and rating ourselves on how crunchy we are...I don't consider myself crunchy yet, just a bit crispy...LOL! She bakes her own bread...but here's dedication for you, she grinds her own wheat, I think I've found my new hero...LOL! Anywho, I digressed a bit, but all of that say that I was touched and humbled that God would put someone like her right in a place where I couldn't help but meet her. She has offered to introduce me to other homeschooling moms in the area and take me to the homeschooling groups in town also. Thank you Jesus! So, there's my Praise the Lord moment for the week!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Busy~ness, Birthday Bashes, and "Batman Saves the Day" Week!

The Bubble Wrap Stomp....it's a new dance sensation!!

Greetings from sunny New Mexico! We have had a busy and enjoyable week...so let's see...where to start? Well, the big events are these 3...
1. Derek turned 3...when did he get so big?? We had a party and such a time was had by all...the neighbors came, Karen, Dolli and Baby Ryan, plus Charlie and Devin. I baked a cake (from scratch) and he got bunches of coloring books, crayons, cars, undies and socks, a huge truck and some story books. He had sooo much fun on the phone with Grma and PaPa telling them all about his cake with M&Ms on it. After the neighbors and Karen went home, we had our regular game night and as usual, we had a ball, we played spoons and Apples to Apples..man I LOVE that game!!
2. Dan and I went to our first funeral here...the owner of Dan's company, his granddaughter died over the weekend at the age of 21, leaving behind a baby...so sad, so Karen came to stay with the boys while we attended that, which really sent me into a funk for a few hours...so young! And the person officiating the service did a crummy job of using the tragedy of her young death to show people the way to God..I was really annoyed with him by the end of the service...and I sure did miss Bro John! But even that day had it's redeeming qualities....Karen called me the next day to tell me that she had left in tears b/c Dan and I are so happy together...she is just so thrilled for us...that was special to me.
3. She's really coming!! Jodi got a Batman check in the mail Saturday and it is just the right amount to get her here...Thank you Jesus!! She will be arriving by train on August the 23rd, the same exact day that I arrived here last year...isn't that a funny little coinky-dink??

Other than that, it's been a regular week around here, Dan is working, I am working, Little Casey has been coming to hang out with Derek during the day, Dolli has been stopping by to visit, one of the neighbors wants to teach me to knit soon, (oh dear, I hope I can manage it!!) We are loving hanging out together and just being a family! I know, too sappy, but it's true~ just ask Karen...LOL!

OK, just a few requests...
1. Karen NEEDS a job...yesterday! She's been really diligent in the past week or so, but nothing has panned out yet.
2. Keep Dolli and John in your prayers....they want to try to keep the marriage together, but being apart is not helping right now.
3. Jodi will be under much stress in the next few weeks trying to get everything together to move across the country with her little men...for peace, level headed-ness, and more peace!
4. For Dad and Mom, as another one of their kids move away with the grand babies...it's hard!
5. We will be looking for a new place to live not long after Jodi gets here, so finding the right house for the right amount will be key.
OK, now for the fun stuff...a few pics and a video! Mom, I tried to catch it, but I didn't quite get it...when he opened your box, he was so excited about the bubble wrap, that he threw the presents on the floor so he could yell "Yahoo!" and stomp on the bubble wrap...LOL! We miss you all greatly and would love to have more visitors...so, who's coming next??
Love to all,
Kristy and the Man Crew

Derek blows out the candles....what a wind!

Look at that big birthday boy!

Telling Grandma all about his cake with M's!

Hurray for more crayons!! He loves to color!!

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