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Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Into Reading 2010~Weekly Questions 3-6...oops!

Oops...in my no blogging break, I overlooked the fact that I'm in the middle of Fall Into Reading and I'm supposed to answer questions each week. Well, since I can't go back in time, I'll just answer all the questions at one and hope that's close enough *winks*

Question 3: Do you eat/drink while reading? If so, do you have some favorite reading snacks? Yes, I do...and I enjoy it! I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have my tea near me...hot or cold, decaf, herbal, super sweet, black, doesn't matter. Fave snack is something salty like chex mix or pretzels and french onion dip. Mmmmmm

Question 4: Do you ever dog-ear the corners of book pages to mark your spot? Or are you a faithful bookmark user, refusing to damage the pages of your books? OR do you have another way to keep track of where you are in a book? I never use a book mark and I almost never dog ear a book. Not because I'm a slob and I can't find a bookmard or a snob and I wouldn't DREAM of bending a page, but because I have the bizarre ability to remember which page I was on when I quit reading last. I can't remember the last time I went to the bathroom, or what I ate for breakfast, but I can tell you that I'm on page 396 of this book and 127 of that one. Weird.

Question 5: When you read a book, do you read EVERYTHING? In other words, do you read the dedication, the acknowledgements, the foreword, the afterword, the prologue, the epilogue, the appendices, etc.? Or do you just read the “meat” of the book? Or is your approach somewhere in between? I read the dedication, the prologue and epilogue if they are there, the front cover and the back of the dust jacket. I don't generally read the index or appendix, unless it's a technical book that I need some clarification.

Question 6: Where do you love to read? Note: I don’t mean where do you actually do most of your reading, because that might be the carpool line, the work cafeteria, or even the bathroom (if you have to escape from a few small children in order to read a chapter of your book). I mean, what are a few of the places where you LOVE to read? I LOVE to read outside...as long as there aren't too many bugs out. I love to read in bed, snuggled under the covers, I love to read curled up in a corner of the couch. I even like to read in the garage while Dan is working on something...that way we can be together even when both doing separate things. I know that's dorky...but depending on what I'm reading, I'll just start reading out loud so we can both enjoy it.

OK, now I"m caught up...sorry about the delay : )

Pumpkin Patches, Faires and Fall Fun

Greetings from sunny and still warm New Mexico! What a wild ride we've had these past few weeks. We've been to pumpkin patches, the Renaissance Faire, enjoyed the fall weather, LOVED having Dan home, played with our friends new and old, ignored the 'non-specific fall holiday' without having to explain our aversion to it to anyone (that's a first) earned a few new nicknames and lived to tell the tale. Here I am armed with some great pics and some entertaining stories. Who's got a few minutes? Cozy up with your favorite warm beverage and let me regale you with some of our favorite stories from the past few weeks.

~Well, starting with Dan getting back 3 weeks ago, we've been on the run. Dan went back to work, and we immediately fell back into the familiar groove. Chores got done, schooling got learned, errands were run, work was accomplished and life was good. Game night the first week he was back was just great! Everyone was so happy to see him, we had homemade pizza all together again (even though we have it each week as a family, it's just not the same, ya know?) and we laughed and laughed and LAUGHED together. It was special. I went back to work, much to my bosses' pleasure and my team's delight since they had apparently been suffering through whoever the management team could find to fill my place. It's nice to feel like you belong. They even had ordered pizza the first night I went back to welcome me. Awww!

~The pumpkin patch was such a great day that I'm going to save it for it's own post, I think. Suffice it to say that we had a BALL!

~The party at Mike and Myra Eorio's (think OREO) house was super fun. Not only did Dan and I get to enjoy a night with no kids (thanks Jo!) but we enjoyed the company of other adults as well. Whee! Most of them were either neighbors of theirs' or people that Mike and Dan work with so he immediately knew people, but once I met a few people, I had a great time too. My banana cream brownie squares won rave reviews and I met a lady who was interesting in homeschooling so I had a ball filling her in the fun that homeschoolers have. Dan was being silly that night and so everyone was having a good time. We met some really great people, and a few really strange people that left us saying that we were REALLY glad we homeschooled since they have kids in our district...LOL! Anywho, we were one of the last ones to leave and we had such fun visiting with just Mike and Myra once most of the crowd had left. They are so fun, and interesting, and fun. Did I mention how FUN they are? Good times, and let me just say that I had almost forgotten how stunning Dan looks in his oilskin duster and hat. Phew! I got several remarks about how lucky I was...hee hee! (we even found out later that one of the other guests at the party "took a fancy' to him~LOL)

~The weather here has been just fantastic! It's nice and cool overnight, like in the 40s and then by lunchtime, the sun was warmed the air to a lovely mid 70s-low 80s range. Now that's my kind of weather! We've had a few rain showers, but mostly, sun sun and more sun : ) I love NM! And, so pretty!
~The boys are sometimes disappointed that we don't 'DO' Halloween so we generally buy them a bag of candy so they don't feel cheated and that's that. This year, the church we are attending hosted a huge fall festival so we took the boys to that. We didn't dress up or anything, but the kids had a ball. They got PLENTY of candy, played lots of games and even took a hayride. It was great fun and I'm glad that they got to do SOMETHING fun during a weekend that we normally stay home and avoid any activities.
~The Renaissance Faire was just this last weekend and it was great! Over 120 vendors, artisans and crafters come with their wares to help support the Dona Ana Arts Council that provides all the wonderful entertainment here in Cruces. Like the free concerts in the park that we enjoyed this summer, some of the kids programs, craft/art/music classes and much more. So we spent 2 days wandering about, examining crafts, enjoying the Robert the Ratcatcher show, joining in some amtguard boffer word fighting, tasty local honey, eating things like Rat on a Stick (teriyaki chicken on a stick) and looking at some of the most exquisite jewelry ever crafted. Dan spoiled my by purchasing me some fancy hair doodads called the 'mystic flower' which is the working model of the mathematical equation of PI. Coooooolio! : ) David and I worked in the soup booth that the gym had at the faire, making some money towards his upcoming competitions. Dan and the boys purchased boffer swords, and then decided that they could improve upon the design, so they spent the better part of yesterday creating sword and such. Oiy! Today was spent making shields to protect themselves...LOL!

~The 'Hot Tomato'~Have I ever mentioned that Dan seems to have universal appeal to everyone? Young women, old women, dogs, babies, cats, other men...doesn't seem to matter, they all love him. LOL! Well, on Friday, I asked him to accompany me to the Sam's Club for the weekly trip for the gym. He reluctantly agreed and off we all went. The boys and I have been going on our own for some time now while Dan was in Washington and the boys love to go right at lunchtime so we can taste all the samples and we've made friends with the 'sample ladies' We got a late start Friday so there weren't many still passing out samples so we were just hurrying through. One of them stopped me and asked where my biggest boy was, since David was around the corner. I pointed to Dan and she said that she wasn't talking about him, but since now we were....WHO was he?? (eybrows wagging) I said that it was Hercules, the hubbs...and she seemed quite impressed. So after she stared a bit longer, she waved a few times and told me that I was one lucky lady, then she declared LOUDLY that he was one HOT TOMATO and started winking and waving all the more. Dan's face turned about 3 shades of purple and he looked quite uncomfortable. Oh my word...I haven't laughed that hard in along time. WooHoo...I'm married to a HOT TOMATO~ I'm a lucky girl : )

So, all in all, a fabulous few weeks. Thank you Lord, for getting Dan back home to us where we can all live, laugh and love at home.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Picture post

Just posting a few pics...I'll be back to actually blog a bit later, or tomorrow : ) Enjoy!
Oooo, David's become a teenager. Lord, help me!

Yes, he did his hair like that on purpose! They were having so much fun with the pomade...LOL!Derek is so proud of his new funny face!Yes, that's a praying mantis and yes it's as big as it looks and yes it was on our property. In fact, it was right by the front door, I think it wanted to come hang out for game night...LOL!

Back soon with some actual stories about our antics here. Love to all! ~K~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Look What We Did for Daddy!

For as long as I have known Dan, he's has this old musty milk crate full of old bottles that he's found here and there. They are dirty, smell and just plain gross, even though some of them are interesting shapes. He's never had a place to display them, so once in a while (generally when we are packing to move) he digs them out and mentions sadly that it would be so nice to have them on display. And I always think, "I don't think so, buddy" I know, I know...bad wife award for me. Feel free to leave me some hate mail in the comment box. Anywho, while he's been gone this month, I got to thinking about something nice we could do for Dan as a welcome home gift....but it had to be inexpensive and readily available. So...what to do, what to do....and then I stubbed my toe on, wouldn't ya know it, a musty old milk crate. So I spent the better part of the day scrubbing old bottles and then Pat and David helped me arrange them. Ta~Da! Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself : ) So, welcome home Daddy! It's only taken me 15 years to get it right.

Pat did all the climbing, David directed and I took the pics : ) That's what I call team work.

I'm Gonna Miss This....

...When Dan gets home. The boys and I have taken to piling into the master bedroom after having dinner and enjoying a board game so we can hang out together. Derek gets his jammies, his pillow and blanket along with a few books and gets cozy in the bed and after a book or two, is almost asleep. Pat serenades us with the keyboard that Lauren lovingly left behind for him to use. David checks on his Frontier on FB and they all listen while I read aloud to them for a while. Then I goof off on FB while the older 2 get comfy on the bed with a book. *sigh* It's just so cozy. And while I'm ever so anxious for Dan to get back home where he belongs....I'm gonna miss this.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY October 6th, 2010
Outside my window... it is dark and quiet except for an occasional car slipping past
I am thinking... that being a parent is ever so much harder than I anticipated and yet, so rewarding.
I am thankful for... The time I'm spending with the boys while Dan is gone. We've started piling into my room after dinner and a board game. David checks his e-mail and such, Pat serenades us on the keyboard, Derek snuggles in close beside me while I read aloud to them. I think I shall miss that once Dan comes home and turns on the TV again. Maybe we can convince him to join us once in a while ; )
From the learning rooms... Math, math and more math. We are doing little else at this point while we labor to end the never ending school year. I know, it's October and we are still working on last year's math, but it is just the way the year worked out. Both the boys struggled with math this year and it's been slow going. HOWEVER, we can see the end, and we are excited to finish this year and start on next year's things. Schooling year round is wonderful....why didn't we start doing it sooner?
From the kitchen... Oh my, what a day we had in the kitchen! Pat declared it a baking day, I decided that baking counts as practical usage of math principles and we hit that kitchen hard! On my counters are banana and pumpkin bread, caramel apples, brownies, oatmeal bar cookies with chocolate frosting, caramel corn and pumpkin muffins. OH MY WORD {happy dance}} We wrapped up the baking frenzy with BLTs for dinner and then tasted our goodies : ) As for the rest of the week, we are eating simply due to Dan's absence and the kids are happy with easy meals.
  • Thursday~ Soup and grilled cheese
  • Friday~ Veggie tray and munchies for Game Night
  • Saturday~ Pizza
  • Sunday~ Pot Roast
  • Monday~ Not sure yet...probably something really simple like spaghetti, mac and cheese or leftovers

I am wearing... Orange 3/4 sleeve Henley, navy jumper, hair in bun, feet BARE, of course
I am creating... As stable an environment as I can for while Dan is gone. Also, a scrapbook for my Sister-Girl, Karen and a PILE of finished books on my bookshelf headboard : )
I am going... Everywhere and No where...LOL! Tomorrow holds Gymnastics class, TaeKwonDo class, picking up and dropping off Ebone, probably Kohls to check my schedule and maybe the park.
I am reading... Raising Boys and Loving It, and starting the Left Behind Series as well.
I am hoping... that Dan calls. I miss him so much! I have new respect for those 'left behind' when a spouse is away on military duty or long business trips.
I am hearing... Kenny G in the background and a car starting down the road. Near silence is a beautiful thing.
Around the house... Boys are sleeping, heaps of dishes from our baking party wait to be washed, and the night beckons me to rest.
One of my favorite things... BIRTHDAYS! David turned 13 on Sunday...where DOES the time go?? We had a very small celebration as David wants to wait for Dan to return before he has a real party.
A few plans for the rest of the week: The Taxi Mama run tomorrow, Sam's Club on Friday along with GAME NIGHT, working at the gym on Saturday morning, church on Sunday morning and then preparing for a new week.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...The sun rising on the morning of David's birthday. So pretty!

Come by and read other posts like this one over at http://thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Into Reading 2010~Weekly Question #2

The host of the Fall Into Reading challenge over at http://www.callapidderdays.com/ is posting a weekly question to keep the fun flowing. So here's question 2 and my answer

What do you think of e-books? Do you engage in e-reading or do you prefer to stick with good ol' physical books?

Hmmm, good question. I do not have a kindle or any other type of e-book media storage except my computer and when I want to read one of my e-books, I tend to print it out so I can pick it up and read it anywhere. I do love the convenience of e-books, the instant gratification of clicking the ORDER button and having my book in 30 seconds instead of 3 weeks. However, they can't replace my 'regular' books. So, I guess the short answer is I stick to physical books, even if they start out as e-books. I love the smell of a book...the paper, the inks, leather cover if you happen to have any of those these days. Mmmm. Plus I enjoy the thought of other people having read the book before me and those that will read it after me and feel like I've taken part in the 'life' of a book, if you will. Plus, I can't curl up with a blanket, a mug of hot tea and my desktop computer...LOL! Nothing is better than being in front of a cozy fireplace, with an afghan, a comfy hubby and a good book, with the littles all scattered around the hear the story.

Great question...keep them coming. I need to update my FIR list since one of the books I have on my list is missing. Can't wait to see next week's question.



Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to Blogging...seriously!

I took a break from blogging this summer and while it was a good thing, I missed it terribly. So I've been trying to get back to it, and now I'm having trouble doing that. Seems to me that with Dan gone to Washington for weeks, I'd have PLENTY of time to blog, read, scrapbook, and goof off. OK, I admit to the goofing off part...at least a little. But my reading rate is WAY down, I've scrapbooked 2 pages in the 2 weeks that Dan's been gone and I've just barely touched my toes into the blogging pool. So...what gives? I don't know either. Guess I'll have to just keep plugging away at it as I have time and see what happens. Thanks to my faithful readers for your continued patience. I'm working on it, I really am!
PS. My friend Dani says that she likes to throw a random picture in here or there just for fun...so there is my random picture. : )

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Into Reading 2010~Weekly Question #1

This is a quote from www.callapidderdays.com
"I mentioned in the Fall Into Reading 2010 launch post that every Tuesday this fall, I will post a question about reading. Why am I doing this? Well, for one thing, I love reading and talking about reading with others. And for another, I thought it would be a great way to keep Fall Into Reading participants connected throughout the course of the challenge.

So without further ado, here’s your first question, and my answer.

What do you think is the biggest obstacle to your reading? What prevents you from reading as much as you’d like?
Oh dear...why DON'T I read as much as I would like to? Hmmmm....good question. I read the comments already on the post and while I do spend more time than necessary on the computer, I still have time to read. While others claimed not being able to shut out the background noise to concentrate of the book...but I have the opposite problem when I read. I can't shut out the book to hear what's going on around me in real life : )
At this exact moment in my world, I AM reading as much as I would like. Dan is out of town and after the boys head to bed, my time is my own. So I can read, gab on the phone, scrapbook, blog or just hang out on Facebook without concern of shortchanging the hubby. In my 'normal' life though, I don't have much time to read for extended periods of time. So I read for 5 minutes here and there, or a chapter or two as a break from physical chores around the house. It may not be much, but little bits of time, used wisely can certainly add up.
What it all boils down to in the long run is whether I MAKE time to read or not. Sometimes, I'd rather stare at FB and feel like someone is on the other side of the screen. Sometimes, I'd rather go to bed early, visit with hubby, play with the boys or try to 'get ahead' on the chores around the house and reading takes a backseat in priority. But, for the time being, with some extra time to read at night...I'm going to take full advantage of the chance to read as much as I would like. What great timing : )

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Consider Yourself Tagged!!

I've been tagged!! My pal over at MishMash Maggie asked her friends to answer these 8 questions. and so without further ado, I shall answer them : )
My Eight Questions...

1. What is your favorite Bible verse? How did it become your favorite? (If you don’t have a single favorite, please share one of your faves.) I love, Love, LOVE all the verses that start with, "...and it came to pass...." Keeps me focused on the fact that time is short, misery and hardship don't last forever and that we should be about the Master's business instead of arguing about the color of the pews or where the choir should stand. I also LOVE the verse in Psalms that reads, "Be still and know that I am God." How often in our hustle and bustle of life, do we rush right past God while talking on the phone, texting a friend, scheduling a meeting, picking up and dropping off the kids, dry-cleaning or dinner and trying to stay caught up on the laundry. OOPS...guilty!

2. What is currently on your nightstand? I dump my heart and brain on my nightstand... what's on yours?? I don't have a nightstand, but on my bookshelf headboard, there are the 43 books I've read since moving into this house in the end of June, plus 2 Bibles, a Concordance, 3 candles, lip balm, a phone book, Dan's notes from the Men's Seminar 2 weeks ago, a picture of my handsome hubby and one of my best friend, one of the family and of course, the alarm clock. Oh, and 3 elastic hair ties, a barrette, a matchbox car and a candy bar wrapper. And a monkey shaped lamp...It's cute, I swear! Hmmm, I don't even know WHAT that implies about me. Can I just go back to saying I don't have a nightstand?? ; )

3. What place have you not traveled to but would like to? Why? Oh, the choices! I'd like to visit Australia someday, and Hawaii, and take an Alaskan cruise, but I'd really like to take a trip to a resort area of Mexico because I've been to Mexico four times on mission trips and only saw the ugly/poor/sad things about it. I want to see the pretty side.

4. What is your favorite snack? Just about anything covered in salt will do, but my all time fave snack is mini pretzel twists and french onion dip with a huge glass of sweet iced tea.

5. Why motivates you to blog? A need to share myself, my family and my creativity with others. It started out as simply a way to keep my family in IL posted on our life here in NM, and now, I just can't STOP...ha ha ha!

6. Which person from the Bible (besides Jesus) are you most looking forward to meeting? Well, today, since I recently read a book called "A Woman Named Damaris" by Janette Oke, I'd like to meet Damaris that was mentioned BY NAME in Acts. Why was she singled out? What did she do? Why didn't they tell her story, just saying her name and moving on. What is her story....inquiring minds want to know!

7. What brings out the best in you... what brings out the worst? People (teenage boys especially) in need of mothering bring out the best in me. I go right into high gear and feed them. Not just their bellies, but their hearts, and their souls. Moving brings out the worst. All the disorganization, the not knowing where anything is, the complete destruction of our routine, balance and lifestyle just does NOT work for me. I better DIE in this house!

8. What characteristic of God are you the most grateful for? Oh my...that's a toughie! I suppose His sovereignty, that allows us to trust when all seems lost and we can't see where we are going. Knowing that He is in control when I am obviously NOT, is a comforting thought. Of course, His love which sent Jesus to the cross, can't be overlooked either. It's what allows us the opportunity to have a relationship with Him.
Thanks, this was fun. Can't wait to read other's answers!! ~K~

Let's keep this going! I'm going to post MY 8 Questions. Please answer them on your blog and post a link to that page as a comment here. This is going to be FUN!
My 8 Questions
1 What is in your CD player (or on your iPod) right now? Why do you like it?
2 Tell me about your childhood in 3 words, your teenage life in 3 sentences and your adult life in less than a paragraph. Be succinct : )
3 How did you meet your spouse, or best friend?
4 How has blogging changed your life? It doesn't have to be PROFOUND
5 What is your favorite Bible story and why?
6 How would someone else describe you in less than 5 words?
7 If you were stranded on an island, what 4 things would you take with you and why? Assuming that food, water and basic shelter was somehow provided.
8 How did we meet and why are we friends?

ENJOY!! This is gonna be great! Thanks MishMash Maggie for getting this started!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Catchin' Up with Us MeYeR's

Watched the Harvest Moon come up from Behind the Organ Mountains last night....completely amazing! Never seen anything like it.

Oh my goodness, I LOVE the Organ Mountains. All I did to get this was walk one block down the road, so that the church wasn't in the picture. It's no wonder Dan never wants to live anywhere but right here : )

Catchin' the MeYeR's might be a better title for this week's update. Seems like we were on the run and scattered to the four winds this week. It's official...I've become a soccer mom, err~ more like a TaeKwonDo observer, Gymnastics dropper offer and picker upper, TumbleBugs supervisor, Sam's club trip making concession stand refiller, airport shuttle runner, take an extra kid along-er Mama...LOL! Phew...I don't know who made up the term "at home' mom, but it obviously wasn't a mom : ) It's a good thing that I 'stay home' so I have TIME to do all those things. Thank you Lord, for the blessing of being able to be at home with my boys. Dan left Monday morning for a work trip to Washington state for an undetermined length...probably 2-3 weeks. *sigh* I sure do miss him, and so do the boys. However, I'm so grateful that he has the chance to do this, and that his work ethic is so good that someone would call him from 5 states away because he wants DAN, not just anyone that can handle a torch. I'm glad that the Lord provided the job, at just the right time.
~Anywho, here at home with the junior set of the Man Crew...we've been busy finding things to do that DON'T involve the TV. When Dave Roever was at our church 2 weeks ago, he challenged the kids to spend 30 days without TV, video games, texting or MP3 players. The boys weren't thrilled but agreed to try it out. So far, so good. They've complained about being bored more often, but generally find something to occupy themselves with before they are even done complaining. I'm glad to have quieter evenings, nice chats and game playing instead of just vegging out in front of the tube. The boys will even begrudgingly admit that it hasn't been as bad as they thought. So...it's progress and I'll take it!
~David is working really hard and is close to mastering a DOUBLE Front flip...as in two full rotations before landing. I'm amazed at his talent, his dedication and his continued enjoyment of his sport. Going down the tumble track at gym. I've seen him do a roundoff, backflip with a full twist, a whipback, another back with a full twist and then a frontflip with a 1/2 twist...all in one tumble pass. ZOIKS!! He learned how to do gainer backflips this week as well. He even said the other day that he thinks he would like to be a gymnastics coach once he's an adult.
~Pat's 2nd week of TaeKwonDo classes went MUCH better this week and he even signed up to help do a demonstration at the Festival this weekend. He did really well and even got to break his first board today : ) James and Derek won a FREE month of lessons...Jodi may or may NOT thank me...LOL! He's excited about James joining his class...Derek, not so much. He is really missing Dan and in serious need of some MAN TIME...hurry home, Daddy! Pat is also actively being 'recruited' by the David's gymnastics team coaches. Dan and I have decided not to allow him to join, but it does tell us that it isn't just in our heads that the boys have talent...LOL!

Ai-YAH! Pat shows off his new skills at his Demo today.
~Derek loves, Loves, LOVES his TumbleBugs class and anxiously awaits in all week. He is desperately missing his GameBoy, but has been doing much more 'reading' this week and asking me what things say and picking letters and numbers out wherever we go. He has really enjoyed all the books my Mom read onto tapes for him especially this week and will NOT go to bed without the tape player on his bed now : )
~I am tired...I miss Dan....I should NOT be allowed to be a single parent (I stink at it) and I'm tired of being in the car all the time. BUT, I've enjoyed this week. I've been playing on the computer after the boys go to bed including finally getting back to my beloved blog that I've neglected all summer, I've chatted on the phone longer and more often this week than I probably have in the last month and have had a ball catching up with my girlfriends, I've scrapbooked, and I've READ, READ, READ! I counted earlier this week and I've read 41 books since we moved into this house in the last week of June...WOW! No new books, but that I've read that many of my own collection in the past 3 months, surprised even me. At the end of the day, though....I still miss Dan, I'm still tired and I still shouldn't be allowed to be a single parent. Dan is usually the fun one and I'm the 'fun-sucker' but with Dan gone, I'm trying to be more fun, and I'm just no good at it. I really should just stick with keeping everyone fed, healthy and on schedule and let Dan be the fun one. I knew that parenting was designed to be a 2 person gig for a reason LOL! Have I mentioned that I miss Dan and that I'm tired?? I can't remember....
~In the not so great news department this week, my maternal grandmother passed away on Thursday. She was almost 94, survived by her 6 children, 23 grandchildren and almost as many in law grandchildren, I've LOST COUNT of the great grandchildren and I think 4 great GREAT grandchildren. She loved the Lord and her family...what a legacy she leaves behind. I can't say that I wish her back...she gets to be with the Lord and with my grandfather who has been gone about 19 years now. I'm sure she was missing him. You will be missed, Grma
~In the great news department...'Shua and Lauren are celebrating their ONE YEAR anniversary today. I'm so proud of them! May the Lord continue to bless them as they grow together and towards Him.
~We have been trying to enjoy our 'local culture' more this past month...Dan and I went to the Hatch Chile Festival over Labor Day weekend for our 14th anniversary and HAD A BALL! We took the motorcycle up there (about an hour) and the weather was perfect for riding. We tasted, sipped, smelled, chatted, sampled, bought trinkets and just had a wonderful time. This weekend here in Cruces is the Whole Enchilada Festival where Cruces has the WORLD RECORD for the largest Enchilada. Why?? Who knows...but there it is : ) So we went today, and wandered about in the sun for a while, listened to Jodi sing (I put up a video on FB) Pat did his TaeKwonDo Demo and just had a good time. Not sure what odd or obscure festival or celebration is next, but bring it on. One thing I realized after we moved away from IL is that there are so many things to do there, and we had enjoyed so few of them...what a waste. Let's get out there and have some fun and soak up some of the local flavor.

James at the Whole Enchilada Festival...trying desperately NOT to get any more sun.
~OK, big shock, but this is turning out to be much longer than I had anticipated, so I guess I'll post a pic and then sign off. Got church in the morning, and the church picnic tomorrow afternoon. David is bringing a friend, and Pat is meeting a friend there. I'm going to make apple crisp....and something else. Any suggestions??

Our beautiful church where we will be enjoying said picnic. Isn't that a beautiful building?

Thanks for listening to me ramble,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So Long Summer...and Good Riddance!

My word, it's been a L-O-N-G summer, hasn't it? At our house, it seemed like something bad, upsetting, horrific or traumatizing happened every week. Ugh...make that double ugh! It made me want to sing the little ditty my friend Meredith used to sing, which was adapted and tweaked from Sound of Music...."so long, farewell, good riddance and goodbye!!" So often I wanted to wish away this summer. I just wanted it to be over as quickly as possible so that we could move on to more pleasant things and just forget about the things that we so painful and challenging to us. But the more I thought about it, the more I prayed about it and pondered the issues facing us, the more I was reminded that growth doesn't come in the 'easy' times, when everything is going smoothly, life is simple and times are good. Growth comes when you have no one to depend on but God and each other, when times are tough, money is TIGHT and the car breaks down on the way to work. So, I chose to trust. Sounds simple and easy, doesn't it? I wish I could say that trusting comes easy, but it almost never does. Sometimes you just have to WILL yourself to believe that things are eventually going to be better, or easier or simpler. Or that even if they aren't, God will get you through it. That's the really hard part, is saying, "OK, Lord...you and me are in this until the end. Even if it never gets easier. Even if it never gets better. Even if this is the best that life has to offer me. I'll still trust you to take care of me." Wow, that's HARD! However, I found that if I could find the TINIEST thing to be grateful for on the worst days, then things started to look up. As I look over this long, difficult summer, I can see the hand of the Lord guiding us so easily now. Why is it so hard to see when we are in the midst of it? So...instead of focusing on the negative, I choose to look for the positive. And here are just a few of the highlights of the summer.

  • Dad and Mom have been able to come for 2 extended visits...in one summer!

  • Dolli and Ryan have also been able to come visit twice this summer...and even intend to come back this fall with John after he returns home from his deployment.

  • We moved to a smaller, cheaper house in our first, well thought out, intentional financially wise decision...EVER! We even got a great deal on the rent since the house had/has some cosmetic issues that Dan is fixing right up. Praise God for a handy, hunky hubby!

  • We added a room to said house for practically nothing since Dan got many of the materials from a remodelling job he was doing at work. That's my kind of recycling...less waste, less money spent, less trash in the dump...it's good!

  • David and Patrick made the leap across the chasm that separates the adults from the kids for the first time this summer. You know, the first time you realize that you can have a serious conversation with them and they can respond intelligently, ask appropriate questions and you don't have to worry about them making a ridiculous unrelated remark, laughing about something that's not funny or changing the subject in the middle of an important conversation. That totally blew my mind! The chat ranged from evolution, to why Dan and I weren't intending to have more children, to autism and other special needs, to astronomy, family values and what the Bible says about several other topics. It was a special night indeed!

  • When money was really tight this summer, 'magically' someone would invite us for dinner that week, or clean out their freezer and bring us food. Hmmm.....what a coincidence. I think NOT

  • We have a gorgeous view of the mountains from the back of our house and many is the night that you will find us sitting out there, watching the reflection of the sunset on the mountains, sipping iced tea and just chatting together.

  • We FINALLY found a church here. We, of course, had to find it that hard way, but that's our style. It's an Assembly of God church (yes, I heard the horrified gasp) and although they teach some things we don't believe, they are a Bible preaching, God fearing church and we've made some friends there already. Just more reason to discuss the Bible and what WE believe with the boys if they hear something they aren't sure about.

  • All of the boys have started/are continuing a recreational activity...and all through the lovely world of bartering! David has decided to compete with his gymnastics team this winter, so I work at the gym on Saturdays to earn his PRICEY lessons. Pat is FINALLY in his precious martial arts class and in return for the price of his lessons, I drive the carpool both ways, every time so that his friend Ebone can take classes, too. Derek just started a TumbleBugs class on Saturdays that are 'paid' for by a weekly trip to Sam's Club to stock the concession stand. I {heart} bartering and trading for services!!

  • One of my favorite "coinky-dinks" from this summer just happened last weekend. Most of you don't know this, but Dan got laid off last Thursday and we weren't really sure when he was going to be called back...probably a few weeks or more, so we really just said, 'Lord, you know that Dan needs to be working as soon as possible, so....do Your thing!' The very next day a good friend handed us $400 saying that we've been feeding him and his family for a LONG time and it was time they gave back. What a blessing!! Wait, it gets better : ) 2 days later, an old work buddy of Dan's called and said, "I'm running a job up in Washington and I need you and your welding skills. Can you be here by tomorrow night? Good money, room and board paid for...just get yourself up here. " Would you believe that the amount of money we were given on Friday paid for the ticket on Sunday with just a few cents to spare?? Who said God doesn't provide?

All of that to say that while our summer was HOT, sticky, offensive to our pride, HOT, sometimes stinky and often stressful, irritating to our sense of propriety, HOT, filled with moving, painful losses and quite a bit of heartache, did I mention HOT....maybe it wasn't a complete loss after all. If it brings us closer to the Lord and brings him glory, then I say....bring it on. So long summer...come back soon!


Fall Into Reading 2010

It starts today...so I'm a bit late, as usual...but I'm jumping on the bandwagon and trying this out. Basically, just make a list of the books you want to read between now and December 20th and start reading. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Check out this link to http://callapidderdays.com/2010/09/fall-into-reading-2010-the-basics.html and see what the low down is. Here is my tentative list of books...


~Read to Derek every day
~Read to the older boys 2x a week
~Finish the Canadian West Series by Janette Oke
~A Woman After God's Own Heart
* I ended up substituting for A Woman After God's Own Heart when I realized I had lent it out and not gotten it back yet. I read the GREEN Book instead. Chock full of simple things that we can do to help the environment, and ourselves, enjoy a healthier future.

~Read to Derek every day
~Read to the older boys 2x a week
~Start the Left Behind Series

~Read to Derek every day
~Read to the older boys 2x a week
~Finish the Left Behind Series


~Our special Advent book to the boys each day
~Not sure what else yet, I'll have to get back to this one.

So, grab your favorite reading beverage and a cozy afghan (unless you are here in NM with me where it's still in the mid-90s) and start reading! Can't wait to see what everyone else is reading!!

Have fun,


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook~ Evening Edition

For Today...September 21, 2010
Outside my window...it is dark and the temp is finally falling into the comfortable range for sleeping. The stars are twinkling brightly around the glowing moon....the frogs are croaking, the birds are quiet and the air is still.
I am thinking...that I really should be in bed, but I just HAD to post a blog today~ LOL : )
I am thankful...that Dan arrived safe and sound in Washington. And that the Lord provided a job at just the right time.
From the learning rooms...math is still being finished up and tomorrow we are enjoying some homeschool gaming fun.
From the kitchen...Stuffed peppers was the star of tonight meal as requested by Dan and Patrick this week. Nothing else stellar coming out of the kitchen this week, just too hectic without another adult in the house to help keep a lid on things.
I am wearing...a navy knit jumper with a teal t-shirt. Bare feet, of course and my hair is in a bun after doing tonight's dinner dishes.
I am creating...this blog post, and then I'm going to create some dreams...hee hee
I am going...nowhere tomorrow, and I'm super happy about that!
I am reading...Psalms, the gospel of John, and "When Breaks the Dawn' by Janette Oke
I am hoping...that Dan enjoys his time in Washington, that I can handle everything while he's away and that he comes home safe and sound.
I am hearing...almost nothing, and it's glorious! I can hear cars passing on the distant freeway, Shadow breathing beside me and the clicking of the keyboard...that's IT
Around the house...the LR is tidy-ish, but I'm discovering more and more each day that in the same way as the mama sets the tone for the family, the kitchen sets the tone for the house. After being without hot water for 4 days, there were dishes piled everywhere and the whole house seemed cluttered and dirty. I washed those dishes and all of a sudden the rest of the house seemed just fine...isn't that strange?
A few plans for the rest of the week...running the Taxi Mama run on Thursday, homeschooling and cleaning each day, Game Night on Friday, the gym on Saturday and church on Sunday, sounds like a good week to me!
One of my favorite things...having a family to share my life. It's goooooooood!
A picture thought I am sharing with you...well, as always....so many choices. Let's see if I can narrow it down to just one...LOL! This is the sunrise from yesterday morning as we were taking Dan to the airport. I just LOVE the way the clouds look like cotton candy!

If you enjoyed this post and want to read other posts by simple women, check out the lovely Miss Peggy's site at www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I've discovered as I make this journey through life that it's not the HUGE things that make or break your day, week, month or life...it's the little things. In celebration of those little things, list a few things that made your day, week, month or LIFE sweeter or brighter.

  • It's having enough clothespins to hang that whole load of SOCKS to hang in the sunshine.
  • It's friends that call, text, or e-mail just to check in when they know you are having a rough day.
  • A birthday surprise party that lets someone know how much they are loved.
  • A weekend with enough relaxation in it so that you can face the coming week.
  • Fun pictures to cherish, turn into sweet scrapbooks and to use as blackmail here on this blog...LOL!

I like the idea of this kind of post. If you do too, then add a few of YOUR little things. I'm making it a goal to be more positive this year...join me!


Only at MY House!

I've come to realise lately that certain things only seem normal to us MeYeR's...and so in honor of that...here's a few pics of things that only seem normal at my house : ) Patrick was feeling silly so he broke into my hair doo-dads and then found some beads...and made a new look for himself. Goodness that boy needs a haircut!
I have no idea...there are no words! Such silliness!

Dan mugging for the boys to make them giggle...it worked! : )

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to Blogging.........someday!

My blog...oh how I've missed you! I've got about 37, 892 things I want to share with you all about the 6 weeks it's been since I've had the time AND the Internet connection to write for your entertainment and my sanity, however, it's super early in the morning and I worked last night~ so for now...just a hello and the promise that I will soon be back here, making you all laugh at our antics, sharing some pictures and reminding everyone of how God is so good to us. It's good, Good...GOOD to be back!
PS. Hello to my 2 newest fan readers, Lorena and Rhonda...happy reading, ladies!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just a Good Day

It's been a good day around here at the MeYeR house. I went off and earned David's gym lessons, which he greatly appreciates and on days like today when there isn't much activity, I can catch up on my letter writing...LOL! Patrick got invited over to 'Shua and Lauren's for an overnight trip, hurray for Pat! David had a friend over to spend the afternoon and they had a ball running around, beating each other with boffer swords, jumping on the trampoline and playing video games. Dan and I spent some time together making fruit leathers (kinda like fruit roll ups but healthy). We talked, decided and then signed the paperwork on our new house (phew, that's done) and still had time to chat with Mom, Dad, Lee and Marsha about the new place, and the cousins played some games together via Skype which has to be one of the best inventions, EVER. Derek played on the computer, ran around outside, made a pest of himself to David and his company, got tickled until he screamed by Daddy and then collapsed into bed. Pizza has been made and enjoyed...love me some homemade pizza! So now, it's 11:30, everyone is asleep except me (I'm waiting for the fruit leathers to get done) and I'm absorbing some quiet, not only in my head, but in my spirit. God is so good...even and especially when we don't deserve it. Kinda makes you want to holler AMEN, doesn't it?

Wordless WHATEVER day it is...LOL

I know, it's not Wednesday...but I wanted to share anyway. ENJOY!

Sophie is a VERY curious kitty and Dan is a rather indulgent pet owner, when she started noticing the ceiling fans....Dan just picked her right up so she could see them go 'round up close and personal like!

Everyone say it with me, "Only at MY house" LOVE it...LOL!

Moving Musings~ Part 1

I'm going to ASSUME there will be more than one part to this post : ) Moving does NOT bring out the best in me...and that's putting it mildly. I crave security, schedule (or at least scheduled chaos) routine, and HOME. Take those things away from me and I become my least best version of myself. All my flaws, insecurities and character defects become magnified, and it's not pretty. I get over emotional, catty, sarcastic and whiny, and that's on a good day. It all boils down to control. I dislike moving because I feel like I'm not in control of what's going on and I tend to feel a bit left out of the goings on and activity, while at the same time feeling overworked as underappreciated as I do much of the packing and sorting of belongings. However, this move has been going a bit differently already, and well...it's pretty great! Dan is helping me look the PAGES of homes for rent each week, and we drive past each one that is in the price range and size that we are looking for. He has asked me how I feel about each one after we look at it. We are being more reasonable in our idea of what we want, need, or dream about. We are talking more about our financial goals, and how to make these things happen more than we ever have before. (LOVE IT) It's one of the first times we've really gone about achieving a goal together in terms of moving. It's super! Still not sure if I'm friends with Dave Ramsey or not, but that's another story : ) I'm following the advice of a dear friend, who told me to follow my husband, even if his choices weren't what I considered the best. (Marsha, that's HARDER to do than to say!) We have found a house and signed the lease today and while the house is a tad unique, so are we and we will just make it work. I've found as I get older (and hopefully wiser) that I really can set the tone for our home...so if I say it's gonna be fine, it will be. So...it's gonna be GREAT! Give me a week to settle in and I'll be baking bread and hanging my clothes out on the line, and Dan may even let me have chickens! It will be HOME. And home is where Kristy's heart is.

Catchin' Up with Us MeYeR's

Well, my goodness, it seems like it's been forever since I blogged. Where to start, where to start? ~Big news first, I suppose......we are moving in 2 weeks from yesterday! No, we are NOT packed, no we are NOT ready, no we are NOT going to be ready in time, but moving we ARE!WE have found a house (Praise the LORD), signed a lease (Amen) and will be posting pics (Yippee) soon to let you all know what it looks like, before we move in and clutter it up...LOL!

~More big news, Dad and Mom will arrive Tuesday for a 12 day visit DURING which we will be moving...can you say HECTIC? Mom will be of great help to me with packing and such and Dad will help entertain the boys, so we may just pull this off yet.

~Smaller news, but still good....school is coming along nicely; we took a week off last week, worked really hard this week and I'm hoping to get a full week in this week as well, after that, I think moving chaos will take over for a week or two. Have I mentioned recently that moving makes me insane? If you've forgotten how I feel about moving, check out these posts #1 and #2.

~Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE it here in New Mexico? To be honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it when we moved here almost 3 years ago. After living in the lush greenery of northern Illinois for my entire existence, the dull greens and varied browns didn't look like much to me. But what I've come to love about the vegetation in the desert is that they have to work so hard just to stay alive and yet, at just the right time, they bloom so beautifully. It takes my breath away. Reminds me a bit of Dan and I, we struggled so hard, for so long, and just when I was about to give up and resign myself to a life of misery, God picked us up, transplanted us and gave us a new lease on life and now our life is one of those gorgeous flowers *sigh* Along the same lines, I've decided that no sunset on Earth can rival the ones seem from down here.

This is from our yard, taken from our sliding glass doors in the master bedroom. I'll miss that view, but I think we may get something as spectacular at our new place. *Here's hopin*

~Dan is enjoying his weekends off : ) The motorcycle is running well and he's enjoying riding it whenever he can. He's even called a sitter a few times so we can ride together. I LOVE to ride, but will say that I've discovered my limit is about 2 hours. We rode yesterday while looking for houses and ended up being out for about 6 hours. I'm sunburned, just from the nose down on my face, I'm sore and I was HOT with all my riding gear on in the 99* heat. However, I'll not be doing any complaining to him about it, I may not get invited again...LOL!

~Work is going well for both of us, Dan loves working his 4 10 hour days and then having a 3 day weekend. He will be SUPER busy for the next 2 as we prepare for the move, but that's OK, he LOVES that kind of stuff. I have a new boss, not sure if he's going to last or not. I think he's a bit afraid of us. We're a bit wacky and he's pretty uptight. ; ) Plus, I don't think they told him how late we work, HA!

~We are STILL looking at churches, Dan said today he wants to go back to the original church we had been going to, as sort of a comparison to the ones we've been trying. At this point, I'm game if he's wanting to go. So, off we go to Calvary Baptist tomorrow.

I think that's most of the bigger news, so I'll be signing off now. Blessings from NM! Lost Boys, Mama K misses you so much!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A SUPERB Freebie!

As anyone who knows me can tell you...I Love a good deal and FREE is my favorite price ever! Over at Raising Homemakers they are offering a contest to win the Franklin Springs Media DVD Series by the West ladies. Learn about canning, baking, sewing, quilting, gardening and much, much more in this 10 DVD set. So, go check out Raising Homemakers and enter to WIN BIG!!


It's the Little Things

I've discovered as I make this journey through life that it's not the HUGE things that make or break your day, week, month or LIFE....it's the little things. In celebration of those little things, list a few things that made your day, week, month or LIFE sweeter or brighter.

  • The first (and hardest) box has been packed...so the rest should be easy!
  • Memorial Day weekend was just flat out SUPER! BBQ with friends, game night, several projects around the house accomplished, Dan was able to get some much needed extra rest, and even a motorcycle ride....just great!
  • I only work 1 night this week and while that isn't necessarily good for my pocket book, it IS good for my sanity, and gives us more time to look for housing.

  • Homemade bread, still warm from the oven, covered in butter...real butter. Mmmmmmm....................

  • Coffee with my sister girl, Karen (and sometimes my mom, via Skype)

  • Dad and Mom will be here in less than 2 weeks for their first visit of the summer : ) We are all so excited!

I like the idea of this kind of post. If you do too, add a few of YOUR little things. I'm making it a goal to be more positive this year, join me!


Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... June 2, 2010
Outside my window... a bird is chirping happily as the sun slowly begins it's ascent into the sky. Forecast calls for a high of 93*, but I'm assuming it will end up warmer than that. The sky is clear and dawn is just on the horizon.
I am thinking... that I really should have gone back to bed when Dan left. I'm so sleepy >_< I am thankful for... coffee with friends, home baked bread, a good book, THE good book, and a family to live, love and learn with.
From the learning rooms... we are taking a break from MFW this week, but still doing homeschool lite...reading, practicing our math facts, and a little copywork
From the kitchen... Pumpkin is thawing for pumpkin bread this morning, bread is soon to be rising on the counter, tea is steeping and here's the menu for the week.
  • Monday~Memorial Day BBQ...BBQ ribs, grilled corn on the cob, pasta salad, veggie tray, baked beans, brownies, snowball cake, sweet tea and GOOD friends to share it with : )
  • Tuesday~Hamburger Helper "crunchy taco" flavor, made by Pat
  • Wednesday~Breakfast for Dinner...Eggs, biscuits, bacon, sausage, and hash browns
  • Thursday~Chicken and potatoes on the grill, salad

  • Friday~Soup and Sammies

  • Saturday~Pizza

  • Sunday~Roast Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Salad

I am wearing... my jammies...shhh, don't tell!
I am going... to look at houses again today. Anyone have a house they want to rent me so I can quit looking??
I am creating... Packing boxes FILLED with our things (and a LIST to go with all those boxes)
I am reading... Musclehead Revolution, Proverbs and Dr. Suess/Veggie Tales books
I am hoping... that the Lord leads us to our new house soon...we are moving at the end of June whether we have a place to go or not, and I'd really rather not live in a hotel with my 3 boys.
I am hearing... The birds chirping and the fish tank filter. That's IT!
Around the house... it's CLEAN : ) I'm going to take advantage of that today and do as little housework as I can today...LOL!
One of my favorite things... A long weekend filled with friends, laughter, tasty food and sunshine, and plenty of rest to recharge the body and mind
A few plans for the rest of the week: Looking for houses, packing, and homeschool lite
Here is picture for thought I am sharing... This is DT, after WAY too much Memorial Day fun....notice the BBQ on his face, wet hair from playing in the hose and the grumpy expression since I just announced that he needed to go to bed (it was already 2 hours past bedtime) ...LOL! Love his Eyes in this pic, so BLUE!

*If you enjoyed this post, go to http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/ to read more like them...or join us!

Wordless Wednesday

What's that old saying about not being able to pick your friends?? Oh my...Dan and Devin get silly. Love Pat peeking in the corner of the pic : )

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Funny Pics post

Recently, the boys have been just being hilarious and I've been snapping pics like crazy...so here are some of the highlights : )
Apple slice grins make my day. David was laughing so hard....so cute!
Pat ALWAYS make me laugh with his silly faces!
Oh my, what cute cheeks!

AAAAArrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh, matey! LOL...Derek was quite a fetching pirate in my old silk headscarf

Random silliness...that covers just about everything that goes on around here : )
"Come here, doggy...I'm gonna getcha!" (Love the demon eyes..LOL)
Sophie feels completely at ease and relaxed...nap, anyone?
Homeschool Happenings
Math Facts and Laundry, it's a good combo. Pat learns best when his hands are busy : )
Literature guide for David. He LOVES the book "Holes"
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