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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to Blogging.........someday!

My blog...oh how I've missed you! I've got about 37, 892 things I want to share with you all about the 6 weeks it's been since I've had the time AND the Internet connection to write for your entertainment and my sanity, however, it's super early in the morning and I worked last night~ so for now...just a hello and the promise that I will soon be back here, making you all laugh at our antics, sharing some pictures and reminding everyone of how God is so good to us. It's good, Good...GOOD to be back!
PS. Hello to my 2 newest fan readers, Lorena and Rhonda...happy reading, ladies!


Katie said...

Cannot wait to hear what has been going on! Glad to see you back!

Kimberly said...

OOOOH, Kristy! It is SO GOOD to hear from you!!! Been praying for you and your family during this transition.(my secret password to post this was WORIES)

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