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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Greetings from HOT and SUNNY New Mexico! The temps have stayed in the high 90s all week with overnight lows in the low 70s...I do believe that summer has arrived!! We actually got some rain this week, bring much needed moisture to town and cooler weather at least while it was raining...ha ha! It's been another buys week at the MeYeR/Bean/Starnes house, with MUCH coming and going. Dan and 'Shua left for Hurley early Tuesday after an enjoyable 4 day weekend since they are working 4 days a week in Hurley. The boys, Jodi and I put the house back together after one too many days of enjoying ourselves and not being diligent about house work and by early afternoon, things were back to the way they should be looking. Dan and I decided over the weekend that David and Patrick are now responsible for ALL the dishes...let the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth begin! They did rather well and have fallen into a nice routine. Pat does the breakfast dishes alone, David does the lunch dishes alone and at dinner time, they work together and sometimes James helps, too. It has taken a large burden off of me and I surely appreciate Dan reminding me that they are old enough to help more than occasionally. Jodi had a full week of Dr appts, errands to run and misc appointments that kept her on the go most of the week, but I think she is starting to enjoy being at home. Back to the coming and going...when I got home from work on Tuesday, the van was parked out front and after hearing about fist fights and layoffs during last week's work week, I was a bit apprehensive...and when I realized that 'Shua was not home, I was truly concerned...WHAT WAS GOING ON?? So I ever so gently woke Dan up at 2:30 AM by snapping on the light and demanding to know where my child was...Ha ha ha! Poor Dan, he was kind enough to explain that 'Shua was still in Hurley working and that Wooten had called Dan back to work in town this week. So I relaxed and Dan had a good laugh at my paranoid behavior and then went back to bed. So I enjoyed having Dan around in the afternoons before I had to head to work. Since I had to work Friday, there was no game night and everyone really missed it but sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do! I worked M, T, W, and F this week and actually I am supposed to work tonight but I called in and begged off, I need a break~ So we are taking all the boys to the race track tonight to watch the minis race. 'Shua arrived safely home courtesy of the supervisor who lives here in town and we were glad to have him home again. Dan and he spent a happy part of the evening looking up dune buggy tires and then ordering one as a continually flat tire has been the fly in the ointment of their happy trailblazing hours...LOL! I spent Friday afternoon playing counselor for some friends, and although I though I had a bit of success, they are still not quite right, so I may have to try again...of course, them actually LISTENING to me might help a bit more...ha ha ha! And that brings us to today...and I am enjoying my afternoon, it's actually almost quiet in here! Jodi had the boys write a short report about how 3D glasses work this week and then took them to see the movie UP in 3D as 'research' and a reward for their hard work...we've been working on Internet research and they all worked hard. We are going to push hard for one more week and then school will be out for the summer. We've done our required amount of days but have a few last lingering worksheets to wrap up and a project or two that needs finishing. We will continue to read and write and think over the summer, I'll probably even insist to Mom and Dad that Pat do the same as he spends time with them this summer. Speaking of Pat's travels, he is flying to IL on the 20th of June with Lauren...return date unknown, he's actually pushing to stay until the wedding in Sept, but that's a REALLY long time for a 10 year old to be away from home. Anywho...back to coming and going, Dan is staying in town again for at least part of the week and 'Shua is headed to Hurley early Monday morning...so we shall see how this week pans out. I have another long week of work ahead and then the next week...nothing, so I'm hoping this week will pass quickly and we can start enjoying a non-working week...yeah! Well this is long and random so I'm about done, but a picture and a parting thought...
This is what Dan found after one of the rain showers this week...

God is Good, ALL the time and just because we forget doesn't mean he falls off His throne! : )

Have a great week and be blessed! Many Hugs, Kristy and the Man Crew

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TA DA....the room is DONE!!

Mom, this is for you! As most of you may know, Patrick graciously agreed to give 'Shua his room, but in the ensuing weeks has become a nomad in the house sleeping wherever he can find a place to put his blanket and pillow at the end of the day, so Mom and I brainstormed together today and came up with making a little niche in the living room just for him. It's a bit awkward, but it's only temporary and he is thrilled about having his own space again....and to us, that's more important than having to side step the backwards couch! So the before during and after pics....
The very sad no room for Patrick before picture...
Vacuuming out the couch so it is super clean to sleep on....
And the lovely plenty of room for Patrick pictures....he is soooo happy!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

I'm skipping this post this week...at least for today...Maybe I'll be back tomorrow to wrap this one up...just not feeling it right now.

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Well, another week has flown by here at the MeYeR house and much has happened but since I am (as usual) in a hurry, I Will just post a few highlights and dwell on them at a later date. A few highlights include...
~My first lunch date with someone that I'm NOT related to here in Cruces...and to make up for it, Krissy and I chatted for four hours...oops! It was delightful
~The men survived another week on the out of town gig, and even managed to stay out of the fist fight and ensuing firings of several workers..(we are grateful!!)
~Dolli's baby, Ryan, took her first steps this week..and we are so glad that she sent pics and videos so we could share in her special moments
~Work is picking up for me as well since summer is coming rapidly so I am learning to work, clean, teach school and parent with one eye shut...hee hee~!
~The boys are wrapping up school with the next two weeks being our last until FREEDOM to enjoy the great weather and the acres and acres of sand to play in.
~Probably the biggest news of the week is that Pat's tickets to come visit PaPa and Grma Smith have been bought and he will arrive in IL on June 20, return date as yet undecided...LOL. He is THRILLED to put it mildly. Hurray for super grandparents!
I guess that's about it for big news things...Dan and Josh are enjoying one another's company, game night is always fun, the boys have really enjoyed the LONG weekend with the men and I'm glad that summer is almost here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY May 18, 2009 (it's my niece's 11th birthday, Happy Birthday Ellyn!! 11 years ago, I was helping her parents bring her into the world...home birth is a beautiful thing!)
Outside my window...I can still see the sliver of the moon overhead and stars twinkling in the desert sky as I take advantage of the SUPER early morning to get a jump start on my day. It is cool and a gentle breeze floats in the windows.
I am thinking...that 4:30 is way too early to be up on purpose...LOL
I am thankful for...Men that go to work without complaint, week after week to provide for their family.
From the learning rooms...it's time to be wrapping up...so projects to finish, books to be polished off, pages to complete. I want to be done in the next few weeks....I think I'm as anxious for summer as they are...LOL
From the kitchen…soon, bread will be baking, dinner will be thawing and the boys will be chatting over pancakes, but for now, silence reigns over the few dishes in the sink that are the evidence of Dan and 'Shua's snacking frenzy last night
I am wearing…my tweety bird Pjs...because I'm SOOO going back to bed as soon as this is written
I am creating…SCHEDULED life...I know, life happens, but around here, we need to structure to function...9 people don't live amiably without some order
I am going...nowhere today, but am working the evening shift most of the rest of the week. Maybe we can start working on our summer reading lists by taking a trip to the library after Jodi returns home from Michigan
I am reading...Nothing yet...although I have managed to find my new 'Where to Find it in the Bible' Book this week and have been enjoying looking up things as I think of them.
I am hoping...that staying on schedule and being more consistent with the children will not only bring some order to the house, but get ME back on track as I will be more focused, less harried (always a good thing!) and able to focus on enjoying my family, not just caring for the family
I am hearing...nothing...so strange
Around the house...things are picked up and we are going to give the house a once over before Jodi gets back today, the yard needs to get the toys corralled again, and today might be a great day to hook the hose up to the trampoline
One of my favorite things...4:30 AM when I can sneak around the house and peek at all my sleeping boys...so sweet!
A few plans for the rest of the week…SCHEDULE, school, work for me, Game night, Family night and HOPEFULLY, the return of date night.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...Dan took this on his way up to Cloudcroft last year and it just seems so serene and idyllic.

This post is a response to the call for a simple life. If you, too, long for the simple life, or want to read other blogs of this style, check out Miss Peggy's blog at www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

OK, OK, I know I'm a few days late here, but it's a quiet Sunday afternoon and there is much to share so during a rare (and probably brief) moment of near silence, I'll get you all caught up again. I am feeling ab it random so how about just some short bullet journals??
  • Dan and 'Shua have arrived home safely once again from a week away from home working hard for a living.
  • Jodi has been home, gone, home and is gone again. Mon and Tues were full of errands, appts and preparing...Tuesday evening and Wednesday were spent in Albuquerque at a stunt training camp, Thursday found her home and redoing laundry so she could jet off to Michigan for the weekend to hang out with Hilary Swank and little what's her name from Bridge to Terabithia. She will return late tomorrow...wealthy, tired and with many fun adventures under her new stunting belt : )
  • Jude the puppy has been a fun addition to the family and the big boys are learning about responsibility as they try desperately to care for this wiggling bundle of teeth and energy while Jodi is away...LOL! (Mom, I am sooooooo sorry that I insisted on pet sitting when I was younger...I now feel your pain!!)
  • Game night was a huge success this week. Not that we don't normally have a good time, but some weeks stand out and this one does. We had one new couple and I really enjoyed them. Super fun gamey couple expecting their first baby in a few months...so we will probably have them back again.
  • The boys are about to wrap up the school year...probably in the next two to three weeks, depending on how hard they want to work this week and next. They are excited about the concept of a bit more free time. Jodi, Dan and I are considering a more 'year round' schedule, so that we don't have so much brain rot over the summer. We may start early so that we can take most of Sept off for our upcoming visit to IL without guilt. Have I mentioned recently that I LOVE the flexibility that homeschooling affords us?? Hee hee
  • What was lost is now found!! Late last evening Dan realized his phone was missing...so he retraced his steps...unfortunately, it was already sunset and as we pondered where it could have gone to, our hearts sank as we realized that Dan and Josh had covered miles and miles of trails in the area around our home. *Sigh* So we took a trip down the trails but didn't find anything, and then gave it up for lost since we were in the beginning stages of a wind/sand storm and it was clouding up like it was going to rain...oh my! After church this morning, we called it again and it was still ringing and not going right to voice mail, so we took another look, no luck...and another longer look, and still no luck. We were pretty sure it was gone when Josh suggested checking the yard because they weren't really sure WHEN it disappeared and so everyone went out into the yard, taking my phone to keep calling it...and low and behold, they could faintly hear it ringing and could see the sand vibrating...LOL, so what was lost was found! YEAH
  • Let's see, what else...the boys have spent the good portion of the afternoon helping pickup around the house and are enjoying a well deserved break. Dan, Josh and Pat went to pick up a patch kit for the dune buggy tire, Dave and James are playing in David's freshly cleaned room, Derek and Titus are enjoying a quick snack after playing nicely together in the play room for about an hour and I'm making sure the men are ready to head out tomorrow...laundry, dishes, extra snacks, etc. After the little ones go to bed, Dan, Josh and I will probably play a game or veg out in front of the TV for a bit. Just the way I like to end my week...preparing for the next week and relaxing with the family.
  • I'm going to add a few prayer requests...
  • Tamara Jacobs...in the process of adopting a baby~8 months old and in the past month has found out that he not only has leukemia, but an aggressive and unrelated brain tumor.
  • Dan and Josh for continued safety as they travel back and forth each week and for us as we miss them
  • Jodi as she travels for her work
  • Me as I stay home and keep the home fires burning, school going, discipline consistent, and the boys well cared for in all ways.

Well, that's about all the news that is news for this week. I'm looking forward to this new week coming up...being back on schedule is helping already and the improvements will be greater this week, I'm sure of it! Have a great week!!


Kristy and the Man Crew

Monday, May 11, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY May 11, 2009
Outside my window...the sun is setting over the Organ mountains and it is cooling off. 95 is a bit warm for me...thankful for swamp coolers, I am!
I am thinking...that today went well and I am glad. We are getting back on our MOTH schedules as it has become apparent that some of us need them more than others...(read, ME, I need structure!!)
I am thankful for...a routine to fall back on. A hubby that loves me enough to listen to me ramble on and on and on when I'm working something out in my mind and need a sounding board. New friends for game night and also for my parents who are some of the best grandparents ever!!
From the learning rooms...we mostly read and did life lessons today as we got back on track with the rest of our life. You know, how much allowance do I owe you? How many cups of borax do I need to make a quadruple batch of laundry detergent? How long does it take 3 boys to do the dishes against their will? How about if I bribe them...LOL
From the kitchen...we ate yucky frozen Chinese tonight...but even if it wasn't that great, I was thankful for the break from the kitchen. And I promised the boys a movie IF they did the dishes WITHOUT complaining...I am so bad!
I am wearing...Brown yoga pants and my new mother's day shirt that Jodi bought me...yeah. PLUS~ I think I didn't even stain it...that's a first!
I am creating...order out of chaos, routine out of madness, and a peaceful, orderly haven for my boys to grow up in...I hope!
I am going...to enjoy a day of girly conversations and some baby talk with a new friend tomorrow...hurray!
I am reading...um, nothing yet this week, unless my own blog counts...ha ha ha
I am hoping...that Dan and 'Shua will be safe and happy during their week away at work, that the boys and I will get back into our schedules with a minimum of fuss or muss, and also that Dan and I will be better about saving our pennies so we can afford to travel to IL in Sept.
I am hearing...the movie "Freaky Friday"..The ceiling fans pushing around our nice cool air, Derek complaining about being sent to bed, and the boys snickering at the movie.
Around the house...Laundry detergent is made, meals are planned, school is done of the day, and I am looking forward to heading to bed early...yeah!
One of my favorite things...going to bed early with all of my chores done. It's a great feeling!
A few plans for the rest of the week: schedule, schedule, schedule...oh and MORE schedule! I want to get as much school in as possible before the men return and start looking at wrapping up the year very soon. I have to work only one day this week...thank you, Jesus! And then, game night, complete with a 3 day weekend!! HURRAY!!
Here is picture thought I am sharing...It's happy to be married I am! Yes, his ring is on the wrong hand, not sure why, but look at those hands, they are scuffed, bruised and scarred from work for the love of our family. It's a beautiful thing.

This post is in response to the call to the simple life by Miss Peggy. Join the daybooking crowd or read other posts of this nature...visit http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspotcom/

Friday, May 8, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Oh my we are being goofy today~~ First David is all smiles after having the first treat of watermelon for the year...Then Pat gives us his Crazy grin because we said he HAD to smile...Then we have GI James, all dressed up and no one to stalk
Derek is dashing through the frame on his way to his next grand adventure and...last but NOT least, Mr. Titus...looking super cute so you won't suspect that he is very naughty...ha ha!Well, since it's 1:30 AM it's officially Friday...yeah! I get to be a lady of leisure today...well, almost! Karen, Jodi and I are going out to breakfast and then shopping the Kohl's sales and clearance racks...yeah! Dan is taking the boys and running some errands of his own, I think...a new licence plate sticker for the van, union dues to pay, and probably a trip to the pet store for crickets and MORE fish....ridiculous HUGE tank...LOL! Then we are going to buy a bed for Pat...he is soooo excited! Then grocery shopping and pizza/game night...hurray! Suffice it to say that Friday is one of my favorite days of the week. Dan and 'Shua are home after putting in their 40 hours in Hurley already this week...the boys have gotten enough school done to call it a week, Titus got a top tooth and Jodi's puppy has Shadow and Bubba BOTH afraid of him..LOL! This was Jodi's first week home...but she spent most of the week dashing from one appt to the next, it seemed...and is probably worn out instead of relaxed and energized. I just finished my 3rd night of work in a row and I'm feeling it! Karen was over for coffee this morning...we had a lovely chat while the kids played quietly, and the boys FOUND the Lego box today and the playroom will never be the same...LOL! The dune buggy is ready for Ty to flip it over again and they have a new ramp built, I think...sometimes even I'm afraid to look! The summer schedule is starting to fill up with visitors...Dolli MAY be coming soon, Lauren nay swing by to see 'Shua, my Internet buddy Jen is bringing her boys to hang out for a while...oh my, the fun never stops! Anywho...since it IS almost 2 in the morning...I better hush! I'll catch up with you all later in the weekend, OK?? OH, and to the MeYeR side of the parents...Happy EVERYTHING! Mambo, happy birthday! Jerry and Maria, Happy Birthday to you BOTH and happy anniversary as well! To my Lost Boys, Mama K sends her love! To the rest...hugs all around!

Blessings this week and always,

Monday, May 4, 2009

That's it, I quit, I lost my Happy Place, Where's the Line in the Sand, The Homesickness Flood, and other such Nonsense! And, the GLORY ROLLS!

Oh my, what a time we've had in the past few weeks....major emotional, mental, and physical upheaval, the tossing of every foundation we had in place and the starting over....I'll get to each one at a time...please bear with me on this one folks. Let's start with..

***I lost my Happy Place...Most of you know that we recently moved..as in a month ago although it feels longer. What most of you DON'T know is that I hate moving. And not like I hate getting a hangnail because it's a minor inconvenience...as in I HATE moving more than just about anything else in the world..As is it throws me totally out of whack for MONTHS, as is it flips all of my security switches (I'm such a GIRL) takes my hard strived for balance between structure and flexibility and throws it out the window, totally wrecks whatever shred of a truce Pat and I had over the never ending quest for power and puts us WAY back at square one. As in, it's time to put dinner on the table and I can't find what I need to get it there. I keep realizing things are missing, but I can't find them. Then Dan is bringing in things that he is finding, but since I THOUGHT everything was in the house already, I am having trouble making room for them...ACK! I STILL have boxes sitting here and there, in almost every room....sigh** I had all the boxes unpacked, but then we had to search the storage room for the missing bunny and I found 28 boxes that belonged in the house...but no bunny...found it in the pump house, chased it all over tarnation, re caught it, and it died the next day, but that's another story.

***I QUIT!! Mom, take a deep breath, I didn't quit my job! But, some days I would like to! It looks so pretty on paper...I work in the evenings so we never have to use a sitter...great, right?? But what it doesn't account for is Thursday evenings when Dan is walking in the door as I'm walking out...after he's been working in Hurley since Monday and I haven't seen him in 4 days, or days like last week, when I missed 'Shua's homecoming because I was working...grrr! Plus, the varied schedule is starting to really get on my nerves...some days I work 5 days and some I only work 1...and most weeks, it varies between 2 and 4....just pick a schedule and stay with it!

***THAT'S IT! I am irritated some days by the way my house looks on a daily basis...it looks like several small hurricanes live here...of course there ARE several hurricanes that live here...but that bugs me, too. I KNOW I've trained my kids better than to just throw everything on the floor, but that's what they've been doing recently. I'm irritated by the way my kids look, act and talk. I KNOW I taught my kids to be more respectful than they have been acting lately, but they are not behaving that way. I KNOW I taught my kids to bathe regularly, but some days I wonder when the last time they washed anything...LOL! Some days as I clean up the dinner mess, wash the dishes and wrangle the kids all by myself, I wonder why I thought that raising kids and having a clean house were possible synonymously and WHY it's sooo hard to accomplish BOTH at the same time.

***WHERE'S THE LINE IN THE SAND?? Do you ever wonder where your personal responsibility leaves off and other people's picks up? I have been really struggling with this issue lately. If someone comes to my house, brings their OWN alcohol, drinks it and then wants to leave when I feel they are not capable...where is the line between MY responsibility as a friend, a sober person and a fellow adult to say..."NO" and where is their line of responsibility to know how much is enough and speak for their own safety?? I'm really struggling! Another question....While I know that I can't force people to live according to my own moral standards...where is that line?? I can't minister to people if I never meet people that are different from us, (morally, ethically and religious preferences) but why does it seem that the people that they see once a week have more influence than us parents that work with them 24/7?? SO not fair...LOL~

***THE HOMESICKNESS FLOOD I have sooooo much to be grateful for here in the sunny land of NM, so why do I long for 'home in IL"?? I can list all the things that are great about here...probably alphabetically, but why is it that I still get pangs of homesickness that actually take my breath away?? I know one of the main things that I miss about IL is our wonderful home church...where Christian women abound that aren't afraid to ask me how my walk with the Lord is going, where they dropped by from time to time since we are a one car family and I don't get out much, and where our church was small enough that if you missed a week or so, people were calling, stopping by or sending a note of encouragement. I miss that! I miss my lost boys...coming by for a home baked treat, some motherly affection (or a lecture) and keeping me company when I spend 24/7 with the ankle biter crowd. I miss going grocery shopping with my best bud in the middle of the night when she got off of work, hunting a great kids clothes bargain when on our semi-annual ladies shopping trip, hanging with Kelly and her kids when they dropped by. I miss Mom stopping by for coffee in the AM on her way to work...WAH! I am such a big baby!!

***OTHER SUCH NONSENSE...so tired of feeling like the weight of the entire house is on my shoulders....baking, cooking and all the dishes, that'd be my responsibility. Cleaning, planning, laundry...yep, that'd be me, too. Homeschooling, child rearing and hospitality committee,....yep, there I go again. Keeping up with the family at home, too...even keeping up with the birthday cards and such for BOTH sides of the family, once again, that's all me. All the bill paying, coupon clipping, pet caring, and entertainment...that's all me, too! Sometimes it just feels like a lot. Not that I'm not capable...just tired. That part was just me whining...try to ignore it...LOL! Most days I feel honored to be able to care for the family God blessed us with, keep up with all the activities, and still have time to think a rational thought (at least one a day) but once it a while it not only catches up with me...but proceeds to run me over as well...ha ha ha!

***TOP 10 LIST OF THINGS THAT ARE GREAT! Now that I've done all this pondering, whining and rambling...let's get to the good stuff! I have MUCH to be glad about, rejoice over and be grateful for and so to remind myself truly how blessed we are...here's a top 10 list

1. Dan is a great hubby, a super dad, a hard worker, a fantastic provider and a helpful sounding board when I need advice, or just a listening ear

2. I have 4 beautiful, healthy GLORIOUS boys to raise, play with, fuss over and love amazingly.

3. Jodi and her boys have wandered over here to the land of enchantment and seem pretty happy.

4. I have gainful employment that doesn't cut into family time, cause us to hire a sitter or buy another car, meaning the money I make is actually ours to use.

5. To that end, we are slowly, but surely getting out of debt and ONE DAY might actually be able to save a bit of money to retire on...we'll see about that one

6. We have made some friends that have taught us a few things, allowed us to be who we are and enjoyed us to boot...we love them sooooo much.

7. We are soooooo enjoying our new house (despite above statements about it being messy) and the boys are SOOOOOOOO enjoying a huge yard to scamper about in, race around in, and drive the dune buggy around in...or if you're Tyler, flip it over in!) There is plenty of space to cook for our ever increasing family, plenty of room to get around the table, or on game night...around 2 tables as we serve 18-20 people, plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms and a huge playroom to bounce around it when the sun us too hot to be outside. A fire pit to gather around on cool summer evenings and watch the tumble weeds burn hot and bright, ...it's really just wonderful!

8. 'Shua has arrived safe and sound, much to this mother's delight and has settled right back into his place in the family.

9. Dan and I are still enjoying our fresh new start and are growing closer each day...to each other and to the Lord.

10. God is here...not that this newsflash astounds me, but sometimes when I feel especially lonely, overwhelmed, moody or just plain morose about being here (see above posts...LOL) it feels soooo good to know that wherever we have been, wherever we are or are going to be someday, God IS there, has BEEN there and will CONTINUE TO BE there. God never fails His children! Can I get an amen?? : )

AND last, but not least....***THE GLORY ROLLS! Get ready to clap your hands, click your heels and whistle for the Lord's provision! AS most of your know, 'Shua came here looking for work....and it's been provided! Dan has been saying that his company is NOT hiring anyone and hasn't bee for a while now (in fact, they have been wonderful in keeping Dan employed even when the work was slow) but that he would take 'Shua to the union office and help him get set up to find a job. Well ''COINCIDENTALLY" (winks) on last Thursday, Dan's supervisor mentioned needing to hire a few apprentices....what a bizarre happenstance!! So Dan mentioned 'Shua and before the end of the day...the boy had a job! not even in town yet and he's employed!! Is God's provision astounding or WHAT?!? I just cheered and clapped and carried on....yeah GOD! SO, all's well that ends well, right??
All of that to say, yes, some days are hard, but God always provides the answer, Dan is a rock star hubby and our hectic life suits me just fine!! Thanks for reading my novel of epic proportions and little consequence!

Blessings to all,

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...May 4, 2009
Outside my window...it is sunny and warm, almost hot, but now that the swamp coolers are running, that's OK!

I am thinking...that Monday is a great day for starting over, making something new, and trying a new recipe...or an old favorite!

I am thankful for...'Shua's arrival, his job offer even before his arrival and the opportunity for him to work WITH Dan!

From the learning rooms...Aleks math online, worksheets, massive amounts of reading and bug catching/observing

From the kitchen...bread is baking, eggs are boiling and David is preparing soup. Tonight...my Dad's nearly famous Hungarian Goulash...it's really mac and cheese with hamburger in it, but the kids are really excited so we aren't spoiling it for them...ha ha

I am wearing...work out clothes as I dash around being super Mama

I am creating...home baked meals, a revised schedule to accommodate for Jodi being around and 3 day weekends, a cleaner house and a happy hubby since I announced that there is money slotted for him to get a new tat this weekend...no hate mail!!

I am going...crazy, but I'm fine with that

I am reading...nothing yet this week...but in the last two weeks I read 6 500 page books....so I'll just stick to my Bible reading this week

I am hoping...that 'Shua likes it here 1/2 as much as we love having him here, that Lauren can stand the waiting, that Austin makes some life altering choices for the better and that Jen (my bestest Internet buddy) can ACTUALLY make it down here for a visit...SOOOO excited at the thought!

I am hearing...the fans pushing around cool air and not much else, which means I need to go find some kiddos and a new puppy

Around the house...the beach is now IN my living room after this weekend's sand storm so I need to put it back outside where it belongs...and then the whole house needs a once over, it was LONG weekend!

One of my favorite things...All my boys under one roof again...I can't even tell you how much this mama missed her biggie boy!

A few plans for the rest of the week...OH my GRAVY!! So exciting, 'Shua left his car so I can take the boys to the park if I want...yeah! So I might actually run some errands, go to the library, pack a picnic and hit the park and/or just drive because I CAN!! yeah! Thanks, darling boy!

Here is picture thought I am sharing... Dan and Joshua at the TOP of a rock formation at City of Rock State park last year during his visit. Have I mentioned that it's good to have my boy HOME again??
The simple life is one worthy of living...check out more posts about the simple life at Miss Peggy's blog at www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com Come on over!


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You have complex feelings, and you take great care to express them.

In love, you see relationships as an opportunity to connect and grow.
You enjoy relationships when they are improving and changing. You can't stand stagnation.

At work, you stay motivated and happy... as long as you are working toward a dream you support.
You would make a great photographer, alternative medicine guru, or teacher.

How you see yourself: Hardworking, ethical, and helpful

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Manipulative, weak, and unstable

By the WAY...have I ever mentioned that I hate quetions that only have two choices?? Where is the "all of the above' option...LOL

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm Speechless...

...well, that's not entirely true but I've got some things that I've been mulling over and pondering and I just can't get my mind around them enough to verbalize yet. I've logged on several times only to delete what I have written and give up in exasperation. I'll be in touch again. Just didn't want anyone to think I had/have given up blogging, in fact, I've come to enjoy it immensely and it's one of my favorite creative outlets these days. Hope to be back soon with some of my scrambled thoughts figured out. Love to all,
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