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Monday, May 25, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Well, another week has flown by here at the MeYeR house and much has happened but since I am (as usual) in a hurry, I Will just post a few highlights and dwell on them at a later date. A few highlights include...
~My first lunch date with someone that I'm NOT related to here in Cruces...and to make up for it, Krissy and I chatted for four hours...oops! It was delightful
~The men survived another week on the out of town gig, and even managed to stay out of the fist fight and ensuing firings of several workers..(we are grateful!!)
~Dolli's baby, Ryan, took her first steps this week..and we are so glad that she sent pics and videos so we could share in her special moments
~Work is picking up for me as well since summer is coming rapidly so I am learning to work, clean, teach school and parent with one eye shut...hee hee~!
~The boys are wrapping up school with the next two weeks being our last until FREEDOM to enjoy the great weather and the acres and acres of sand to play in.
~Probably the biggest news of the week is that Pat's tickets to come visit PaPa and Grma Smith have been bought and he will arrive in IL on June 20, return date as yet undecided...LOL. He is THRILLED to put it mildly. Hurray for super grandparents!
I guess that's about it for big news things...Dan and Josh are enjoying one another's company, game night is always fun, the boys have really enjoyed the LONG weekend with the men and I'm glad that summer is almost here.

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