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Friday, May 8, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Oh my we are being goofy today~~ First David is all smiles after having the first treat of watermelon for the year...Then Pat gives us his Crazy grin because we said he HAD to smile...Then we have GI James, all dressed up and no one to stalk
Derek is dashing through the frame on his way to his next grand adventure and...last but NOT least, Mr. Titus...looking super cute so you won't suspect that he is very naughty...ha ha!Well, since it's 1:30 AM it's officially Friday...yeah! I get to be a lady of leisure today...well, almost! Karen, Jodi and I are going out to breakfast and then shopping the Kohl's sales and clearance racks...yeah! Dan is taking the boys and running some errands of his own, I think...a new licence plate sticker for the van, union dues to pay, and probably a trip to the pet store for crickets and MORE fish....ridiculous HUGE tank...LOL! Then we are going to buy a bed for Pat...he is soooo excited! Then grocery shopping and pizza/game night...hurray! Suffice it to say that Friday is one of my favorite days of the week. Dan and 'Shua are home after putting in their 40 hours in Hurley already this week...the boys have gotten enough school done to call it a week, Titus got a top tooth and Jodi's puppy has Shadow and Bubba BOTH afraid of him..LOL! This was Jodi's first week home...but she spent most of the week dashing from one appt to the next, it seemed...and is probably worn out instead of relaxed and energized. I just finished my 3rd night of work in a row and I'm feeling it! Karen was over for coffee this morning...we had a lovely chat while the kids played quietly, and the boys FOUND the Lego box today and the playroom will never be the same...LOL! The dune buggy is ready for Ty to flip it over again and they have a new ramp built, I think...sometimes even I'm afraid to look! The summer schedule is starting to fill up with visitors...Dolli MAY be coming soon, Lauren nay swing by to see 'Shua, my Internet buddy Jen is bringing her boys to hang out for a while...oh my, the fun never stops! Anywho...since it IS almost 2 in the morning...I better hush! I'll catch up with you all later in the weekend, OK?? OH, and to the MeYeR side of the parents...Happy EVERYTHING! Mambo, happy birthday! Jerry and Maria, Happy Birthday to you BOTH and happy anniversary as well! To my Lost Boys, Mama K sends her love! To the rest...hugs all around!

Blessings this week and always,

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