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Monday, May 11, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY May 11, 2009
Outside my window...the sun is setting over the Organ mountains and it is cooling off. 95 is a bit warm for me...thankful for swamp coolers, I am!
I am thinking...that today went well and I am glad. We are getting back on our MOTH schedules as it has become apparent that some of us need them more than others...(read, ME, I need structure!!)
I am thankful for...a routine to fall back on. A hubby that loves me enough to listen to me ramble on and on and on when I'm working something out in my mind and need a sounding board. New friends for game night and also for my parents who are some of the best grandparents ever!!
From the learning rooms...we mostly read and did life lessons today as we got back on track with the rest of our life. You know, how much allowance do I owe you? How many cups of borax do I need to make a quadruple batch of laundry detergent? How long does it take 3 boys to do the dishes against their will? How about if I bribe them...LOL
From the kitchen...we ate yucky frozen Chinese tonight...but even if it wasn't that great, I was thankful for the break from the kitchen. And I promised the boys a movie IF they did the dishes WITHOUT complaining...I am so bad!
I am wearing...Brown yoga pants and my new mother's day shirt that Jodi bought me...yeah. PLUS~ I think I didn't even stain it...that's a first!
I am creating...order out of chaos, routine out of madness, and a peaceful, orderly haven for my boys to grow up in...I hope!
I am going...to enjoy a day of girly conversations and some baby talk with a new friend tomorrow...hurray!
I am reading...um, nothing yet this week, unless my own blog counts...ha ha ha
I am hoping...that Dan and 'Shua will be safe and happy during their week away at work, that the boys and I will get back into our schedules with a minimum of fuss or muss, and also that Dan and I will be better about saving our pennies so we can afford to travel to IL in Sept.
I am hearing...the movie "Freaky Friday"..The ceiling fans pushing around our nice cool air, Derek complaining about being sent to bed, and the boys snickering at the movie.
Around the house...Laundry detergent is made, meals are planned, school is done of the day, and I am looking forward to heading to bed early...yeah!
One of my favorite things...going to bed early with all of my chores done. It's a great feeling!
A few plans for the rest of the week: schedule, schedule, schedule...oh and MORE schedule! I want to get as much school in as possible before the men return and start looking at wrapping up the year very soon. I have to work only one day this week...thank you, Jesus! And then, game night, complete with a 3 day weekend!! HURRAY!!
Here is picture thought I am sharing...It's happy to be married I am! Yes, his ring is on the wrong hand, not sure why, but look at those hands, they are scuffed, bruised and scarred from work for the love of our family. It's a beautiful thing.

This post is in response to the call to the simple life by Miss Peggy. Join the daybooking crowd or read other posts of this nature...visit http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspotcom/

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