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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

OK, OK, I know I'm a few days late here, but it's a quiet Sunday afternoon and there is much to share so during a rare (and probably brief) moment of near silence, I'll get you all caught up again. I am feeling ab it random so how about just some short bullet journals??
  • Dan and 'Shua have arrived home safely once again from a week away from home working hard for a living.
  • Jodi has been home, gone, home and is gone again. Mon and Tues were full of errands, appts and preparing...Tuesday evening and Wednesday were spent in Albuquerque at a stunt training camp, Thursday found her home and redoing laundry so she could jet off to Michigan for the weekend to hang out with Hilary Swank and little what's her name from Bridge to Terabithia. She will return late tomorrow...wealthy, tired and with many fun adventures under her new stunting belt : )
  • Jude the puppy has been a fun addition to the family and the big boys are learning about responsibility as they try desperately to care for this wiggling bundle of teeth and energy while Jodi is away...LOL! (Mom, I am sooooooo sorry that I insisted on pet sitting when I was younger...I now feel your pain!!)
  • Game night was a huge success this week. Not that we don't normally have a good time, but some weeks stand out and this one does. We had one new couple and I really enjoyed them. Super fun gamey couple expecting their first baby in a few months...so we will probably have them back again.
  • The boys are about to wrap up the school year...probably in the next two to three weeks, depending on how hard they want to work this week and next. They are excited about the concept of a bit more free time. Jodi, Dan and I are considering a more 'year round' schedule, so that we don't have so much brain rot over the summer. We may start early so that we can take most of Sept off for our upcoming visit to IL without guilt. Have I mentioned recently that I LOVE the flexibility that homeschooling affords us?? Hee hee
  • What was lost is now found!! Late last evening Dan realized his phone was missing...so he retraced his steps...unfortunately, it was already sunset and as we pondered where it could have gone to, our hearts sank as we realized that Dan and Josh had covered miles and miles of trails in the area around our home. *Sigh* So we took a trip down the trails but didn't find anything, and then gave it up for lost since we were in the beginning stages of a wind/sand storm and it was clouding up like it was going to rain...oh my! After church this morning, we called it again and it was still ringing and not going right to voice mail, so we took another look, no luck...and another longer look, and still no luck. We were pretty sure it was gone when Josh suggested checking the yard because they weren't really sure WHEN it disappeared and so everyone went out into the yard, taking my phone to keep calling it...and low and behold, they could faintly hear it ringing and could see the sand vibrating...LOL, so what was lost was found! YEAH
  • Let's see, what else...the boys have spent the good portion of the afternoon helping pickup around the house and are enjoying a well deserved break. Dan, Josh and Pat went to pick up a patch kit for the dune buggy tire, Dave and James are playing in David's freshly cleaned room, Derek and Titus are enjoying a quick snack after playing nicely together in the play room for about an hour and I'm making sure the men are ready to head out tomorrow...laundry, dishes, extra snacks, etc. After the little ones go to bed, Dan, Josh and I will probably play a game or veg out in front of the TV for a bit. Just the way I like to end my week...preparing for the next week and relaxing with the family.
  • I'm going to add a few prayer requests...
  • Tamara Jacobs...in the process of adopting a baby~8 months old and in the past month has found out that he not only has leukemia, but an aggressive and unrelated brain tumor.
  • Dan and Josh for continued safety as they travel back and forth each week and for us as we miss them
  • Jodi as she travels for her work
  • Me as I stay home and keep the home fires burning, school going, discipline consistent, and the boys well cared for in all ways.

Well, that's about all the news that is news for this week. I'm looking forward to this new week coming up...being back on schedule is helping already and the improvements will be greater this week, I'm sure of it! Have a great week!!


Kristy and the Man Crew

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