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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Simple Woman's Daybook: Hello Fall Edition

For Today

September 30th, 2014
Outside my window...the chimes clang merrily in the breeze as autumn weather FINALLY comes to Southern New Mexico.
I am thinking...that sometimes change isn't a bad thing in the long run, even if it is uncomfortable in the here and now.
I am thankful...that my job is so homeschool friendly. In fact, I've turned the BossMan's family to the dark side and one of their children has joined the ranks of the home educated.
I am wearing...Brown yoga pants, flag t-shirt and tennies.If clothes are an outward representation of ME: then apparently I am predictable, comfortable and loyal. I think I'm ok with that.
I am creating...a bit of fall enthusiasm around the house by decorating with leaves, pumpkins and other gourds, plus some glorious fall colors. And anticipation for our annual pumpkin patch trip coming up next week. It's my favorite time of year.
I am going... to visit my Sister-Girl Karen tonight, which is especially fun since we missed last week due to BossMan's travels, and BossLady's rounds at the hospital. Looking forward to a nice long chat. Without interruptions.
I am wondering...how to find the right house, for the right price, in the right time, and the right place, without losing my mind. It may already be too late ;)In YOUR time, Lord. Amen.
I am reading...True Wealth: How and Why Millions of Americans Are Creating a Time-Rich, Ecologically Light, Small-Scale, High-Satisfaction Economy by Juliet Schor
I am hoping...that I learn something fantastic from this book. I am ready for change.
I am learning...that being old and wise isn't as much fun as being young and dumb, but it is more rewarding. And less painful.
Around the house...boys are caring for chores, animals are being enjoyed, and school is about to start.
In the kitchen... dinner is ready, just needing to be heated once our walls are filled with hungry bodies. Banana bread on the counter. Freezer full of my mom's hard work. Dishes. Always dishes.
I am pondering... schedules, ever present changes and houses, houses, houses.
A favorite quote for today...
"There are only 24 hours in a day. We need to quit trying to be awesome and instead be wise."
Courtesy of Jen Hatmaker (smartest woman I know)
One of my favorite things...F-A-L-L! And everything pumpkin!
A peek into one of my days from this past week-end... our great niece Carissa turned one and we got to enjoy her party this weekend. After a while, you almost forget how entertaining a baby party can be.

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