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Saturday, May 26, 2018

And Just Like That...Another School Year Is In The Books!

Friends, we are done, we are done, we are DONE! Mr. T and Slick have completed their best school year ever as of yesterday and now it's time to let the good times roll. Our 180+ days have been completed, we've MORE than accomplished what we set out to do this school year and they both have grown by leaps and bounds over the past 9 months.

They finished their 3 Rs with "Aunt Jodi Mom" this week and all that's left to complete is a few lingering Teaching Textbooks lessons. They will continue to read and work through DuoLingo over the summer but their formal lessons for the 3 Rs are complete.

As for their MFW curriculum with me, we are switching to "Homeschool Lite" which will be a short lesson or two every other day until we wrap our curriculum, which should be well before Jodi and her boys take their vacation in July. In the afternoons while Jodi is teaching classes at the office, the boys and I will head to the newly created 'teacher's lounge' and do a little work. I'm pretty excited about it.

To the boys, I say, "Well done, sirs! You have worked hard and accomplished much. Enjoy your well earned rest."

As for me, I've already brought all our extra books home, just the MFW core is left at the LFAL office, and the homeschooling shelves in the lounge are looking light and airy.

Best. School. Year. Ever. 

I love Blogging

I just wanted to pop in and say that I LOVE Blogging. 
Even if no one but me ever reads it...it doesn't matter. I have spent several hours over the past few weeks following links from one old post to the next and I'm having such a delightful time prancing down memory lane with myself. Blogging is one of the few creative outlets I allow myself outside of the kitchen, so it's glorious to be back at it again. Thanks for sharing the journey with me, my friends.


Monday, May 21, 2018

It's The Little Things: Day 141

I want to focus on the good things this year.
All the things people get right.
All the times that everything works out just perfectly after we assumed disaster had already struck.
All the times that the right word was spoken at the right moment.
So, let's celebrate those little moments together, shall we?
  • It's a week FULL of activities, all of them good. 
  • It's trying out my new MoviePass for the first time. 'Free' movie, plus I like to go to the flickers alone. It's a little time just for me. 
  • It's sleeping in until almost 11am (completely unprecedented for me) after a super late and tons of fun Game Night on Friday. 
  • It's helping a friend, mostly by keeping her company, while she packs for a move.
  • It's Taco Tuesday with friends new and old. Amy and Jimmy are in town to visit Johnny and it was great to catch up.
  • It's celebratory ice cream with Ricky and Judah on Wednesday to shout hooray for sleepovers again.
  • It's Nathan graduating!! Class of 2018, baby! 
  • It's ending up at the cool kids table at the grad party on Friday. Dan and I sat down, and Nathan and the boys all came to eat with us and boom. For a few brief moments in time we were cool again. 
  • It's a lovely visit with my Sister-Girl Karen, it's nice to be in the groove again. 
  • It's a beautiful new glass container to brew my kombucha. Dan REALLY is enjoying having it around all the time. 
  • It's starting a new study with our community group and everyone was participating.
  • It's a BBQ with friends on Sunday to celebrate Naomi's 75th birthday, and winning the party games. 
  • It's knowing that there are only FOUR days left of school. I think I'm as excited as the boys. 
  • It's a fun video chat with 'Shua, Lauren and Caden. He wasn't sitting still for me to read to him tonight, but he was scampering about and chattering away like a little chipmunk. He tried to say "Love you" to me tonight. *melting* I love that naughty little Punk. 
  • It's the hubster saying that I don't need to cook tonight and we will just eat leftovers and that is one less thing for me to do. Yes, please. 
  • It's keeping the dishes COMPLETELY finished and making sure the counters are clean every night before I go to bed. Waking up to a clean kitchen is the best. 
  • It's creeping ever closer to my #HotMess challenge goal of creating a scrap-booking counter for myself in the SOC room. I actually cleared some counter tonight. 
  • It's waking up early on a Monday morning to have time to complete several chores and still have time to be ready to head into work and get the week started right.  

Sunday, May 13, 2018

It's the Little Things: Day 134 ~Mother's Day Edition~

 I want to focus on the good things this year.
All the things people get right.
All the times that everything works out just perfectly after we assumed disaster had already struck.
All the times that the right word was spoken at the right moment.
So, let's celebrate those little moments together, shall we?

  • It's the best Mother's Day ever! Thanks Man Crew!
  • It's Dastroyah coming over early in the morning to make us ALL breakfast.
  • It's a few hours of peace and quiet all to my happy little self while the men went off-roading.
  • It's a lovely chat with my mom while we were both enjoying some peace and quiet. 
  • It's board games and laughter...and perhaps a little shouting and gloating ;)
  • It's everyone helping to get the pizza made so we can watch movies together. 
  • It's taking a peek on FB and sending other mamas blessings. 
  • It's delicious pizza and funny movies. Oceans 11 and 12 were watched and enjoyed. 
  • It's feeling SO proud of my gentlemen savages. Not only did they pick up the Mother's Day traditions on their own (Dan's family doesn't celebrate it and I felt selfish teaching the boys to celebrate me when they were littles), but they asked me what I wanted and then they delivered. Their wives will be blessed someday by these skills. 
  • It's a text session with some of my best mama friends where we spoke words of blessing to one another.
  • It's being blessed by the young men my once very small boys have become. My active parenting years are coming to a close in a few short years, but then I'll have decades to enjoy the fruit of my labors. 

What's on YOUR little things list today?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I’m THAT Mama...

     So, it turns out that I’ve become THAT mama...the one that just says whatever comes to mind. Despite my mother’s years of faithful training in the delicate arts of being a real lady, I’ve lived with all these men for far too long to believe that men are capable of picking up subtle hints. And so, I am learning to speak up for things that are important to me. 
     Case in point: last night The BIGS asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I appropriately said they didn’t need to get me anything. Cue them rolling their eyes. They asked if I wanted to go out to lunch or if I wanted chocolate or flowers or whatever...and I kept saying that I didn’t need that to feel loved or appreciated on Mother’s Day. Upon further reflection though, I decided I DID want something from them, and so I just sent out this text. “I changed my mind. I know what I want for Mother’s Day. I want to play board games all afternoon with the tv off, and to make pizza and watch a movie together in the evening, with no one using other technology devices. 😁 What are the chances of that happening? Talk to the brothers and let me know if I should have pizza ingredients on hand. Yes, Alex and Nathan count as brothers, but don’t get them in trouble with their bio mamas. Love, Mama K” 

     Oh goodness, I have NOT waited until I am 70+ to just blurt out whatever I want to say. Oops! And well, NOT oops. People are not mind readers. Isn’t it kinder to let people know what you want from them, expect them to do, etc. instead of letting them guess? Anywho, I’ll keep you all posted on how Mother’s Day goes. Traditionally at The Man Crew House, Mother’s Day is just another day, but now that The BIGS are old enough, they are taking on the challenge of honoring me for themselves. I’m not going to say I don’t love it, because I do. Hopefully someday, little brother will pick up the banner. And when he does, I’ll be right there, telling him exactly what I want, because a real lady doesn’t leave a man guessing. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

It's the Little Things: Day 128

 I want to focus on the good things this year.
All the things people get right.
All the times that everything works out just perfectly after we assumed disaster had already struck.
All the times that the right word was spoken at the right moment.
So, let's celebrate those little moments together, shall we?

The past few weeks have been frustrating for me and I'm finding that I'm being extra critical not only of myself, but of anyone with whom I interact. Now that I've stopped to think about that, I'm wondering if it's directly correlated to the fact that I've slacked off of intentionally looking for the good and the beautiful. So, to answer that question...
  • It's DT's room finally getting clean. Woot! (If you've ever met a 12 year old, you know how big of a deal this is, LOL)
  • It's having plenty of leftover tamales from the night before, so you not only have something quick and easy to eat, but you also don't have to cook tonight.
  • It's getting back to blogging after last week's Screen Free Week adventures.
  • It's spending an evening just hanging out with family, blogging, reading, and laughing together.
  • It's going to be at a reasonable hour, so I can get up and do it all again tomorrow.
  • It's enjoying my roses every.single.time I go outside. 
  • It's having a fun planning session about names and styles when PattyCakes comes home with a hat that says "MeYeR Crew Garage" and wants everyone to get matching hats. 
  • It's reaching out to a friend that's hurting. 
  • It's having TIME to invest in people instead of always being so busy that I just hoped other people would reach out. #NoLongerAPlateSpinner
  • It's finishing my 10th book this year. I'm still behind on my goal, but less behind than I was recently, so PROGRESS!! I love progress. 

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Screen Free 2018 Wrap Up

We made it! We did it! We survived! Wooty Woot Woot! DT thought for sure on a few occassions that we was about to die, but we pulled through and lived to tell the tale.

This year was a much bigger success than last year for sure! With school still being in session and being at work with Mr. T each day, the days were pretty filled. Mr. T was playing along with SFW during the time DT and I were at the office each day so that made it more bearable for them both. Legos were played, robots were built, much handwritten 'mail' went back and forth...and we played every board game ever created...at least 3 times. LOL! Lego Club at work, Community Group, Game Day at work followed by Game Night at home helped fill some of the gaps. We had one faux pas. On Wednesday when I went to have dinner with Karen, I knew Daddy would let DT watch TV, so before I left, I said he could only watch educational movies, so he pulled out his Magic School Bus boxed set and started working his way through those. I am using a screen often enough at work these days that I was glad to not have a screen in my face all evening as well, although I did miss FB. I probably checked my email more often than normal, but not a large amount. I did read a book, play all the games, have time to cook better meals and be more prepared for Community Group and Game Night because I wasn't distracted by my phone. I'm calling SFW a huge win for this year.
How did you fare?

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