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Monday, April 27, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Oh my, where DOES the time go?? I was thinking about posting on Thursday evening, decided it was too early in the week, and now it's Monday...oops! OH well, the weekend was full anyway so better to report on it now before I forget anyway, right?? The week actually was pretty uneventful, school was good, the house was well maintained (which means it stayed standing) and Dan was home which we were grateful for. I worked hard during the day to be able to spend time in the evenings with him, which he really enjoys. We only worked 2 days last week so no big deal there and it was just a nice, homey week. The weekend was a bit busier...counting the 8 Meyer's and Starnes that reside here, we had 19 at game night..OH MY! A few newbies, who may or may NOT ever return...LOL! We did have a good time, pizza, games and much laughter. The new 12 pack rule kept certain people from getting too silly and that made the evening easier to enjoy. Saturday we just kinda layed around...I read a whole book, the boys played outside and watched movies, and Dan worked for a few short hours in the AM and then fussed around with the dune buggy for a while before he came in to watch movies with the boys. Sunday was enjoyable...we spent the whole day together, running errands, eating out, picking up the yard and having our first bonfire since moving to NM. Charlie, Devin and Kelly came to join us and so did Ty, so we laughed and chatted around the fire while the boys hunted down every single tumble weed on the property to watch it go up in flames. Dan left early (4 am early) this morning for another 4 days in Hurley and will arrive back in town Thursday just about the same time as 'Shua!! Oh my, he's finally coming....I have been waiting for him to change his mind or get too nervous about leaving Lauren, but he's really coming!! Hurray!!!!! I can't wait to see him again! Dad celebrated his 73rd birthday this weekend while in OH with Mom...we chatted for a while and it was nice. Anywho...I'm rambling away and there are chores to be done, boys to be schooled and a dinner to stir once in a while. Back to reality for me...LOL! I can't wait to see all of you in IL in Sept...keep a day open for us, OK? We love and miss you all!! Hugs to all of my lost boys! God bless YOU this week, I know He already has Me!
OH my gracious...what a face...this is how Dan looks to the boys after a dune buggy ride...dusty boy! David took this...LOL!

Derek is getting SOOO big, can you believe he's already just over 3 and a half?? YIKES!!

Simple Woman's Daybook

~FOR TODAY ...April 27, 2009 My GOODNESS this year is flying by so quickly!
~Outside my window...We actually have a few clouds today, but the sun is still shining brightly, the breeze is cool and the temp is 77...it is so beautiful here!
~I am thinking...that life here in the wilds of NM is glorious!
~I am thankful for...'Shua coming 'HOME' this week, Dan having a job that he excels at AND enjoys and boys that are healthy enough to complain about chores...LOL
~From the learning rooms...our last week of the free Aleks math trail online, copious amounts of reading and the worksheets that we started eons ago before the move...oh my!
~From the kitchen...The smell of fresh bread baking lingers alongside the home made chicken soup that is simmering away in preparation for dinner...no wonder I am fat..LOL
~I am wearing...comfy clothing since my body can't decide what shape it is in this week
~I am creating...bread, soup, a cleaner house, this blog, and a few more ideas rolling around up here in this head of mine
~I am going...nowhere, unless I get called into work. Dan is gone and especially when he is out of town, I work extra hard at being home...kiddos ought to have at least one parent around, if possible
~I am reading...my Bible, other ladies' blogs, The Long Way Home by Lorraine Snelling, and instructions to change the settings on my Internet Explorer 8....upgrading is sometimes not as wonderful as they would have you think...hee hee
~I am hoping...to catch up around the house and have it shining when Dan and 'Shua arrive on Thursday night, to get the boys truly back on track with school, and to start losing some weight
~I am hearing...the humidifier trying desperately to bring some moisture to the desert air, the dryer tumbling, the ceiling fans keeping the air moving, the boys rummaging around in the car box in the playroom and Pat singing/mumbling while he straightens up the last of his room.
~Around the house...Boxes are waiting to be unpacked, clothes are waiting to be folded, Jodi is working her last week of work before changing professions, and I should be getting to the rest of the chores before they overtake the house ; )
~One of my favorite things..Hearing Dan heave a sigh of contentment and telling me how much he likes it here. I don't struggle with contentment very often, but he does...those words brought music to my heart as we snuggled up in bed after a full day of family togetherness, our first bonfire here in NM, errand running and dune buggy riding.
~A few plans for the rest of the week...Just being home to prepare for 'Shua's arrival...yeah!
~Here is picture thought I am sharing...Jodi and Charlie mugging for the camera during Charlie's 50th b-day party last week...good times! Plus, any excuse to have cinnamon applesauce spice cake is good enough for me!

This post is in response to a desire for the home based life of simplicity. If you, too, long for the simple things...check out Miss Peggy's blog at http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/

Happy looking!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is Dad's birthday....73 is a whole lotta living! Happy Birthday to the MAN...otherwise known as Larry, Sir, Scooter, Larry Dog, PaPa, Dad, Big Daddy, and Father~ we ALL love you!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Check out My Dad...he's FAMOUS!!

Well, he's not exactly a celebrity, but he did get the front page of his church's newsletter! As my parent's Church approaches it's 50th anniversary this summer, it is highlighting some of it's charter members and since my parents have been members for 40 years, they are at the top of the list. Here's a link to the article and lots of fun pictures...for some if you, it could be the first time you see my Dad with lots of black hair...LOL! David was quite impressed with it...ha ha ha!
ENJOY and thanks for taking a peek!!
Kristy....who is Blessed to be HIS daughter

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... April 21, 2009, I know, a day late, but that's life, right??
Outside my window...boys are running past, enjoying the warm summery sun, room to roam and Birds are twittering to one another
I am thinking...that home is the best place to be
I am thankful for...a house that is big enough for all of us, my biggie boy coming home next week and a wonderful hubby also known as "the Mechanic GOD"
From the learning rooms...we are alphabetizing the DVD collection (don't you just LOVE creative ideas for learning??) doing Aleks math online and I finally found their worksheets and all 500 books so we are totally in business again!! Hurray!
From the kitchen...bread is fresh from the oven, chicken Parmesan is for dinner tonight and tea is freshly brewed and being enjoyed while still warm
I am wearing...workout clothes so that I can MOVE it to get this house clean before and comes home
I am creating...a place for everything...still working on the and everything in it's place part...LOL
I am going...to work for money tonight...instead of the paid with hugs kind ; )
I am reading...Beyond the Picket Fence, re-reading parts of the Love Dare and the Bible
I am hoping...that I will be ready by the time 'Shua gets here, and that Dan and I will have an easy adjustment when yet ANOTHER person joins our home..it's getting pretty full around here already...hee hee
I am hearing... Titus waking up from his nap, the little boys whispering to each other as they look at books, the aforementioned birds chirping, the dryer working hard at drying our clothes and the clicking of the keyboard as I type this
Around the house...it's looking pretty good, it's home blessings day, so all the beds have clean sheets, the floors are swept/vac'd and mopped, the bathroom is tidy and the dishes are all done...at least for the next hour.
One of my favorite things...time to blog : )
A few plans for the rest of the week: Working tonight, game night on Friday complete with homemade pizza again, and enjoying the lovely weather outside with the boys.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...Here is Dan on his victory lap in the Dune buggy. Dan has had it for almost 6 weeks and FINALLY got it running on Sunday...Woo hoo!!

This post is about living the simple life to the fullest! To read other blogs of the same style, check out Miss Peggy's blog at http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/ or click on the top photo. Thanks!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just popping Through

I seem to have about 38 seconds of peace and quiet, so I'm writing this while I can...LOL! Not much to report this week...the house is becoming a home, the boys are mostly happy with the bedroom situation, they are also THRILLED that I have yet to find their school papers, the animals have resettled into their new environments, Dan has been working IN TOWN this week and I'm pleased about that, work is slowing down a bit and my patience level is going back up instead of down, so life is good! The game night crowd is headed over in a few hours so I SHOULD be preparing for that, but I just want to rest today, this week has been more work than I care to admit...LOL! Nothing bad, just tiring and full. I am glad that the weekend is upon us and Dan and I have a date coming up...hurray! OH, we DID get a bunny last night...the cat brought it in to Dan so now we have a rabbit...WHY oh WHY do we have so many animals?? That brings the count to 2 dogs, a cat, a turtle, a bunny, a tank with a few new fish in it after the massacre of the move and with the addition of the lizard that was caught last week, 5 lizards...no wonder it seems like I'm always feeding something...LOL! Not to mention the 5 boys and few adults that live here...speaking of which, we are having a lazy late-eating day and it's time to feed the boys some lunch. Love to all and I hope you are having a great week! Oh if anyone wants our new address, just message me and I'll send it to you!
Kristy and the Man Crew, plus the horde of hungry animals...LOL

Monday, April 13, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Greetings from warm and sunny New Mexico! It is a glorious day, isn't it?? The sun is shining, birds are singing, boys are outside enjoying the new yard and bread is rising...does life get much better?? Dan is working in town this week and I'm glad to have him around in the evenings again for a while. The fish tank is slowly getting set back up after the massacre last week...LOL! We are giving the water in the tank a week or two to 'mature' the water and then we will be getting fish again...I actually miss them as Dan makes such a lovely tank. Dan and the boys caught a new lizard yesterday that looks like a cross between Digger (whip tail) and Tawny (plains) and Pat named it Dragon, once he gets over being chased across the yard by Dan and the hooligans, I'll snap a picture for you all. *winks* As for the rest of last week, it was mostly unpacking, unpacking and MORE unpacking. I finally got to where I could serve home cooked meals out of the kitchen again and was grateful for that....I never pay attention to how much better we are eating these days until we start eating out for a few days. It tastes good but the aftermath is not pretty. The boys were even glad to give up fast food in the name of home baked bread and pizza from scratch; it warms this mother's heart! Anywho, I think we've added a new regular to the game night gang. My boss Mike helped us move last weekend and so to thank him, I invited him for pizza and games on Friday and he just LOVED it and kept asking when we were having game night next week...LOL! That's a good thing, I enjoy him, he's good people. I also worked on upping my 'mentoring' of the young gal Sarah from work who is 18, pregnant, in an iffy relationship and scared spitless...now that she's quitting Kohl's, I'll have to work harder at staying in touch, but will be totally worth the effort...she's open to many topics and in real need of guidance and a 'mother's touch' as she doesn't seem to have a good relationship with her mom at this point. Anyway...moving on, this post is SOOO random and it's bugging me, I'll have to wrap it up quickly...LOL! Easter was well...a haphazard/wacko day for us. After moving 6 days before Easter, I was not up to the regular hoopla and/or pomp and circumtsance. I found my resurrection cookies recipe about two hours too late, had no eggs, candy or nice clothes ready or anything, which was frustrating as I always want to stress the importance and significance of Easter to the boys. The church was are attending didn't make a big deal out of it at all which broke my heart a bit. I LONGED for our beloved home church, with the guarding of the tomb, prayer warriors all weekend, familiar hymns and sunrise service, but maybe another year. *sigh* Jodi managed to pull a few eggs and some candy out as a surprise and the boys were pleased. Dan took us to Cracker Barrel for lunch as he could tell I was not up to pulling an Easter dinner out of nowhere....LOL! And then we had a tasty lasgana for dinner and that helped me to feel better about the whole thing. Charlie and Devin spent the evening with us playing games and enjoying each other's company and that's always a good thing. So, all's well that ends well, right?? Just because I didn't make ham and au gratin potatoes doesn't make the Lord any less risen, does it?? Maybe this was an object lesson for me to focus less on the rituals and traditions and focus MORE on the reality of his death and resurrection...hmmmm. ; ) Touche! OK, enough pondering for a Monday morning...I've got to get back to my bread before it rises too much and then collapses...LOL! Have a blessed week and relish the joy of the living Savior that loves you and longs to embrace you....sins, scraped knees, hard heart and all!


Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY April 13, 2009
Outside my window...another bright, beautiful day arrives to the wilds of New Mexico
I am thinking...that Easter is the best of all holidays. HE is RISEN...He is risen, INDEED!
I am thankful for...a house that's becoming a home as we unpack and organise, a hubby that works so hard not to just support us but to love us so well, and many children to keep me young (and tired...LOL)
From the learning rooms...back to the books this week after TOO many days of spring break. Aleks math on the computer, books to read to selves and aloud, and the worksheets IF I can find the right box.
From the kitchen...Bread is rising to be ready by lunchtime, and taco soup for dinner
I am wearing...work out clothes because I figure that running up and down stairs and lugging boxes count as a work out...LOL
I am creating...this blog, an orderly house (someday!) and happy healthy boys that now have plenty of room to roam!
I am going...to work, and that's about it for today, hurray!
I am reading...Cassidy by Lori Wick, the Love Dare, the New Testament in 90 days (fell behind a bit with the move so I should finish that up this week) and catching up on all my friends' blogs
I am hoping...that by the end of the week, we will be totally settled....my fingers are crossed!
I am hearing...Derek asking for more Easter Candy (thank you Jodi!) the fish tank gurgling and the dirt bike zipping past the window as David practices jumping the ramps Dan built for him...YIKES! Have I ever mentioned that mothering boys is NOT for the faint of heart??
Around the house...laundry is waiting to be folded, bread needs to get to it's second rising, 3 boxes left in the MB, all the boxes from the bathrooms need to find a home since there is NO storage in the bathroom, and I need to make a top 10 favorite songs of all time list, per my boss's request.
One of my favorite things...hot tea and a good book on a quiet morning
A few plans for the rest of the week: making this house turn into a home...getting there slowly but surely. With Dan not working in Hurley this week, that will help me get it done faster. He is such a great motivator!
Here is picture thought I am sharing...Did I even take any pictures this week?? Let me see.....oh yes, here's one of the dog with bunny ears on...On my we are silly sometimes...hee hee!

This post is response to a call for simplicity by Miss Peggy...if you want to read other posts of this nature or want to join us in the 'revolution' of simplicity...check out Miss Peggy's blog at http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/ or simply click on the picture at the top or the web address. Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Boxes and Boxes and BOXES...oh MY!

Flat Stanely helped us move...right here, he's helping Devin!

OH MY is right! Packing, moving and unpacking are at the top of my "I hate to do it' list! The turmoil, the mess, the dust and the scheduled upheaval of everything I hold near and dear...moving is stressful at best and horrendous, disastrous, mortifying, traumatic and nerve wracking at worst. OY! And every time we move, I find myself thinking, "Where did all this STUFF come from??" Now that we are two families in one that adds up to 8 people and 'Shua coming her in about 3 weeks to make us an uneven (some would say ODD) 9....even with 2700 square feet, it's gonna be a trick to find homes for everything. Actually, things are coming along nicely...I've even going to be able to unpack a few things that have been in storage for several years...but first, the things that I need to run the house. As you can tell, the Internet is up and running again, the cable is working much to the boys delight, I've got the kitchen set up enough to serve meals again (I was SOOOO tired of fast food) and I intend to be ready to host game night on Friday. I better get busy! Anywho, the bedrooms are set up, just a few small lingering boxes to sort out the last few things...the pets are settled (they all survived the move with minimal damage except the fish...they ALL died, grrr) and the Living room could really stand some work, but we need Dan home to set up the speakers and such. So that just leaves the kitchen area...which means I need to get started, LOL! A few people have asked how I've set it up, so I'll post a few pics from Sunday and then later, I'll add some from today....please don't be afraid, the first set of pics are a bit scary ; ) ENJOY....anyone have any arranging ideas??


The room formerly known as the living room, yowza, what a mess!
Better, but still room for improvement...Dan will be home tonight to help me fix it!

This is supposed to be the kitchen/dining room, not sure what it is here...mostly a mess
AHHHHH, that's better!
The other half of the the dining room is the home office...err, it's SUPPOSED to be

That's more like it~ I can actually USE the computer now..yeah!

Pat's room is all set up JUST the way he wants it~ Boxter the turtle is in his room again instead of on the dining room table...hurray~
Just HAD to add this one...Pat took packing very seriously and wanted to make sure we didn't forget Titus...LOL

Friday, April 3, 2009

Moving Day Cometh

Well, as we embark on this new adventure, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have been praying for us, lifting us up in words and deeds, and helping us lug boxes. We are headed out right now to sign our new lease and when we return...the moving shall commence!! Today is for the last minute prep stuff, you know, the things that you think will take 5 minutes and end up taking hours! So, repairing a small hole in the fence, draining the fish tank and the water bed, dismantling the trampoline, etc...then tomorrow, all day boxes and Sunday...the furniture! And by Sunday evening, we'll be all cozy and somewhat settled in our new home...thank you JESUS! Dan will be heading out early Monday morning for yet another week in Hurley, so things need to be settled by then. Anywho...again, thanks to those of you who have been praying, encouraging and/or helping us pack and move! We love you all!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Well, if you are trying to catch up with us this week, you better strap on your running shoes because that is what we are doing...RUNNING! Every which way but crazy...who am I kidding, we started out crazy! LOL! Anywho, let's see...what went on this week? Kelly came for a lovely visit and we had 2 game nights while she was here, we enjoyed City of Rocks and Silver City,

Jodi and Kelly spent a happy afternoon strolling about the Historic District of Old Mesilla and shopping, Dan came and went as usual back and forth to and from Hurley where he is working M-TH each week, the boys started spring break when Kelly got here, and Titus got his first tooth...phew, no wonder I'm tired! The beautiful house that I showed pictures of a few weeks ago fell through and while we are disappointed, we trusted the Lord to give us a place to live and He did...HURRAY!

We are still moving this weekend, so I spent all day today packing like mad and will do so for the next 2 days. Friday will be spent preparing the animals for the move, draining the water bed, dismantling the trampoline and the like, Saturday and Sunday we are moving and by Monday AM, Dan has to be back at work...I'm tired just thinking about it! But, the Lord will provide the strength and somehow it will all get done!

SO I'll just post a pic or two and call it a day...hope to be back on track by NEXT Friday and get these posts back on the right day. Hope everyone is well and busy!


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