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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Well, if you are trying to catch up with us this week, you better strap on your running shoes because that is what we are doing...RUNNING! Every which way but crazy...who am I kidding, we started out crazy! LOL! Anywho, let's see...what went on this week? Kelly came for a lovely visit and we had 2 game nights while she was here, we enjoyed City of Rocks and Silver City,

Jodi and Kelly spent a happy afternoon strolling about the Historic District of Old Mesilla and shopping, Dan came and went as usual back and forth to and from Hurley where he is working M-TH each week, the boys started spring break when Kelly got here, and Titus got his first tooth...phew, no wonder I'm tired! The beautiful house that I showed pictures of a few weeks ago fell through and while we are disappointed, we trusted the Lord to give us a place to live and He did...HURRAY!

We are still moving this weekend, so I spent all day today packing like mad and will do so for the next 2 days. Friday will be spent preparing the animals for the move, draining the water bed, dismantling the trampoline and the like, Saturday and Sunday we are moving and by Monday AM, Dan has to be back at work...I'm tired just thinking about it! But, the Lord will provide the strength and somehow it will all get done!

SO I'll just post a pic or two and call it a day...hope to be back on track by NEXT Friday and get these posts back on the right day. Hope everyone is well and busy!




The Ruoss Crew said...

So glad Kelly got to come visit, although I know the timing was tough. I'll call you sometime over the next few days for a quick catch up. PRAYING FOR YOU!!

The Rowell Family said...

Glad things are going well there..and the new house looks beautiful too! Looks like you enjoyed your visit with Kelly too! Have fun moving..i'm there in mind helping just not in body..that part has been working its butt off lately.LOL. Anywho..can't wait to catch up with you.

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