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Monday, April 27, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Oh my, where DOES the time go?? I was thinking about posting on Thursday evening, decided it was too early in the week, and now it's Monday...oops! OH well, the weekend was full anyway so better to report on it now before I forget anyway, right?? The week actually was pretty uneventful, school was good, the house was well maintained (which means it stayed standing) and Dan was home which we were grateful for. I worked hard during the day to be able to spend time in the evenings with him, which he really enjoys. We only worked 2 days last week so no big deal there and it was just a nice, homey week. The weekend was a bit busier...counting the 8 Meyer's and Starnes that reside here, we had 19 at game night..OH MY! A few newbies, who may or may NOT ever return...LOL! We did have a good time, pizza, games and much laughter. The new 12 pack rule kept certain people from getting too silly and that made the evening easier to enjoy. Saturday we just kinda layed around...I read a whole book, the boys played outside and watched movies, and Dan worked for a few short hours in the AM and then fussed around with the dune buggy for a while before he came in to watch movies with the boys. Sunday was enjoyable...we spent the whole day together, running errands, eating out, picking up the yard and having our first bonfire since moving to NM. Charlie, Devin and Kelly came to join us and so did Ty, so we laughed and chatted around the fire while the boys hunted down every single tumble weed on the property to watch it go up in flames. Dan left early (4 am early) this morning for another 4 days in Hurley and will arrive back in town Thursday just about the same time as 'Shua!! Oh my, he's finally coming....I have been waiting for him to change his mind or get too nervous about leaving Lauren, but he's really coming!! Hurray!!!!! I can't wait to see him again! Dad celebrated his 73rd birthday this weekend while in OH with Mom...we chatted for a while and it was nice. Anywho...I'm rambling away and there are chores to be done, boys to be schooled and a dinner to stir once in a while. Back to reality for me...LOL! I can't wait to see all of you in IL in Sept...keep a day open for us, OK? We love and miss you all!! Hugs to all of my lost boys! God bless YOU this week, I know He already has Me!
OH my gracious...what a face...this is how Dan looks to the boys after a dune buggy ride...dusty boy! David took this...LOL!

Derek is getting SOOO big, can you believe he's already just over 3 and a half?? YIKES!!

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