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Monday, April 13, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Greetings from warm and sunny New Mexico! It is a glorious day, isn't it?? The sun is shining, birds are singing, boys are outside enjoying the new yard and bread is rising...does life get much better?? Dan is working in town this week and I'm glad to have him around in the evenings again for a while. The fish tank is slowly getting set back up after the massacre last week...LOL! We are giving the water in the tank a week or two to 'mature' the water and then we will be getting fish again...I actually miss them as Dan makes such a lovely tank. Dan and the boys caught a new lizard yesterday that looks like a cross between Digger (whip tail) and Tawny (plains) and Pat named it Dragon, once he gets over being chased across the yard by Dan and the hooligans, I'll snap a picture for you all. *winks* As for the rest of last week, it was mostly unpacking, unpacking and MORE unpacking. I finally got to where I could serve home cooked meals out of the kitchen again and was grateful for that....I never pay attention to how much better we are eating these days until we start eating out for a few days. It tastes good but the aftermath is not pretty. The boys were even glad to give up fast food in the name of home baked bread and pizza from scratch; it warms this mother's heart! Anywho, I think we've added a new regular to the game night gang. My boss Mike helped us move last weekend and so to thank him, I invited him for pizza and games on Friday and he just LOVED it and kept asking when we were having game night next week...LOL! That's a good thing, I enjoy him, he's good people. I also worked on upping my 'mentoring' of the young gal Sarah from work who is 18, pregnant, in an iffy relationship and scared spitless...now that she's quitting Kohl's, I'll have to work harder at staying in touch, but will be totally worth the effort...she's open to many topics and in real need of guidance and a 'mother's touch' as she doesn't seem to have a good relationship with her mom at this point. Anyway...moving on, this post is SOOO random and it's bugging me, I'll have to wrap it up quickly...LOL! Easter was well...a haphazard/wacko day for us. After moving 6 days before Easter, I was not up to the regular hoopla and/or pomp and circumtsance. I found my resurrection cookies recipe about two hours too late, had no eggs, candy or nice clothes ready or anything, which was frustrating as I always want to stress the importance and significance of Easter to the boys. The church was are attending didn't make a big deal out of it at all which broke my heart a bit. I LONGED for our beloved home church, with the guarding of the tomb, prayer warriors all weekend, familiar hymns and sunrise service, but maybe another year. *sigh* Jodi managed to pull a few eggs and some candy out as a surprise and the boys were pleased. Dan took us to Cracker Barrel for lunch as he could tell I was not up to pulling an Easter dinner out of nowhere....LOL! And then we had a tasty lasgana for dinner and that helped me to feel better about the whole thing. Charlie and Devin spent the evening with us playing games and enjoying each other's company and that's always a good thing. So, all's well that ends well, right?? Just because I didn't make ham and au gratin potatoes doesn't make the Lord any less risen, does it?? Maybe this was an object lesson for me to focus less on the rituals and traditions and focus MORE on the reality of his death and resurrection...hmmmm. ; ) Touche! OK, enough pondering for a Monday morning...I've got to get back to my bread before it rises too much and then collapses...LOL! Have a blessed week and relish the joy of the living Savior that loves you and longs to embrace you....sins, scraped knees, hard heart and all!



Wendy said...

Hi Kristy, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It's nice to "meet" you!

Sorry about your Easter being hectic this year -- I know I have a hard time with breaking traditions too but, as you said, regardless of our fretting over little things, He is risen indeed!

I hope you all are able to feel settled in to your new home soon.

Courtney said...

My husband is from west Texas, and grew up going to New Mexico ALL the time. He would LOVE to live there :).

Karen said...

Hey Sister Girl!! I think you've done fabulous!! And I'm actually here and can see!! I am also a firm believer that God knows your heart, and he knows yours is faithful and true. Besides, even though hectic-you really did get blessed with a new, fabulous, roomy home. You've done wonders already. And God has led you there! And expects no less of you than to take care of your family and get settled. Just think of the Easter Egg Hunt we could put on at your place NEXT year!! We'll have to start planning soon!! Love you!!

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