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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Check out My Dad...he's FAMOUS!!

Well, he's not exactly a celebrity, but he did get the front page of his church's newsletter! As my parent's Church approaches it's 50th anniversary this summer, it is highlighting some of it's charter members and since my parents have been members for 40 years, they are at the top of the list. Here's a link to the article and lots of fun pictures...for some if you, it could be the first time you see my Dad with lots of black hair...LOL! David was quite impressed with it...ha ha ha!
ENJOY and thanks for taking a peek!!
Kristy....who is Blessed to be HIS daughter

1 comment:

The Man Crew said...

Let's see if this works...Mom, here are the comments I've gotten on Facebook about the article.

Deborah Anne Laskowski-Meyer (John's wife) at 9:59pm April 21
Wow Kristy! I love the story! Your dad is a great man!!
~Kristy Meyer at 1:40am April 22
Thanks...we think he's pretty special! **grins**
Carrie Moran Overmyer at 7:40am April 22
That's one dedicated man! Good for him!
Sarah Lampel at 8:45am April 22
When I visited several months ago your dad's face was the first one that greeted me as I came through the door. They really are wonderful, warm, accepting pillars of that church!
Lisa Dunwoody Wright at 9:28am April 22
Your parents are the best!! Your dad always knew how to keep us in loving line!! We love seeing his bright shining face every Sunday!! Melanie Lasley at 1:57pm April 22
that was so cool! I love your parents and always thought the world of them (and still do!)

How's that for celebrity status??

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