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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Found Something Cool, check it out!

Blogging is such a great adventure and I've learned so much from the great people that I've met or accidentally stumbled across in my hijinks across cyber-space. This is a great one! Over here at Blessed With Full Hands, she is talking about this great shirt company called Brand of the Free. Everything is made in America and environmentally made. Check them out and while you are at it...enter her contest to win a free t-shirt! Sounds like fun to me! Thanks for your interest!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happenings in the MeYeR House

The View from the end of our driveway....Oh my Gravy, I love the Organs!
My oh My, the heat! It's been hot again this week, but we are fighting it by doing our outside things in the early am and hanging out inside during the heat blast that IS the afternoon. If the boys go out after lunchtime, it's to jump on the trampoline while the hose is spraying them. Jodi was gone most of last week, so I spent the week with the little ones...we had fun together. ALL the boys went to camp T and Th and I enjoyed the quiet...LOL!

Monday was rather uneventful as the men went off to work for the week, the boys and I stayed home and turned the mess back into a house. Tuesday, the boys went to camp and I set out for a day of adult adventures...but they fell through as Miss Tracy ended up with a dental emergency and couldn't come out to play. I tried to go Mother of the groom dress shopping, but found out that I ma the wrong age to be the mother of the groom, so I have two choices....prom dress or GRAND mother of the groom dress...LOL! Then I worked and Tyler was gracious enough to come spend the night with the boys. Wednesday was a (thankfully) uneventful day as I tried to get over the disappointment of Tuesday...I'm such a baby!
Thursday held another day at camp for the boys, and we even made it on time that day...whee! I had a lovely chat with my mom without being interrupted 87 thousand times and the boys had fun. After the men arrived home, I headed out to another night of work...and much to my JOY, Kohls hired a new ad set worker and he already knew what he was doing since he was a transfer from another Kohls in Cali. : ) Friday held grocery shopping, random other errands and prep for game night. The pizza turned out well, but we had several cancellations...Karen had heat exhaustion, Robert had to work and Tracy was still dealing with her teeth, Mike and Krissy are too busy at this point in their lives, and Jodi's new friends, Laura and Dustin needed to catch up on some sleep since Dustin has to be at work at 3 am...SO, we are still eating that pizza...ha ha ha! Tyler, Charlie and the rest of us had a ball playing Spoons, Uno and Farkle. Saturday and Sunday were both spent just being lazy and hanging out...running a few errands and taking naps. Dan took the boys and went to the races on Saturday evening while I was at work, and that was about it.
So there is our week ins a rather large nutshell...LOL! Pat remains in IL and while I'm missing him terribly, it comforts me to know that he is having fun and being well cared for. Mom even called today for my bread recipe as she is discovering that HFCS is truly in EVERYTHING! Bless her heart for taking such good care of my boy! OK, enough chatter for this week...bless you all this week! Miss you all bunches and to those in IL, I'll see you in about 7 weeks....whee~


PS...Lost Boys, especially can't wait to see you!

David and Shadow are looking for.....something, but neither one of them seems to know exactly WHAT...LOL

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY July 27, 2009

Outside my window...it's hot and sunny. A perfect day to stay indoors during the afternoon heat.

I am thinking...that I can't believe that my oldest is getting married in just a few months...when did THAT happen?? And WHY is it so hard to find a mother of the groom dress that doesn't make me look 60?? : ) I'm the wrong age to be a mother of the groom, that's the problem...LOL

I am thankful for...a son that's going to make a fine husband for my sweet daughter in love. He cherishes that young lady, that's for sure!

From the learning rooms...nothing...Mama is taking a break this week...LOL Maybe a little reading, that's all, but I'm also working on my preschool curriculum for Derek this week and getting it ready to go...hurray for the planning stages of homeschool!

From the kitchen…bread just went into the oven so that means the kitchen smells DIVINE! I made popcorn this morning for breakfast and lunch was just sammies and fruit. Here are the plans for the dinners this week...

  • Monday: Baked Fish, Noodles and salad
  • Tuesday: Smoky Black Bean and Rice Stoup

  • Wednesday: Tacos

  • Thursday: Baked Mac and Cheese

  • Friday: PIZZA with the game night gang

  • Saturday: BLTS, veggies and dip

  • Sunday: Lasagna

I am wearing…Navy yoga pants, light blue t-shirt with a dove on it and tennies...all covered in bits of grass from my early morning weed whacking adventure...crazy machine!

I am creating…lessons for preschool, road trip plans for the wedding in IL (anyone want an overnight guest with 2 kiddos???) and hopefully some sewing projects this week

I am going...to work M, W, Th and Sat, taking the boys to day camp T and Th, at least one trip to Good Will this week, and wanting to visit the fabric store, the Library, and maybe a coffee shop while the boys are at day camp...yeah for alone time!

I am reading...nothing yet this week, although my trip to the library tomorrow will remedy that quickly, and I think reviewing homeschooling materials counts as reading, right?? RIGHT?!?

I am hoping...That I can lose enough weight before the wedding so as not to embarrass my sweet boy or my darling hubby at the wedding where we will be seeing people that we haven't seen in 2 years.

I am hearing...Mr Mom playing in the background, and the ceiling fans

Around the house...the chores are done for today, just a little clothes folding to go. Time to rest before I head to work. YEAH!

One of my favorite things...Being done for the day by 4pm..it's glorious!

A few plans for the rest of the week…Just hanging out with my boys, doing my house chores with a smile instead of a frown, running my errands in decent clothes, wrapping up the playroom.school room project and staying on top of my workout routines.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...we were being silly at the dinner table the other night so I grabbed the camera and started snapping pics...here are some of what I got...LOL Black mail pics are soooo fun!

Titus LOVED the chocolate dessert I made..and it loved him back...LOL
Derek was struggling with the mashed potatoes...they were too thick, I think
James was very concerned by the chocolate on his thumb and asked me to take a picture to show to Jodi when she got home...hee hee
And the best blackmail pic of them all...David goofing off while waiting for the others to finish so we could all have dessert...ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

PS> I almost forgot...if you want to read more posts of this nature...check out http://www.grandmotherwren.com/ or http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/

Monday, July 20, 2009

Time to Catch Up!

Greetings from Hot, Hotter and Hottest New Mexico! What went on this past week?? Nothing really exciting I guess, just regular family stuff, errands, church, and game night. David and Derek enjoyed another week at day camp. David is (as usual) making friends faster than he can remember names...LOL! Derek really likes his teacher now and (almost) happily goes into class without a fuss, especially on Thursdays since that is WATER DAY! I actually enjoyed running errands by MYSELF last week, took myself out to lunch and generally frolicked like a child in the sprinkler system...LOL~ the church has given me permission to practice the piano whenever I like, so I found my piano books and a hymnal and went and had a marvelous time singing and playing. Good times! Pat is still in IL (sigh) but knowing that he is safe and having the time of his life comforts me...sometimes being a parent isn't comfortable, but you do what is best for them, not you. He may never want to come home again...he got back Thursday from a trip to Great Grandma's house...and he had a ball there! Great Uncle David and Pat hit it off and went fishing together several times, he spent an evening with Great Uncle Kenny who is possibly the most cantankerous man alive and LOVED it! I swear I'll never understand that child...LOL! David and James have enjoyed the newly cleaned and organized playroom and have set up car track in there until they had quite a little city going on in there. Titus plays the part of Godzilla and tramples it since he is now on his feet and into EVERYTHING! Derek is having trouble fitting into the pecking order since David likes him, but James doesn't and those two are always together...it's a quandary, so today instead of playing with them (or tying to) he baked bread with me...and that was a quandary for me...LOL! Oh my, the flour was flying....hee hee hee! Anywho, Dan and 'Shua got the dune buggy going complete with new shocks until Hercules yanked too hard and pulled the pull-cord right out and got a gas shower...have I mentioned that it's never dull here?? ; ) Jodi is on the set right now and won't be back until Thursday evening, so for most of the week it's just me and the multitudinous boys...LOL! We are having a great time so far, the boys had a Monopoly Jr marathon this afternoon, ALL the boys are going to day camp tomorrow and I am going to lunch with a friend...yeah me! I'm really excited about it. Tyler is coming to spend the night with the boys so I don't have to miss work and that is a relief to me. Plus, he can hang out with David on Wednesday and that will earn me brownie points for whenever I need them next. Game night was fun, I had to work so I called everyone and told them to eat before they came over and when I left, Tracy and Karen left also, but Charlie and company were still here when I got home (it was an early night for once) So I jumped back in and played a few rounds. Saturday was spent running errands, playing with the dune buggy and hanging out. Sunday brought church, a lazy afternoon and dinner off the grill. Charlie and company came over and we had a tasty dinner and then watched "Enemy of the State" and then had a lively conversation about our rapidly vanishing civil liberties (don't get me started) All in all, it was a lovely week and weekend. Today started with Dan and 'Shua packing up and heading out of town for the week, and then after I went back to bed, the kitty thought it would be a great idea to dump a glass of water on my head...GOOOOOOOD Morning!! I've goofed on the computer, baked bread, chased some boys, cleaned a bit and generally enjoyed myself today...and tomorrow...lunch with Tracy...it's all good! Thanks for listening/reading my ramblings...hope you are all blessed and used of God this week!
Kristy and the Man Crew

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... July 20, 2009
Outside my window...the sun burns bright and clear, the temp is soaring to 103 this afternoon and I am TOTALLY staying inside!
I am thinking...that baking bread with a 3 year old that has much more enthusiasm than skill is quite an accomplishment! LOL
I am thankful for...boys to play with, a home to care for and the abundant grace of the Father, who loves me IN SPITE of me.
From the learning rooms...we are listening to Grandma read Little Pilgrim's progress on tape, we are reading together in the hot afternoons, and we are enjoying educational DVDs (thank you Netflix) and also enjoying a break from 'formal' studies
From the kitchen…bread is rising in a sunny window, boys are demolishing lunch so now it needs to be cleaned and our meal plans look like this...
  • Monday: Spaghetti, salad and garlic toast
  • Tuesday: Homemade chicken soup

  • Wednesday: Tilapia, wild rice and Broccoli (it was so good last week, we are hiving it again...LOL)

  • Thursday: Pork chops with Mashed Potatoes and Green beans (bumped from last week)

  • Friday: Pizza

  • Saturday: Mom's Night off from the kitchen (freezer food)

  • Sunday: Roast chicken, Mashers and Salad

I am wearing…olive drab cargos, a pink tee shirt, braids and a camo hat...I know, but I was playing army with the boys
I am creating…nothing special just yet this week, my creative juices haven't woken up yet
I am going...to the library, I hope! OUt to lunch with a firend on Tuesday and working T, W, Th and Saturday....which means money for my trip to IL!! Hurray~
I am reading...Little Pilgrims' Progress with the boys
I am hoping...that I can finally wrap up a few project that have been lingering....school bookshelves set up, house shelves organized a bit more, playroom finished up
I am hearing...Derek mumble around his PB and J, the dogs' nails clicking on the tile, the fans circulating the cool air that I am so grateful for, and thoughts tumbling around in my head
Around the house...much still to do but I am closing in on it...the laundry is clean, just needs to be folded, the floors need swept but that's a job that can be delgated, the bathroom needs cleaned and will be later today, and I"m looking forward to quiet reading time!
One of my favorite things...Quiet reading time...with this many boys in the house, quiet is an unheard of luxury! One hour a day is my sanity!
A few plans for the rest of the week…just daycamp, lunch with Tracy, library and work. Dan is talking about the water slide park for the weekend, but we will see if the budget allows for that later!
Here is picture thought I am sharing...Look at out yummy dinner last night! Burgers and FRESH Corn on the cob smoked on the grill with Jack Daniels smoker chips, veggies and dip, tomato salad with parmesan cheese and Italian dressing.

I almost forgot...if you like thise posts, go read some others at http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/ or http://www.grandmotherwren.com/ thanks

Monday, July 13, 2009

Madness and Mayhem, it MUST be Monday!

Auntie Karen...don't look! David is giving Derek a ride on the dirt bike while Dan slaves over the dune buggy

Greetings from HOT and sunny New Mexico! It is really hot here...seems like it's been over a hundred for about 10 days...phew! So in addition to roasting each day, here's a brief (OK, so maybe NOT so brief) overview of what we've been doing for the last week or so.
  • Dan and 'Shua have still been working in Hurley M-Th and really enjoying their 3 day weekends
  • David and Derek went to the church's day camp program this week and loved it! They made new friends, played outside, made crafts, learned about creation and LOVED water day!

  • Pat is still with Dad and Mom in IL, and this week is actually in Ohio, visiting my Grandmother. He is getting spoiled by all the Great Aunties and Great Uncles, with whom he seems to have repoire. He survived a McCracken Family Reunion, which if you've ever been to one, is a pretty good trick! He insisted that Mom NOT introduce him to anyone and let him make his own friends...and Mom said that he did great. He calls almost everyday to tell us about some new adventure or something Mom is letting him do that I don't...he's never going to want to come home...LOL! We sure do miss him a lot!

  • Dan put shocks on the dune buggy this week...and fabricated everything but the actual shocks himself. How he can see things like that in his mind blows me away...I can barely figure out what he's doing even when I can see it with my own eyes. Anywho, it's almost ready to go and he will come home Thursday night and try to wrap it up as he was MOST disappointed that he didn't finish in time to take it for a test run on Sunday.

  • 'Shua spent his weekend shopping for plane tickets to get 'home' for the wedding, hanging out with the boys, and teasing Jodi. He also spent several hours each day helping Dan on the dune buggy project. Dan likes having a helper that can actually help...LOL!

  • Jodi and I are still on our de~cluttering mission and have already filled the car for Good Will once this week and plan on doing it again before the week is out. SIMPLICITY and ease of use are the goals. We are trying to get the school area set up so that we can start using it when school starts. This area also houses the play area so the toys need to be collected, sorted and culled a bit. The boys won't like that part, but it needs to be done!

  • Me? I'm still me...baking and crafting, cleaning and chasing babies, laundry and dishes, working and playing, and enjoying my family! And as an added bonus, I got permission to play the piano at church whenever I want so on Thursday after I dropped the boys off at day camp, I sat and played the piano for almost 2 hours...and the glory rolled! It was AWESOME!

  • We are getting excited about our upcoming trip to IL...Dans' ticket is bought and paid for, I am making road trip plans, (anyone want overnight guests??) budgeting for rising gas costs, looking at motels and making play dates for myself and the boys.

  • David managed to find his good buddy Jesse last week at the Walmart and set up a play date that turned into a sleepover and he was SOOOOOO happy and now wants to do that every week. He also spent the night with Auntie Karen this week and they had a "Back to the Future" marathon. Ty (now that he's home again) has invited David for this Thursday and Derek has a date with Auntie Karen on Saturday or Sunday.

  • Titus' first birthday was this past week and we enjoyed a party in the park on Saturday, complete with Bug hats and a cake covered in rubber bugs. : )

  • Game Night was small this week as Mike, Krissy and boys were missing, Ty was out of town and Robert and Tracy were sick. Plus Karen and David left early to get started on their movies...so it was just us, Charlie, Devin and Kelly...but we had fun and laughed lots and told silly stories. Dan got the giggles and Devin about popped his eyes out laughing at Dan with the giggles. ; )

So, all of that to say that we are happy, healthy, busy and having fun together! Thanks for reading and I'll add a few pics and be done.

Blessings to you this week,

Kristy and the Man Crew

PS...Lost Boys, I miss you all and am praying for you!

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY July 13, 2009
Outside my window... it is HOT, HOT and more HOT...phew
I am thinking... that my head hurts because I have my hair pulled too tight. And on a deeper level, that I need to get back to being a Mary instead of a Martha...no more pity parties for me

I am thankful for... much! Life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness, real joy, faith, family, good books, and a good grilled cheese on homemade whole wheat...YUM~O
From the learning rooms... nothing except a Trip to the library later this week
From the kitchen… bread is rising, lunch is in the making, and the meal plans for the week are as follows

  • Monday:Red beans and rice

  • Tuesday: Tilapia, parsley noodles and broccoli

  • Wednesday:Taco soup and grilled cheese

  • Thursday: Split pea soup

  • Friday: Homemade pizza

  • Saturday: Burgers on the grill, pasta salad and chips

  • Stuffed chicken breasts...sides to be announced later...LOL

I am wearing… Ugly khaki capris and a bleach stained t~shirt...working in the back room today and it's gonna get ugly...LOL
I am creating… A clean home, an organized school section, a play room that is usable and a happy Good Will store : )
I am going... to the library, to work and the Good Will store at least once more! Groceries on Friday and Church on Sunday
I am reading... Nothing yet this week...sigh
I am hoping... that all my plans work out for this week~ SO want to get the house organized...tired of the mess
I am hearing... David making lunch, the two goofies at the table crunching their water bottles, Titus protesting as Jodi wipes his runny nose and the fans circulating the cool air so we don't roast...LOL
Around the house... MUCH to do, the big projects being the continued organization/de~cluttering project, setting up the school area, and getting the house back in order after 3 days of doing NO cleaning...doesn't sound so bad until you remember that we are a house of 9 plus all the animals!
One of my favorite things... Time to have a rational thought...it doesn't happen often around here...LOL!
A few plans for the rest of the week… See Around the House
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
It's a video, but it makes the kids think that Dan is soooo cool~ Also I'll add a pic of him welding pieces to make shocks for the dune buggy. He fabricated all of the parts for the whole thing except for the actual shocks. I"m so impressed with him!!

Dan, Dan the Welder man...plus jack of all trades wonder!
This post is a response to the call towards the simple life. If you like this and want to read more of the same style, read them at Grandmother Wren and the Simple Womans Daybook ENJOY!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day PIcs...too cute!

Hurray for fireworks!!

I know, I know, I've posted 38 times today, but I just couldn't resist sharing a few pics of the weekend with you all. Something about Independence Day makes me just feel happy to be alive, at home with my family, grateful for a God that loves me despite my multitudinous flaws and so proud to be an American. Flawed though it is, it's still the best place to live in this whole wide world and I'm patriotic to the core. Anywho...I managed to snap a few cute pics this weekend so here they are in no particular order.

Awww, a man taking the baby for a walk, now that warms a mama's heart! Way to go, 'Shua!

Derek is quite intent on the races....hat, sunglasses and headphones check, check and check~

I know we've been married ALMOST 13 years, but he still makes my heart go pitty~pat!

David settles in for a long wait before the races since we went early to get good seats.

Derek was waiting for his shirt to come out of the dryer at the last second...LOL! Oh and for Mama to wash his face!

Titus was deep in thought about something....this was his first trip to the races and he loved it!!

James likes the races...and was ready for them to start...right now!!

This is Derek at the end....he just climbs up in Daddy's lap and goes to sleep...so sweet!
OH, and one of me..just to prove I was actually there...LOL!

Healthiness is Mine in 2009

For those of you who don't know, or have forgotten, I write another blog on here called Healthiness is Mine in 2009...come check it out, offer words of advice, post a 'before' picture for motvation, join me on my journey...etc...it will be fun! Thanks in advance!

Check This Out! It's FREE!!

For those of you wanting to buy AMERICAN made things, check out the blog giveaway at Blessed with Full Hands. She is offering a book called Made Here, Baby and doing a fun little giveaway and as you ALL know, free is my favorite price. For more info, click HERE to follow the link to her site and book contest rules. ENJOY!!

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY July 6, 2009...
Outside my window...the sun is shining down on the world through some light fluffy clouds, the temp hovers around 85 and a gentle breeze blows after last night's thundershowers
I am thinking...that Monday is one of my favorite days, that bread in the oven is one of my favorite smells and that I'm glad to be home raising my boys and taking care of my home while hubby is away working to support us.
I am thankful for...freedom, family, friends and fresh baked bread...I just love alliteration, I can't help myself...LOL
From the learning rooms...nothing official this week. The boys are home are reading everyday, we are finishing up our "Musical Appreciation' Study of the old classic musicals, and enjoying nature, but nothing official
From the kitchen…Bread is baking now...yum~O
~For the rest of the week...let's see

  • Spaghetti with Ground turkey and veggie sauce with fresh french bread

  • Chicken tacos with salad

  • Breakfast for dinner, eggs, bacon, pancakes with juice and fruit

  • Pork chops, Rice and peas

  • Soup and grilled cheese

  • Pizza

  • Birthday party food for T's birthday on Saturday ; )

I am wearing…Capris and a graphic tee, tennies are on to save my back...gotta work tonight
I am creating…empty cabinets, cleared of shelves, and a happy Good Will store as I continue to purge, purge purge our TOO MANY boxes of schtuff in the back room
I am going...no where all week except work until the weekend, then the usual: grocery shopping, errand running, farmer's market, church, race track
I am reading...other simple woman's day book entries, kiddie books and my tired and true recipes
I am hoping...that Dan and 'Shua have a great week at work and stay safe. That my boys have happy memories of growing up at home. And that they all grow up to serve the Lord.
I am hearing...the washer doing my hard work for me, the TV playing a movie for the boys until lunch, the ceiling fans keeping the house cool, and the boys murmuring to one another.
Around the house...there are floors to sweep, lunch to make, shelves to clear, boys to chase, and bathroom to clean.
One of my favorite things...Fourth of July....just makes a person so glad to be free!
A few plans for the rest of the week…Rest and relaxation, purging our belongings (less is MORE) reading, praying, catching up with friends.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...A snappie of us at the racetrack on Saturday. We enjoyed the sunshine, the laughter and camaraderie of family, overpriced snack foods and drinks, cars driving FAST, fireworks and music that made our hearts soar!

Thispost was started by the marlevous Miss Peggy, who is on vacation for the summer, so if you want to read more day books check out Grandma Wren's site. Thanks! ~K~

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Greetings from HOT and sunny NM! It's been another busy week around our home as the men are still travelling for work, me working nights, Jodi searching for work and many boys still here to play with the wrangle and raise...hee hee! Pat is still in IL with my parents and is having a marvelous time. He's been on a play date with most of his cousins, spent a day with Dan's Dad and step mom, been to the movies more times than I can count already and stayed up ridiculously late. He may never want to come home...ha ha ha! Dan and 'Shua spent a week in Hurley working away for Wooten Construction and after putting in their forty for the man, came home to relax and recoup for the weekend...and a lovely holiday weekend it is! Last night was game night and Jodi invited new people, who were very nice. Jodi and I were quite productive this week, filling up the car TWICE with donations to Good Will. We found fabric that I had forgotten I had and turned it into 3 new tablecloths, mending some clothes and generally having a wonderful crafty time. I baked french bread for the first time and turned it into garlic bread to go with Spaghetti and Jodi said it was the bet garlic bread she'd ever had, which I consider high praise : ) so I snapped a picture of it since I'm a nerd. I unpacked the dreaded last 7 boxes that had been sitting in front of my bedroom for 3 months and was annoyed to realize that MOST of it didn't even belong in my room...LOL! It was all mislabelled boxes...serves me right for putting it off so long. Oh well, lesson learned. We hung pictures and decorations, moved Pat's turtle and a set of lizards out of the back room since it has no A/C..they were getting really hot and I kept forgetting to water them...so they are now happily in the house. As for today, INDEPENDENCE Day, remember to thank someone for your freedoms. The boys are anxiously awaiting time to leave for the racetrack as they will be having the races as usual, but also host the biggest display of fireworks in our county...yeah! We are quite excited...so right after our yummy cookout, we will head to the track to get good seats. We are having homemade burgers on our new (to us) grill with Jack Daniels smoker chips, veggie pasta salad, sliced peaches, chips, veggies and OREO pie...yum~O! We are all wearing our dorky coordinated T-shirts which 'Shua let me know he thought was the dorkiest thing EVER, but since he loves me, he wore it anyway...such a good boy he is! So when we hit the track, we will be able to find one another...all the little boys match, and the men match...and me, since I'm the only girl, I get to wear something different..yeah me! LOL! Anyhow...I'm starting to ramble and it's time to get to making burgers...so a few snapshots and I'm outtie! Have a great holiday, stay safe and don't forget to appreciate your freedoms!
Blessings and Fireworks,
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