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Monday, July 27, 2009

Happenings in the MeYeR House

The View from the end of our driveway....Oh my Gravy, I love the Organs!
My oh My, the heat! It's been hot again this week, but we are fighting it by doing our outside things in the early am and hanging out inside during the heat blast that IS the afternoon. If the boys go out after lunchtime, it's to jump on the trampoline while the hose is spraying them. Jodi was gone most of last week, so I spent the week with the little ones...we had fun together. ALL the boys went to camp T and Th and I enjoyed the quiet...LOL!

Monday was rather uneventful as the men went off to work for the week, the boys and I stayed home and turned the mess back into a house. Tuesday, the boys went to camp and I set out for a day of adult adventures...but they fell through as Miss Tracy ended up with a dental emergency and couldn't come out to play. I tried to go Mother of the groom dress shopping, but found out that I ma the wrong age to be the mother of the groom, so I have two choices....prom dress or GRAND mother of the groom dress...LOL! Then I worked and Tyler was gracious enough to come spend the night with the boys. Wednesday was a (thankfully) uneventful day as I tried to get over the disappointment of Tuesday...I'm such a baby!
Thursday held another day at camp for the boys, and we even made it on time that day...whee! I had a lovely chat with my mom without being interrupted 87 thousand times and the boys had fun. After the men arrived home, I headed out to another night of work...and much to my JOY, Kohls hired a new ad set worker and he already knew what he was doing since he was a transfer from another Kohls in Cali. : ) Friday held grocery shopping, random other errands and prep for game night. The pizza turned out well, but we had several cancellations...Karen had heat exhaustion, Robert had to work and Tracy was still dealing with her teeth, Mike and Krissy are too busy at this point in their lives, and Jodi's new friends, Laura and Dustin needed to catch up on some sleep since Dustin has to be at work at 3 am...SO, we are still eating that pizza...ha ha ha! Tyler, Charlie and the rest of us had a ball playing Spoons, Uno and Farkle. Saturday and Sunday were both spent just being lazy and hanging out...running a few errands and taking naps. Dan took the boys and went to the races on Saturday evening while I was at work, and that was about it.
So there is our week ins a rather large nutshell...LOL! Pat remains in IL and while I'm missing him terribly, it comforts me to know that he is having fun and being well cared for. Mom even called today for my bread recipe as she is discovering that HFCS is truly in EVERYTHING! Bless her heart for taking such good care of my boy! OK, enough chatter for this week...bless you all this week! Miss you all bunches and to those in IL, I'll see you in about 7 weeks....whee~


PS...Lost Boys, especially can't wait to see you!

David and Shadow are looking for.....something, but neither one of them seems to know exactly WHAT...LOL

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Auntie Q said...

How fun! Hate that HFCS is in everything, too! Loved the "turned the mess back into a house" bit. :)

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