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Monday, July 20, 2009

Time to Catch Up!

Greetings from Hot, Hotter and Hottest New Mexico! What went on this past week?? Nothing really exciting I guess, just regular family stuff, errands, church, and game night. David and Derek enjoyed another week at day camp. David is (as usual) making friends faster than he can remember names...LOL! Derek really likes his teacher now and (almost) happily goes into class without a fuss, especially on Thursdays since that is WATER DAY! I actually enjoyed running errands by MYSELF last week, took myself out to lunch and generally frolicked like a child in the sprinkler system...LOL~ the church has given me permission to practice the piano whenever I like, so I found my piano books and a hymnal and went and had a marvelous time singing and playing. Good times! Pat is still in IL (sigh) but knowing that he is safe and having the time of his life comforts me...sometimes being a parent isn't comfortable, but you do what is best for them, not you. He may never want to come home again...he got back Thursday from a trip to Great Grandma's house...and he had a ball there! Great Uncle David and Pat hit it off and went fishing together several times, he spent an evening with Great Uncle Kenny who is possibly the most cantankerous man alive and LOVED it! I swear I'll never understand that child...LOL! David and James have enjoyed the newly cleaned and organized playroom and have set up car track in there until they had quite a little city going on in there. Titus plays the part of Godzilla and tramples it since he is now on his feet and into EVERYTHING! Derek is having trouble fitting into the pecking order since David likes him, but James doesn't and those two are always together...it's a quandary, so today instead of playing with them (or tying to) he baked bread with me...and that was a quandary for me...LOL! Oh my, the flour was flying....hee hee hee! Anywho, Dan and 'Shua got the dune buggy going complete with new shocks until Hercules yanked too hard and pulled the pull-cord right out and got a gas shower...have I mentioned that it's never dull here?? ; ) Jodi is on the set right now and won't be back until Thursday evening, so for most of the week it's just me and the multitudinous boys...LOL! We are having a great time so far, the boys had a Monopoly Jr marathon this afternoon, ALL the boys are going to day camp tomorrow and I am going to lunch with a friend...yeah me! I'm really excited about it. Tyler is coming to spend the night with the boys so I don't have to miss work and that is a relief to me. Plus, he can hang out with David on Wednesday and that will earn me brownie points for whenever I need them next. Game night was fun, I had to work so I called everyone and told them to eat before they came over and when I left, Tracy and Karen left also, but Charlie and company were still here when I got home (it was an early night for once) So I jumped back in and played a few rounds. Saturday was spent running errands, playing with the dune buggy and hanging out. Sunday brought church, a lazy afternoon and dinner off the grill. Charlie and company came over and we had a tasty dinner and then watched "Enemy of the State" and then had a lively conversation about our rapidly vanishing civil liberties (don't get me started) All in all, it was a lovely week and weekend. Today started with Dan and 'Shua packing up and heading out of town for the week, and then after I went back to bed, the kitty thought it would be a great idea to dump a glass of water on my head...GOOOOOOOD Morning!! I've goofed on the computer, baked bread, chased some boys, cleaned a bit and generally enjoyed myself today...and tomorrow...lunch with Tracy...it's all good! Thanks for listening/reading my ramblings...hope you are all blessed and used of God this week!
Kristy and the Man Crew

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The Ruoss Crew said...

Can I say one more time that I can't wait to see you? What are the dates you will be here?

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