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Monday, July 20, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... July 20, 2009
Outside my window...the sun burns bright and clear, the temp is soaring to 103 this afternoon and I am TOTALLY staying inside!
I am thinking...that baking bread with a 3 year old that has much more enthusiasm than skill is quite an accomplishment! LOL
I am thankful for...boys to play with, a home to care for and the abundant grace of the Father, who loves me IN SPITE of me.
From the learning rooms...we are listening to Grandma read Little Pilgrim's progress on tape, we are reading together in the hot afternoons, and we are enjoying educational DVDs (thank you Netflix) and also enjoying a break from 'formal' studies
From the kitchen…bread is rising in a sunny window, boys are demolishing lunch so now it needs to be cleaned and our meal plans look like this...
  • Monday: Spaghetti, salad and garlic toast
  • Tuesday: Homemade chicken soup

  • Wednesday: Tilapia, wild rice and Broccoli (it was so good last week, we are hiving it again...LOL)

  • Thursday: Pork chops with Mashed Potatoes and Green beans (bumped from last week)

  • Friday: Pizza

  • Saturday: Mom's Night off from the kitchen (freezer food)

  • Sunday: Roast chicken, Mashers and Salad

I am wearing…olive drab cargos, a pink tee shirt, braids and a camo hat...I know, but I was playing army with the boys
I am creating…nothing special just yet this week, my creative juices haven't woken up yet
I am going...to the library, I hope! OUt to lunch with a firend on Tuesday and working T, W, Th and Saturday....which means money for my trip to IL!! Hurray~
I am reading...Little Pilgrims' Progress with the boys
I am hoping...that I can finally wrap up a few project that have been lingering....school bookshelves set up, house shelves organized a bit more, playroom finished up
I am hearing...Derek mumble around his PB and J, the dogs' nails clicking on the tile, the fans circulating the cool air that I am so grateful for, and thoughts tumbling around in my head
Around the house...much still to do but I am closing in on it...the laundry is clean, just needs to be folded, the floors need swept but that's a job that can be delgated, the bathroom needs cleaned and will be later today, and I"m looking forward to quiet reading time!
One of my favorite things...Quiet reading time...with this many boys in the house, quiet is an unheard of luxury! One hour a day is my sanity!
A few plans for the rest of the week…just daycamp, lunch with Tracy, library and work. Dan is talking about the water slide park for the weekend, but we will see if the budget allows for that later!
Here is picture thought I am sharing...Look at out yummy dinner last night! Burgers and FRESH Corn on the cob smoked on the grill with Jack Daniels smoker chips, veggies and dip, tomato salad with parmesan cheese and Italian dressing.

I almost forgot...if you like thise posts, go read some others at http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/ or http://www.grandmotherwren.com/ thanks


Linda C said...

I love the name of your blog! We raised a "man crew" of 5 boys, so I can relate to your life quite a bit:)
Raising boys is great! Daughters too:)- we have one of those too!

I enjoyed reading your daybook and thanks for stopping by my place today! Come anytime:)

Happy Monday!

Linda C

Tara said...

Thank you for visiting today. I know what you mean over a hour is sanity. In the picture 3 of the boys were mine plus 1 man. Keeps me on my toes all the time.
Blessing and hope to see you again

Anonymous said...

That dinner looks fabulous! I've never tried smoking corn, but it sounds yummy.

Auntie Q said...

I so enjoyed reading your daybook! Your menu looks awesome as does your picture thought. We had tilapia (fish tacos) tonight!

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