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The Best Thing I've Heard All Week

     A brilliant friend of mine (Hi Amy) called her new boyfriend a 'gentleman savage' on Facebook this week, and it struck a chord ...

A Few of the Best

Here are a few of the most popular posts from our little slice of cyber life. There is no rhyme or reason to it, just some of my faves, a few that got a bunch of hits and some random silliness. That pretty much sums up my whole existence anyway. :)
This is also the place to look if you want to stay current on my book reading lists, my joy journal and the like.
1. Gentleman Savage
2. #100HappyDays: Day 16
3. Our First Trip to the Mesilla Maize Maze
4. Joy-FULL February
5. Simple Woman's Daybook
6. The Hubster, Hercules
7. Christmas Countdown Activities
8. Photo Envy
9. Monthly Catch-All Post (June)
10. What IS Contentment?
11. Happy Independence Day, America!
12. A Gift for The Man
13. Great Big Blessings
14. Mouse Wars~ Chapter 1
15. Cats in the Wall? Only at MY House
Hope you laughed your head off, found some inspiration and generally enjoyed the journey with us. Thanks for stopping by!

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