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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mouse Wars...Chapter 1

Ugh....I *dislike* mice. Not in a "I wish they didn't exist!" sense, but more of a "I wish they didn't like to live in my house." sense. This week, we declared war on the mouse or two that had taken up residence in our home, or more importantly, the pantry. I was getting pretty annoyed with finding droppings here or there, and especially annoyed with finding tiny holes in my pantry stock. Grrrr! So, Friday the Man bought some of those sticky pads and put them here and there where he thought they might be sneaking around. Then, we waited. Saturday morning brought our first victory...2 mice caught in the sticky goo! Hurray, the Man and the Boy put them in a box and took them to Charlie who has reptiles that eat mice. Yeah...out of my house and into their bellies...I can so live with that. That's recycling, right?? *winks* So we congratulated ourselves and repositioned the traps, JUST IN CASE there was one left. Charlie's son Devin called me later that day to announce that 'the fat one just had 7 babies' PHEW...so glad we avoided THAT mess! We had a good laugh about that part. Next, we caught the kitten, because she's COOL like that : ) After Sophie was pried off the trap, we put them back and waited. Sunday morning, we found two more...gross! So after we carefully peeled them off the goo, we figured SURELY we must have caught them all. We repositioned the traps on the OFF chance that there might be one left, but didn't expect anything.

Look for chapter 2...coming soon

1 comment:

jolincountry said...

Oh my! Wow, I'm glad you have (at least) 4 less mice in your house!
I like your idea of recycling :)
Can't wait to read part 2..

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