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Monday, May 3, 2010

10 Minute Catch UP

Well, hang on to your hats, I'm trying to get you caught up in 10 minutes or less! Oops, hang on~Derek just lost a fight with Rusty...be right back.

I'm back...he's fine; a band-aid and a Jolly Rancher and all is right with the world again : )

Moving on...life is never dull around here, have I mentioned that??

  • Dolli has been here for almost two week and hanging out with her is always fun. She is so vivacious and special. No wonder she's the light of Karen's eyes, not to mention that sweet grand baby! I was even allowed to babysit for an afternoon and like any good great auntie, I filled her up with sugar and covered her in kisses : )

  • School is rolling along well and if we keep at it, we might just have a summer break after all, hurray! My Father's World continues to be a hit and we are wrapping up our time in Germany and heading to Africa soon to study a few countries there. I think next year we will lay aside our beloved ABeka for the older boys and find something a bit more engaging. Derek will be using their Kinder program...Whoa, that was hard to type!

  • Dan and Josh have been working and working and working. They are on day 8 of consecutive work days. Their side job is almost done, just a few more weekends and then they can relax on weekends~ and I'm sure they are looking forward to that.

  • David's gymnastics recital is next week. He is really excited about that! I can't wait to see him do his 'thang' Working at the gym for me is fun and Patrick has started to really enjoy coming along and serving customers and his change making skills are really improving. Derek loves free gym. His favorite is the foam pit where he can jump in to his heart's delight with no danger of hurting himself. : )

  • Let's see...what else? The house is a mess after we all just worked like crazy this weekend. 'Shua, Dan, Lauren and I have all shared a cold/virus something over the past week and it's just a awful. I've never wanted to take my next dose of cold meds early before...it's that bad! But, we are all on the mend now and that's good news!

  • Anywho, I suppose that all the news that IS news around here right now. Take a moment if you will and pray over these things.

1. Dolli's safe return to Cali tomorrow
2. Karen's emotions after Dolli's departure...she always gets so sad when Dolli leaves.
3. Dan and Josh's continued safety on the job and on the drive there and back each day.
4. Continued success with schooling...Pat has come so far this year!"
5. Us finding a new church where we ALL feel right about it.
6. My Dad is retiring next month (Praise the Lord) and I'm HOPING that they will soon be visiting more often and for longer *wink wink, nudge nudge*

A few pictures and I'm out....20 minutes late, but that's life around here!


Kristy and the Man Crew

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

sounds like you all are living a full and joyous life!

Dolli is a cutie!

I like hearing that David is enjoying Gymnastics so much.

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