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Monday, April 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Only at my house would a well-pump house door say MEN....Muahahahah! I love the nonsense that IS my life!


Kimberly said...

there were words. How can it be wordless if there were words?
Do you really have a door that says MEN?

I'm sitting here planning the Drawing/Sketching class. I'm going to call it SKETCHERS 101.

The Man Crew said...

Well Kim, the idea is that there isn't a paragraph or entire blog entry...just a phrase or a sentence to explain the picture and that's it. And yes, that IS a door at my house. We needed to replace the door to the well pump house, and Dan brought home a 'scrap' door from a school remodelling project he is doing, and it originally said 'WOMEN' but it was too wide for the door opening, so he cut it and then it said "OMEN" and we decided that wasn't good, so he scraped the "O" off and now it says, "MEN"...LOL~ Such is the craziness that IS my life, and it ALWAYS needs some type of explanation :)

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