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Monday, April 26, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today... April 26, my Internet Bestie's birthday....wub you, Jen!
Outside my window... Darkness envelopes the yard after the sun had gone to bed. Stars twinkle brightly in the night sky and a cool breeze rustles the leaves.
I am thankful for... cats that return home after being gone 3 whole months! Welcome back, Harley the 2nd!
I am thinking... that today felt like a Monday...LOL! Wish I could have found that DSi of Derek's...I. Can. Not. Find. Them....booooo!
I am wearing... my pj's. That's OK, since I'm headed to bed, right??
I am creating... chaos out of calm...no wait, that's not right! I better do better tomorrow. : )
I am going... to convince Dan into going to bed since he is sick and sleeping on the couch...silly man!
I am pondering... how boys that are 'too tired' to do their chores or school properly all day can now still be chatting and laughing an HOUR after I sent them to bed. LOL, Boys!
I am reading..."Why Don't Penguins Feet Freeze and 114 Other Questions" "A Bride Most Begrudging" and whatever I pick up next...possibly a "Woman After God's Own Heart" AGAIN...I must be stubborn
From the learning rooms... decimals, proportions, long division, grammar, My Father's World (still in Germany) and getting more library books at the library tomorrow.
From the kitchen... Dinner is over, dishes are soaking in the sink and the pantry and freezer are full of tasty ingredients to make filling meals. Meal plans are as follows:

  • Monday~Breakfast for Dinner

  • Tuesday~Mac and Cheese with smoked sausage and salad

  • Wednesday~ Ham and beans

  • Thursday~Baked Ham, stuffing and veggie sticks

  • Friday~ Pizza...man, I love my own pizza : )

  • Saturday~ Taquitos, Chips and salsa

  • Sunday~To be Determined. Seems like each week, something comes up and I end up improving on dinner anyway, so why bother planning it, right??

Around the house... Derek's DSi is missing and I am upset! I've spent most of the day looking for it to no avail and I'm really annoyed. In the process, of course, I ended up making a rather large mess...so tomorrow I'll spend the day putting it BACK together. *sigh* Like I needed more to do, right?? LOL
I am hearing... The Myth Busters shouting excitedly about busting out of jail with some Tums and water...whatever : ) The boys are finally settling down and I'm ready to start the dryer for the last time today before I turn in.
A few plans for the rest of the week... school, school, school. Library, work 4 times, grocery store and possibly the park. Tracy's for paper play day and coffee with Karen and Dolli on Wednesday. It's good to have plans!
One of my favorite things... Blogging...I just LOVE making the jumbled thoughts in my head take shape on paper....err, computer screen. And I love all the wonderful people I've met through my blog. It's a thing of beauty.
A picture thought I am sharing... My backyard at sunset. It's so glorious, I can hardly stand it!!

If you enjoyed this post and want to take a peek into others' daybooks, head on over to Miss Peggy's site at http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/

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Ann said...

Jealous of your sunset backyard... gorgeous!

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