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Thursday, April 22, 2010

For today... Earth Day April 22, 2010 (what are YOU doing to help the planet survive us??)
Outside my window... It is overcast and gloomy with a cool breeze, but since I've been wilting all week with the heat and the HOT breeze, that suits me just fine. : )
I am thankful for... books to read, to share, to learn from and to enjoy. At our house...books are friends.
I am thinking... that while I've enjoyed my day of no lists yesterday, I need to get mine back out and get busy today.
I am wearing... comfy, clean the house and play with the kiddos clothes
I am creating... A warm and cozy place of refuge for my kiddos and hubby...and my friends and extended family as well. I want my home to be a safe haven for those I love.
I am going... nowhere today and I'm pretty excited about that!
I am pondering... how it is that time seems to go by so much faster as we age. Wasn't it just yesterday or last week at most that I met and began to love Dan? How is it that we've been 13.5 years already and have children the ages that they are?? SLOW DOWN WORLD, I want to get off....LOL!
I am reading..."Why Don't Penguins Feet Freeze and 114 Other Questions"
From the learning rooms... for today, life lessons in doing chores without Mama nagging you. Later today, My Father's World...we are currently in Germany, learning about the people that live there and their culture. Guten Tag!
From the kitchen... Bread is rising on the counter, dishes are soaking and counters need wiped yet again. I'm enjoying my frozen coffee drink that I made using Dan's favorite kitchen tool, the Magic Bullet. Meal plans are as follows:
  • Monday~BBQ pork (from the crock pot) sammies on fresh french bread.
  • Tuesday~Chicken and rice casserole...worth every minute of the 3 hours it takes to bake
  • Wednesday~ Crunchy taco Hamburger Helper, per Dan's request. Also serves with a huge salad...yummy!
  • Thursday~Sauteed Shrimp, brown rice and steamed green beans
  • Friday~ Pizza, of course, and we are having a HUGE crowd. I may have to make 10 pizzas
  • Saturday~ Breakfast for dinner...scrambled eggs with cheese, fresh biscuits, bacon, sausage and OJ. Mmmmm
  • Sunday~Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn ( I think I posted that one last week, but it got bumped by the pot roast)

Around the house... this morning it was a full on disaster, but now after several rounds of chores, it's downright decent. A bit more sweeping to do, some clothes to put away and a touch of dusting...after that, perfection! That will last for exactly 3.2 seconds...ha ha ha
I am hearing... The Gathier Vocal Band filling the air with praise, boys chatting excitedly while playing games together after a morning filled with chores, the dogs nails clicking on the tile, and myself typing away. A few birds are chirping in the background, but not as many as yesterday.
I am hoping... to finish my chores BEFORE Jodi arrives with James for afternoon school, which means I better stop blogging and get busy! I'm also hoping to get dinner on the table in a more timely fashion tonight than yesterday. And to be DONE with everything in time to watch Avatar, which I'm SURE Dan will arrive home with tonight...LOL!
A few plans for the rest of the week... grocery shopping tomorrow morning, HUGE game night tomorrow night, working Saturday morning and finding a new church to visit Sunday morning...and LOST of visiting with Dolli and Ryan anywhere I can squeeze it in.
One of my favorite things... FAMILY. Blood relations, family by marriage, and those we have adopted as family.
A picture thought I am sharing... 3 generations! Ryan, Dolli and Uncle Dan. Make that GREAT UNCLE Dan...love it!!

If you enjoyed this post and want to take a peek into others' daybooks, head on over to Miss Peggy's site at http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/

Oops, time to punch down the bread and get it in loaf pans...time to go!

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Kimberly said...

Gavin said, in light of the rain that the earth is helping itself today and he'll do something tomorrow.

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