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Monday, April 26, 2010

What a Weekend!

Hello friends, near and far, in person and in cyber-space! We had such an exciting weekend that I wanted to share while it was still *semi* fresh my mind. : )

~Thursday, which is weekend warm up for us, was filled with school, tidying here and there, gymnastics for D, and Dan came home with the new movie AVATAR which we watched on the big screen. The CG in the movie is fantastic, the special effects are superb and the cinematography is resplendent, but the story itself is a bit overdone. A good movie, nonetheless. Dan really enjoyed it!

~Friday always means game night and it was a doozie! 23 people filled our home with fun, laughter and games! 5 Meyer's, 3 Starnes', 2 Balding's, 2 Bruno's, 2 Myer's 3 McKinney's, 2 Bean's and 4 Chacon's. Holy 10 pizzas, Batman! Being my mother's daughter, I WAY over did it with the pizza, assuming that everyone eats like Dan, even the babies...LOL! It was nice not to cook all weekend as we munched, and munched, and MUNCHED on that leftover pizza. We played games, the kids played outside enjoying the gorgeous weather and the adults chatted and carried on famously.

~Saturday Dan went to work as did I and the boys enjoyed some open gym while I wrapped up the concession stand duties. Then I realized that I had missed my Angel Food Network pick up and that some OTHER needy family had gotten the order I placed. Well, that was disappointing, but God will provide for us this week. : ) I went and had a lovely chat with Lauren, then headed home to rest. Dan arrived home later with 'Shua and the boy invited me out to dinner....yeah! David had his gymnastics banquet that evening, so I dropped him and then met up with 'Shua and we spent 2.5 lovely hours chatting over dinner while David got awards and played with his friends. He got a small trophy, and 2 small awards for getting the best haircut, and for getting the most rips from the high bar. (Boys are so weird) Went home and watched Avatar...again. Dan had bought a high def cable and the colors were so much more vibrant. So pretty! When we headed to bed...we still had a surprise waiting. As we prepared for bed, we heard a scratch at the door and some loud meowing. To our shock, Harley had returned! He looks none the worse for being gone 3 months and came right in and settled right back in like he was never gone. He's even warmed up to Sophie...well, a little : )

~Sunday....Oh sweet Sunday! Happy 74th Birthday Dad...we LOVE YOU! I woke up feeling terrible, as if I'd pulled a muscle in my right shoulder. OUCH! So, we decided to stay home and have a movie day. We did a few quick chores and then settled in to watch movies. We watched "Fireproof" *which is excellent, by the way...we BOTH cried* "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves" "Kate and Leopold" and "28 Days" We laughed, we cried, we played with the pets, we goofed with the boys and we just enjoyed being together. Dan spiked my morning smoothie, rubbed my back and attached me to the TENS unit to make my shoulder loosen up...he's the best. The boys watched some, watched a movie or two on their own while folding clothes and played outside. It was a a great day.And to make the day just about perfect, Dan caught the mouse that has been enjoying my pantry a little too much.

So, it's been a super great weekend. It means that I was ready for Monday when it arrived this morning. I didn't feel overwhelmed, behind or frustrated by it's arrival...and that's ALWAYS a good thing. Thanks for sharing our happy weekend with us!

**And the best part of the whole weekend is that Dolli and Ryan are in town...yeah!!**

Lost boys...I have been missing you so much! Dariel, Ricky, Tony and Alec...love you boys!
Mama K

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