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What is contentment?

What IS contentment??? ~Is it having everything you ever wished for to come true? ~Is it having the perfect husband, kids or house? ~Is it...

Meet the Man Crew

Meet the MeYeR Man Crew, sometimes simply known as the Mayhem:
  • Meet the Man; Answers to Dan, Hercules, Dad, Grand-Dan, and Love Monkey. He's the head of this house. He works harder than any man I know to bring home the bacon, help out family and friends, and be a great husband, super dad and all around hero. He's funny, kind, creative, and a man of integrity. You name it; he can fix it, repair it, improve it and make it shiny. Give him a paperclip and a wad of chewing gum, he can save the world. I {heart} him! 20 years together and he still likes me. :)
  • Meet the Mama to the Man Crew; that would be me, Kristy. I answer to Mama K, Baby Girl, Wacko Religious Homeschooling Freak, Sister-Girl, Pizza Lady, {Grand}Mama K, Sunshine and a host of other ridiculous names. I am uniquely qualified to be the mother of all boys. I love all things loud, messy, fast and funny. I also love books, quiet, music, and cooking from scratch. I love my life that is FULL of semi-organized chaos, more blessings than I deserve, and Jesus
  • Meet The Boy; Joshua affectionately called 'Shua, and The Boy. At 28, he's grown, married and living far across the country. His wife Lauren is our darling daughter-in-love. They bring us joy, laughter, and depth of character...and most recently, a grandson! Baby Caden joined the family on Feb 1, 2017.
  • Meet Dastroyah; Answers to David da Dastroyah and not much else. David is a former level 10 gymnast (he recently retired in the hopes of becoming the head coach of the competitive boys team) and the hardest working teenager I know. He's 19 and loves to work out at the gym, collect swords/knives/daggers and the like, and play Magic the Gathering. He recently purchased an old SUV, and older pickup, and a set of older motorcycles that bring him no end of grief AND joy. He works copious hours at the gym where he trains, and the kiddos (and the gym manager) LOVE him. He's in the right job for sure.
  • Meet PattyCakes; Patrick the Handful. Answers to Pat, the Baby Whisperer, Goofball, Parkour Ninja and Drake (he wants a name that starts with the letter D also). He's 18, is working his way through the 12th grade and loves all things ridiculous. He works at our church in the children's ministry. When the ladies interviewing him asked if he wasn't intimidated by the babies, he replied, "They are babies. What's so scary about that?" They hired him on the spot. Patrick has recently added a second job working at the gym with David. He's getting paid to play at kids' birthday parties. That's win/win for him. ;)
  • Meet the BIGS: Otherwise known as David and Patrick. But at only 15 months apart, they're more like twins than singletons and have often been referred to as a set. Also called D and P, The Brothers, and even occasionally the Brothers of the Apocalypse, but mostly the BIGS.
  • Meet The Baby; answers to Derek, DT, Sugar Monster and Slick. As the baby of our family (and the whole Meyer extended family), he is a bit pampered and he's OK with that. On the other hand, he does a pretty good job of keeping up with the BIGS. He's 11 and working through the 5th grade this year. He's our most gregarious child and has never met a stranger, just a new friend that he doesn't know their name yet. He loves Minecraft, Pokemon, his bike/roller-blades/pogo stick, the trampoline, video games, hanging out with the BIGS and Hercules, and playing with his cousins. Derek has recently joined the competitive gymnastics Team at the gym and now spends 12 hours a week working on gymnastics skills. He's loving it!
  • Meet My Mom/Grma; answers to LaVonda, Mom, Grma, and GiGi. Mom has moved back to IL. (boo) But you'll often find her as you scroll through the pages of our adventures. We miss her!
  • Other characters you'll find in the pages of our life:
    ~The B-Bunch Family: known as BossMan, BossLady, Z (20), G (16) and A (7). I work for them as a nanny/chauffeur 30-55+ hours a week, depending on the season. (I retired from this job in May of '17)
    ~S-G/Karen: My half sister who invited us to come to NM and start over.
    ~Jodi, James and T: My younger sister and her two boys.
    ~Charlie (and Devin and Annabel) Charlie is Karen's lifelong friend and he's brave and kind enough to call us friends. He has a hilarious story about WHAT-NOT-TO-DO in any given situation...because he'
    s already tried them all. ;) Devin and A~bel are his son and DIL, currently living out of town, but we're hoping they come back soon.
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