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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Swinging By and Waving a Hand~ Hello Cyber-Space!

Not much time this morning, but I wanted to swing by and say hello to everyone who has been catching up with us via the blog recently. Not too much going on right now, but Dan's Mom is in town (Otherwise known as Mambo) and we are enjoying her visit.  I worked nearly 60 hours last week, and while I do enjoy my job, 60 hours with someone else's kids is no picnic, especially when one parent is out of town and the littlest one lost her binky. To say that it was a long week doesn't really do it justice. Add in Karen, Tyler and Tiana's moving adventure, David's job, an unexpected chance to visit with the Milstead family plus our regular schedule of events as well, and you've got a long long LONG week. But, it's over and we are moving on to better days. Field trip to the El Paso zoo with all the kids was fun. DT went with Jodi after is week at zoology camp, but the rest of us trooped off together to enjoy the zoo. Mambo went along and had a good time spoiling the kids with ice cream and root beer floats.
This week we are looking forward to Independence day complete with a BBQ at the Man Crew House, a field trip to City of Rocks state park, and fireworks and dirt track racing on Saturday evening. David is working a few days this week for "Party in the USA" camp. This past week several people have approached me to let me know that they are so impressed with David's ability to coach the little ones. That always makes a mama feel proud to know her child is doing well in his chosen field.
That's about it for now. I know, rather random and shockingly short, but Little Miss just woke up (at 10:15) and needs some sustenance before we head off to do the weekly grocery shopping to feed the man horde that calls my house home. :) Have a wonderful (and SAFE) Independence day!

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