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Monday, June 29, 2009

A Week without Pat

Greetings from HOT and sunny NM. This was our first week without Patrick here and it was ...well, quiet. David was bored stiff, no exciting adventures were had and a few less messes were made. It was a bit unsettling at first, but I am relaxing a bit and just enjoying the summer with the boys that ARE still here. I decided to just let them veg out this week and while I heard the dreaded B word once or twice, it only took a day or two for them to start entertaining themselves. The board games have been drug out, books have been read, and they even managed to get around the table at game night this week. Jodi and I kinda lazed about this week as well and worked on a few projects that have been lingering. Mostly, we vegged...hee hee! Dan and 'Shua arrived safely on Thursday and surprised David and I by taking us to wee Transformers 2....which was AWESOME!!! A few inappropriate scenes for David, but otherwise...fantastic! Friday was game night and we had a small crowd due to Karen being ill, Tyler being out of town, and Mike and Krissy and gang being at t-ball game...but we had a great time. Dan and Charlie spent most of the night at the computer which seems odd, but Dan finally joined the techno world and bought a MP3 player and was trying desperately to get it to load music...but alas, he seemed to have defective one and ended up taking it back. But all is well that ends well, right, as the second one was great and he is now happily blasting his ears out to the likes of AC/DC, Led Zepplin, and the other greats of classic rock (bleck) Saturday was for sleeping in, wandering about and going to the race track. We added James and Devin to our boys and took a full van load. Devin was so excited and James did well with the noise. We are all anxiously awaiting next week because they do the biggest fireworks display in Dona Ana County...yeah! Sunday we overslept and missed our regular service, I had coffee with Karen and listened to her story of immaturity adults that can't manage their lives, (may I refer you back to an earlier post of mine called Maturity, Who Needs It?? LOL) Charlie spent the afternoon trying to download something into his computer at our house.... and then when everyone was gone, 'Shua and I had a nice chat, Dan and I FINALLY got 5 minutes to spend together without all the hubbub and then here we are at Monday. PHEW! By the way, not sure if I' mentioned it last week, but it looks like Dan and 'Shua are going to be continuing with this 4 days out of town schedule for the next 2 years...and while I'm thrilled at the notion of job security, this schedule is taking it's toll on us as well. Please pray as we try to find a better routine for the weekends so that everyone is well rested and has enough time to get everything they need done in that amount of time as well. OK, so here we are at Monday...Jodi and I have big plans for the back room this week and want to get it in better working order, I have some tablecloths and aprons to make, photo albums to create and an Independence Day weekend to prepare for...yeehaw!! See you all next week! Hugs all around and I can't wait to see all of IL family and friends in Sept!!
Much LOVE,
Kristy and the Man Crew
PS...I spent hours on the computer today, organizing, purging, deleting and saving to zip drives and I'm proud to say that I deleted 17 GB of info, pics and videos off of this computer...go me!!

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY June 28, 2009...
Outside my window...a blue sky speckled with fluffy clouds shines brightly, making the thermometer seem like a liar....it doesn't LOOK like it's almost a HUNDRED degrees! Stay INSIDE at all costs...LOL
I am thinking...That I MUST learn better coping skills if I am to survive the next two years of Dan working out of town 4 days a week...sigh. Any ideas??
I am thankful for...steady work, plenty to keep me busy and online buddies to encourage me to keep fighting the good fight!
From the learning rooms...Mama is clearing out the shelves and starting fresh for next year....I LOVE this part of homeschooling...the anticipation of next year!
From the kitchen…nothing since I have been working on the back room all morning, so leftovers for lunch, but the rest of the week sounds tasty.

  • Monday~ Breakfast for dinner

  • Tuesday~ Macaroni and Cheese with Ground Turkey

  • Wednesday~ Pork Chops, stuffing and Veggies

  • Thursday~Spaghetti with Hamburger in the sauce

  • Friday~ Homemade pizza for Game night

  • Saturday~Chicken and rice Casserole...early so we can make it to the races in time for good seats for fireworks!

I am wearing… Navy yoga pants, light blue tee with an eagle made up of stars and tennies...already feeling patriotic...YEAH!
I am creating… a cleaner, more usable school/playroom, bread this afternoon, a more 'haven~ish' home for my hubby and boys to come to after a day in the harsh world!
I am going... to drop some things off at the Good Will, work tomorrow and then probably not out again until Friday for groceries
I am reading... other daybook entries...I just LOVE them!
I am hoping... that Dan and I can continue dealing with this uncomfortable work schedule with a bit more grace than we have been and that we can work out some kind of stress reducing routine for the day that he is home...we've had several rough weekends in a row and it's getting us all frustrated. Structure is a must!
I am hearing...the dryer tumbling the ONLY load of clothes I have to wash today, hurray! The TV is on a music only channel, piping modern worship and praise music throughout the main areas of the house, Jodi is fixing up some sweet iced tea, Derek is playing cars, James is munching right behind me and David is playing a card game...**sigh of contentment**
Around the house...dog hair tumbleweeds are blowing around...LOL, the bathroom needs some attention and the back room needs LOTS on attention...but a little at a time will go along way there. I still need to make bread for the week...gosh, I better get moving...hee hee!
One of my favorite things...A fresh new Monday to make plans to get it all right! Grace from God to make it through and the courage to try yet again!
A few plans for the rest of the week…Mostly a planning and organizing week...shelves to re-group, boxes to dig through, homeschool things to save to the zip drive and get OFF of the computer, new summery schedules to make, preparing for Independence Day this weekend...red, white and blue, here I COME!
Here is picture thought I am sharing...Ummm, I didn't take any pictures this week...oops! Another thing I need to do this week, upload, organize, and save pics to my zip drive.

This post is in response to a call for simplicity. It was started by the wonderful Miss Peggy, who can be found at www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com ...and for the summer, we are posting our links also at Grandmother Wren ( http://grandmotherwren.com/ ) since Miss Peggy is on summer vacation.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Maturity...Who Needs It? (A Rant by A Frustrated Mature Person)

Maturity is a psychological term used to indicate that a person responds to the circumstances or environment in an appropriate manner. This response is generally learned rather than instinctual, and is not determined by one's age. Maturity also encompasses being aware of the correct time and place to behave and knowing when to act in serious or non-serious ways. (definition courtesy of Wikipedia.com but the BOLD print is mine)
~~Maturity...who needs it?? This is a question that I have been pondering casually for quite a while. There has been a serious outbreak of 7th grade behavior among grown adults recently and I for one am tired of the mess. (Note*, these are my own personal ramblings about behaviors that I see not only in the people that I know personally, but across the board...they do not pertain to anyone in particular nor were names changed to protect the innocent...if this applies to you, well...deal with it!) Whatever happened to personal responsibility, not airing your 'dirty laundry' in public and/or being able to deal with one's OWN personal issues?? Why does it seem that 'young people' today are apparently incapable of managing their own lives?? Where did the idea of extended adolescence even come from? Forgive my rantings, but I just can't understand when 7th grade maturity level became the norm for adults. When 2 full grown adults well into their twenties need me to moderate their arguments because they can't behave without 'adult intervention', when fifty year old men need me to remind them that the drunk people aren't allowed to decide who is capable of driving, when not getting their way leads to pouting, whining and relentless insistence at having their own way...what has the world come to?? Seriously, 7th grade behavior! When did parents decide that it is better to be friends with the kids than to hold them accountable for their behavior and (gasp) correct it? ~~Maturity comes from dealing with difficult circumstances and coming out the other side bearing the battle scars...not from letting other people bear the consequences of our poor choices. From making the correct decision through pondering, asking for advice from those wiser than us and prayer and then dealing with whatever backlash might come from that. From being humble enough to know when you don't know enough to make the right decision. 7th grade behavior is only acceptable if you are IN the 7th grade...and barely then, HA! Give up the gossiping, the attention seeking behavior, and the DRAMA!! Stop looking for more drama, as most people have more than they want anyway and don't want to be involved in yours. Pick a mate and then stick it out....take care of your kids and don't pawn them off on other people....pay your bills and don't ask for handouts...get a job and be thankful for it! UGH, the absolute ungratefulness of our society at large, and our young people in particular sickens me. Starbucks everyday, fashion (read~ridiculously expensive) clothing, laptops, fancy vacations and cellphones are not, repeat NOT necessary for survival! I don't understand where these ideas come from, but the only reasonable explanation (to me) is that we as parents are not doing our jobs well. We have become a society that is afraid to say No to our kids...when did THAT happen?? We are obsessed with our kids having the newest, the most expensive, the best of everything and then we wonder where they get the notion that they DESERVE everything we can afford and then some. We schedule them to within an inch of their sanity with this class, this activity and that lesson and then wonder why kids are bored when we don't entertain them endlessly. Oh my, don't even get me started about family values! Somewhere along the line we have lost sight of the real goal of parenting...to raise our children to be prepared to face the adult world....capable of managing homes, jobs, finances and most importantly, their personal lives well. We want them to enjoy their childhood since it is fleeting and while this is a good intention, I'm not sure it's a good idea in the long run. Giving the idea that life is always pleasant, never difficult and choices are easy to make leads to disappointment with adult life. Not knowing how to make a difficult decision and then deal with the repercussions of that decision is asking for trouble at best and disastrous at worst. We must teach the realities of life, however harsh they may be. It's the only way to raise mature, independent, emotionally healthy adults.
~~UGH...I know that this is disjointed and certainly NOT my best post to date, but sometimes things just come out the way they come out. I can't seem to get this one to make sense to anyone but me...LOL! Well, I'll just post my wild rantings about maturity and let everyone deal with it on their own level. If this offends you, you may want to consider your own maturity level and seek professional help...Muahahaha!

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... June 22, 2009...
Outside my window...the sky is sunny and blue with a few puffy clouds floating by the window, the temp is about 90 with the high going to 96 (oh my) and no rain is predicted this week...great for picnicing!
I am thinking...that while I am always glad for company, I'm also glad to relax after they leave...LOL
I am thankful for...simple things like bread rising in a sunny window, complex things like a relationship with hubby that has room for constructive criticism when one of us gets off track, helpful advice when needed and enough love to cover a multitude of sins, peaceful things like knowing that my parents are taking wonderful care of Pat while he is there, and wonderful things like knowing that my soon-to-be-daughter-in-love is just the right person for my cantakerous oldest son.
From the learning rooms...nothing official since we are on 'break' but we are always reading, always looking for opportunites for real life learning, and always have some small project going.
From the kitchen…bread is rising is afforementioned sunny window, meals plans for the week include...

  • Monday: Pork chops, Mashed potatoes and green beans

  • Tuesday: Grilled cheese and Soup

  • Wednesday: Tuna casserole and Salad

  • Thursady: Chicken Tacos with Chips and salsa

  • Friday Homemade Pizza Party!!

  • Saturday: Cookout! Bacons cheeseburgers, potato salad and veggies with dip

  • Sunday: Pot Roast with roasted veggies and salad

I am wearing…brown capris and a coral t-shirt, with shortie socks and tennies
I am creating…Bread, a Clean Home, Happy boys and a Haven of rest for Hubby (this part has been lacking lately, MUST FIX)
I am going...nowhere....yeah!!
I am reading...nothing yet this week, but poring over homschool materials for next year
I am hoping...That I am making the right choices as a wife, mother and daughter of the King
I am hearing...the A/C desperately trying to keep up with the heat of the day, the dog asking to be let in and boys playing in their rooms that they are supposed to be cleaning...hee hee!
Around the house...there are dog hair tumbleweeds waiting to be swept up, a bathroom desperate for some attention, shelves to straighten, jeans to be patched, letter to be written and a pantry to inventory so we can use up some of what we have before heading to the store again.
One of my favorite things...Like my neices and nephew in IL say..." a piece of quiet" instead of peace and quiet...LOL! Time to soak my tired tooties while enjoying hubby's company like last night. Sleeping in once in a while after reading too late into the night. Guilty pleasures indeed!
A few plans for the rest of the week…restructuring the schedule to truly adapt to the 4 days work, 3 days at home schedule the men are doing and Pat being gone and Jodi being home...so many changes! Also, some deep cleaning, some purging of 'schtuff" and feeling finally, truly settled here.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...Oh my...the choices! Oh here is a good one!The annual t-shirt project so that when we go out as a group, the kids are easier to keep track of....they all match on the back, but they decorated their own on the front, execpt for the youngest two, they needed a bit of help...LOL!

This post is in response to the call to the simple life...The delightful Miss Peggy is on vacation now, but I'm going to keep on posting this all summer...just check out her website at http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Hello to one and all, it has been a busy, BUSY few days for us here. Put on your seat belts!!

~~The delightful Miss Lauren spent 10 days visiting us and surprising 'Shua for their 6 year (yes, 6 YEAR) anniversary. He was, of course, delighted to see her and was a tad reluctant to return to work the following Monday since she was still here...LOL! Us girls had a ball, visiting back and forth, shopping, playing games with the kids, and I had the fun of introducing her to the crunchier side of life...she just kept saying, "You DO that?? Bless your heart, woman!" Ha ha ha~ We spent a happy morning prowling the local farmer's market, eating at Sonic, shopping for 'after the wedding' clothes and having "The TALK"...ahhh, the joys of being a mother-in-law-to be!! The boys taught her how to ride the dirt bike and she really enjoyed the dune buggy as well. She cooked dinner for us about 3 times and all I can say is that 'Shua will never go hungry, that girl can COOK! We took her to the racetrack on Saturday and she thought it was great...so maybe after she moves here, that will become a regular occurrence...that would be fun. She was a hit at game night and did a great job keeping up with the jokes and laughter....man, I have MISSED her! She and 'Shua picked out and bought their new bedroom set and managed to cram it all into his TINY room, and also purchased a lovely bedding set that is super comfy and gorgeous.
Lauren making Pepperoni Pizzaz....YUM~O
~~Pat went home with Lauren amid a flurry of activity and anxiety. We ended up not being able to get gate passes so he had to go it alone with Lauren, but they seems to manage alright without our help. : ) He was packed and ready for almost 5 days before he left and I was starting to wonder if he was going to come unglued with all the excitement. He is safely with PaPa and Grma now and is having a ball already. Tony came over to see him right away and promised to take him out a few times this summer and he is looking forward to that. Lauren also promised to visit often and since he just adored her, that suits him just fine. We are missing his blur of activity already and the house is much quieter without his boisterous laughter and commentary.
Titus is going to Miss Pat the MOST, I think, they are great Buddies!
Airport Goodbye at the last second! Look how tall Pat is!
~~Dan and 'Shua both got new tats this past weekend and now that they are healed and looking good, I'll add pics of them at the end. They also found out this week that when this job in Hurley ends in Aug/Sept, they will be going to Tularoso, which is about the same distance, but the opposite direction, so it looks like we will be continuing the 4 days on/3 days off pattern for quite a while. 'Shua is a bit concerned about that since he doesn't want to be leaving Lauren alone 4 days a week, especially right after they get settled here, so that will have to be worked out. Things to pray about, I guess.

~~Things that go bump in the night!! I was woken up this weekend by an incessant knocking on my door and a grouchy male voice demanding that I 'Come and see"....since this never bodes well around here, I rapidly found my glasses and stumbled out of my room to see what was soooo important.....Brace yourselves: It was a large black, hairy tarantula...YIKES! Apparently, Jodi had found it sashaying across the playroom floor and woke 'Shua up to kill it and he wouldn't until I saw it...wrong person to ask, I made him catch it so Dan could see when he got home from his side job...LOL! Lauren said she was sleeping peacefully, then heard "tarantula' and thought to herself that the boys must be watching Animal Planet or something and then she heard someone say, "Keep it." and decided that she better get up right away and investigate...LOL! Poor thing! She SOOO happy to be moving here. ..ha ha ha~

Hello, Hairy!! YUK~ he got, UM, "relocated" shortly after this picture was taken...ha ha ha!

~~I guess that's about it for big news...so I'll add a few pictures and remind everyone that I love them and miss them and then sign off. Phew, hopefully next week won't be so full, I'm looking forward to some time to sew, read, bake and possibly even scrap a bit...Muahahah, as IF!

*Love to all, *


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook~Guest Post again....Lauren this time

Ladies, this is my soon to be daughter in love and as she is visiting this week, I thought I'd give the writer's pen to her and see how it goes. So without further ado, the Lovely Miss Lauren!

FOR TODAY....June 16th, 2009 (yes, we know we're a day late)
Outside my window... it beautiful and warm I love the sun we don't get much in Illinois
I am thinking... How much I love vacation
I am thankful for... OH, the list is very long....I am most thankful for my family; My loving mother who is my best friend, my father who adds his two cents in when its needed, my older sister who I have been able to watch and learn from my entire life, my twin whom I could not live without, and my loving christian fiance who I love more and more each day.
From the kitchen… :-) I guess it all depends on who is cooking. Pocha? Or mama?
I am wearing… Sweet new jeans and a peach striped shirt that is so comfy.
I am creating… a new me
I am going... to move to New Mexico and begin a wonderful new life with my new husband
I am reading... Bag of Bones by Stephen King..... helpful hint: Its not that good ;-(
I am hoping... to be a the wife Joshua will be proud of (she will be!!)
I am hearing
... just about everything ....
One of my favorite things... Most of all dance but I guess you have to have a partner who would partake in the festivities (and Joshua does not) boo hiss
A few plans for the rest of the week… Take Kristy out and hopefully spoil her and celebrating my 6th year anniversary
Here is picture thought I am sharing...picture this Sicily 1934 (a quote from the Golden Girls...my favorite show)
This post is written in response to the call towards the simple life. If you want to read more posts in the same style, check out Miss Peggy's website at www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guest post!

Readers...I asked for permission to use this article because I think it's wonderful. It really sums up the way I feel about being at home. This is from one of my blogging buddies and she is always an inspiration to me. If you are interesting in reading more of here articles (and I HIGHLY recommend that you do) she can be found at Clothesline Alley. http://inclotheslinealley.blogspot.com Check her out!

Behind The Scenes
I was recently asked a question that made me pause for a brief moment, "how can you stand living in your husband's shadow?" I can honestly say I have never thought of myself as living in my husband's shadow, so for this reason I was quite taken aback by such a question. It is indeed true that my work, hidden from view of most the world, inside the four walls of my home, will never be celebrate as my husband's work is. There will never be a homecoming worthy for a hero after a year spent doing difficult work in a sandy desert somewhere. Bands will never play for me. Big 'welcome home' banners will not be hung for me. Medals will never be awarded, nor will numerous letters and cards expressing heartfelt thank yous be given to me. (And, let's face it, this doesn't happen for most people, no matter what they do ;o)) The work I do for my family, my loved ones, and the strangers who cross the threshold of our home will never be celebrated as my husband's is, and this is something I am not just okay with but thankful for as well.
I once read a quote that stated the work of a good housewife is felt, not seen, and this is a sentiment to which I most agree. Much of the work I do, day to day, wouldn't even be felt in its full magnitude unless I simply opted not to do it one day. Cooking, cleaning, home educating, laundry, diaper changing, nursing babies, and so much more are behind the scenes work. Many bits of my work allow my husband to shine more than he could otherwise, which is wonderful as I firmly believe his career is my career. Striving to be the best helpmeet to my husband that I can be and the labor of love that is motherhood, is the work in which I take the most delight and pleasure. To me, the fact my work takes place 'behind the scenes' isn't something to bemoan or to seek pity for, but just part of a calling which I feel extremely blessed to have been given.
I don't doubt for a moment that I could be doing something "more" or "greater" by the standards of other people, not for an instant, but that's not where my heart is nor the calling I have been placed in. Many have told me I am far too smart to "waste" myself and the short amount of days I have on this earth, behind the doors of my home, rather than out offering something to the world. While their words are flattering on a certain level, they are always a bit disrespectful for they never suppose for a moment that what I do at home is worth something to me and others. Never for a moment do they consider my "career" allows me to stretch my mind and broaden my horizons, offer something to others, and make a meaningful life for myself. There is instead a narrow definition of what should make me happy, rather than a moment to thoughtfully consider that perhaps their happiness and mine are simply two different things.
I love to be my husband's partner in the way full time homemaking has allowed me to be and having opportunity to be there with my daughter in both quantity and quality time. Taking care of people, offering hospitality, and feathering my nest are special privileges I hold dear, as is all the time for my cooking, baking, herbalism, canning, sewing, and all the other loves & hobbies that fill mine and Peapod's days. I've had opportunity to learn just as much, if not more, while being at home, as I did while in school and working, but the lessons I have learned since "coming home" have been more enjoyable and more important to me. Studying chemistry was interesting, but not nearly as much as mixing my own organic household cleaners or baking my own sourdough bread. Tending to the business books as I once did was a challenge, but not one nearly as rewarding as making my family's money work for us and learning the realities of home economics. Wearing fancy clothes and doing makeup was enjoyable for a time, even glamorous, but the mommy and me aprons, tempera paint, and beeswax crayons are more fulfilling than that work could ever be. For me, leaving the world of the public for that of the private has been a rewarding endeavor and sometimes I really do wish others would see this, rather than feel some strange need to pity me and make assumptions about the status of mine they feel to be so lowly or the work they think so stifling. To each their own, as they say. :o)
When I look at the beautiful example for a virtuous wife and mother, as so eloquently displayed to us in Proverbs 31, there simply is not an example of searching for the glory of the limelight or disregarding the needs of my family for the desires of myself. Instead there is a picture of dedication, humble service, and a legacy rich with love and caring. For me to selfishly step out from behind the scenes, simply to earn the respect of others would not be right, nor would this allow me to best serve my family, which is the undertaking I find the ultimate fulfillment for in my own life. My self-worth comes from who I am inside, from the woman life has shaped me into, and the hard work I put into the precious family I have been given, not through the accomplishments that could have been or what could be done if I cave into pressure and make sacrifices that neither myself or my husband feel wise for our family. Money, prestige, and acknowledgment do not success make, only the fruits that one's labors bear are the marks of true success.
All of the women I admire most will never be celebrated by society, but they are celebrated by the many people whose lives they touched, including their own dear family members. Each of them has a long marriage to boast of, grown children who are walking on the right path of life, friends who love them, and people whose lives they touched, through volunteer work, through Sunday dinners at their kitchen tables, through reaching out and offering bits of themselves to those in need. This is the greatness to which I aspire, although I have no way of knowing if I will ever get there. If I could be half as great as was/is my Nana, my grandmother, and my Mom, I would count myself very blessed indeed.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Middle of the Week Madness... LOL!

Flowers from my Sister-Girl...she's so good to me!

Well, I'm either late for last week's post or early for this week's but I decided to just go ahead with it anyway...you decide whether I'm early or late. : )
Anywho, greetings from sunny and warm New Mexico! It's been a busy few days as always and I'll catch you up on some of the highlights. Hang on to your seats and here we go!!
~Pat is headed to IL in just about 10 days now and is just chomping at the bit...can't wait to get there! Auntie Karen took him to Barnes and Noble for a date last week and he came home very excited and told me..."Look, Mom~ I got some books for my travels!" So great to see him so happy and looking forward to it so much!
~SCHOOL is OUT! Hurray! The papers have been put away, books have been straightened and re-shelved, and the planning book has been tucked away until at least....July, when I can start planning next school year...hee hee! The boys have enjoyed the extra free time already and I am as well. We already have our core curriculum for next school year, so the rest will be a bonus. Since we have a wedding/road trip planned in Sept and Jodi will be gone until the end of Sept as well, we will be starting LATE but I will be doing small projects with them most of the summer and as long as we get in our 180 days...the school district doesn't care...so it's ALL good!
~Dan and 'Shua continue to work M-TH in Hurley, and have both been working Fridays and Saturdays here in Cruces as well so while they are tired, they are enjoying a bit of play money. They will be home on Thursday as usual and rumor has it that there will be NO overtime this weekend, and I think they are glad. Time to relax with family and reboot for the week ahead is ALWAYS a good thing.
~Jodi seems to be settling in while being at home this week...has unpacked MANY boxes, cleaned the playroom and has a car full of things to donate to Goodwill as well as enjoying being home with the boys and dealing with Titus' therapists herself. She even volunteered to stay home with all 5 of them today so I could go out and do something I wanted to do..and so I did...thanks, Jo!
~Lauren will be visiting soon, her plane lands on the 18th and I just can't wait to throw my arms around her and squeeze...Oh, how I've missed her! She is coming to spend their 6 YEAR anniversary with 'Shua....what a legacy they will have to pass on to their future children someday! It will be a short trip as she will be returning to IL on the 20th and taking Mr Patrick with her. That makes me feel so much better about him getting on a plane without me...*sigh*
~Derek went to VBS for the first time this past week and seemed to really enjoy himself. I can't get over how big he is getting...my baby! He will be 4 this August and I find myself rejoicing at how grown up he is one minute and the next lamenting that he isn't a baby anymore...such a silly mommy! HE LOVES to ride the dirt bike and dune buggy with Dan or 'Shua and if he thinks they are trying to ride without telling him...he throws on his shoes as fast as he can and dashes out there to demand a ride with whoever will scoop him up first. Poor Auntie Karen can't even look out the window when she is here...LOL!
~David is much the same....kind, sweet and busy. He is reading, riding, writing or playing something all the time. Loves his Legos as much as ever and is forever bringing me some new UPDATED model of this or that. He is starting to make the much anticipated leap from kid status to the scary middle ground before real teenage years start...starting to take part in adult conversations without talking about something else or missing the point all together. Makes this mama feel a mite bittersweet. Ah, the joys of motherhood!
~Me, I'm the same old me...just crunchier all the time. I'm driving 'Shua crazy by making him read all the labels on his food and then explaining what each one is or is doing to his body...can't figure out why he keeps rolling his eyes and walking away...I'm just trying to help...LOL! I went scrap booking today with a new friend from game night and had such fun! She has quite possibly the LARGEST scrap booking collection I've ever seen...if I had that much stuff...someone would have to move out...possibly two people...so I had a BALL just rummaging through her stuff and Oohh-ing and Aahhh-ing where appropriate! Needless to say, I didn't get many pages done, but I'll be ready next time...I'll just strap on my blinders and scrap like mad...hee hee!
~'Shua...he misses Lauren. And he works, sleeps and pesters me...that's his life. Soon, they will be grown, married and gone. I am so grateful for this opportunity to spend this time with him...goodness, I AM getting sentimental in my old age...emphasis on the MENTAL...sheesh!
Well, this is getting ridiculously long and a mite too sentimental, even for me, so I'll wrap it up with a few pics and be done...really!
The boys in the 'fort' under the stairs...they have such FUN times down there!
This is the view from our front yard on Sunday night...the moon was just...glorious!!
Patrick is really enjoying his newly created room and is doing very well on keeping it tidy, hurray!
David and Patrick in the play/workout/storage room, BEFORE Jodi started working on it...YIKES! It's so much better now, I'll try to get a picture up of the AFTER tomorrow.
Love to all and Blessings this week,
Kristy and the Man Crew

Monday, June 1, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... June 1st, 2009... (my, this year is flying by!)
Outside my window...the clear blue sky overlooks a balmy 70 degrees with a cool breeze, but not for long as we are headed to the mid 90s today
I am thinking...that at 8:30, it's already been along day... ha ha
I am thankful for...bread already baked so I don't have to heat up the kitchen today
From the learning rooms...this is the LAST week of school, a few lingering worksheets, a projects or two that needs wrapping up and excitement over summer trips and activities
From the kitchen…nothing so far, but for dinner...catfish, rice and broccoli, YUM~O
I am wearing…Olive drab cargo pants, a pink and brown printed t shirt, and my new favorite item, pink and brown polka dotted converse...so cool! Hair is back in barrettes cascading down my back, but only until it gets hots, then up it goes!
I am creating…organized shelves, letters to friends and family, and healthy food for my family, despite 'Shua's objections, he will get the hang of healthy eating..he WILL
I am going...to pick up VBS kiddos, to work tonight and maybe to the library, time to start stocking up on summer reading materials
I am reading...The Reaper's Song by Lorraine Snelling, Bible, Homeschool material catalogs and food labels with 'Shua
I am hoping...that this last week of school is as productive as I need it to be...and that work goes smoothly this week, last week's drama NEEDS to be over.
I am hearing...the washer and dryer working hard to get our clothes clean, the big boys playing with the baby (middle boys are at VBS) birds chirping and the random thoughts tumbling in my head
Around the house...much to do, even though the house is tidy. A bathroom to S&S, boys rooms to inspect, laundry to fold and letters to write.
One of my favorite things...A clean house on a Monday morning...it's a nice feeling to start the week ahead of the game, not behind.
A few plans for the rest of the week…wrapping up school, sending Dan off to Hurley for the rest of the week, working 4 nights, the return of game night, and finding some extra time to read, scrap or sew this week....been missing my ME time.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...me with my cool tennies! Just to prove that I do, in fact, exist...LOL!

This post is written in response to the call for simplicity by Miss Peggy at http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.com/ Check it out!
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