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Monday, June 29, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY June 28, 2009...
Outside my window...a blue sky speckled with fluffy clouds shines brightly, making the thermometer seem like a liar....it doesn't LOOK like it's almost a HUNDRED degrees! Stay INSIDE at all costs...LOL
I am thinking...That I MUST learn better coping skills if I am to survive the next two years of Dan working out of town 4 days a week...sigh. Any ideas??
I am thankful for...steady work, plenty to keep me busy and online buddies to encourage me to keep fighting the good fight!
From the learning rooms...Mama is clearing out the shelves and starting fresh for next year....I LOVE this part of homeschooling...the anticipation of next year!
From the kitchen…nothing since I have been working on the back room all morning, so leftovers for lunch, but the rest of the week sounds tasty.

  • Monday~ Breakfast for dinner

  • Tuesday~ Macaroni and Cheese with Ground Turkey

  • Wednesday~ Pork Chops, stuffing and Veggies

  • Thursday~Spaghetti with Hamburger in the sauce

  • Friday~ Homemade pizza for Game night

  • Saturday~Chicken and rice Casserole...early so we can make it to the races in time for good seats for fireworks!

I am wearing… Navy yoga pants, light blue tee with an eagle made up of stars and tennies...already feeling patriotic...YEAH!
I am creating… a cleaner, more usable school/playroom, bread this afternoon, a more 'haven~ish' home for my hubby and boys to come to after a day in the harsh world!
I am going... to drop some things off at the Good Will, work tomorrow and then probably not out again until Friday for groceries
I am reading... other daybook entries...I just LOVE them!
I am hoping... that Dan and I can continue dealing with this uncomfortable work schedule with a bit more grace than we have been and that we can work out some kind of stress reducing routine for the day that he is home...we've had several rough weekends in a row and it's getting us all frustrated. Structure is a must!
I am hearing...the dryer tumbling the ONLY load of clothes I have to wash today, hurray! The TV is on a music only channel, piping modern worship and praise music throughout the main areas of the house, Jodi is fixing up some sweet iced tea, Derek is playing cars, James is munching right behind me and David is playing a card game...**sigh of contentment**
Around the house...dog hair tumbleweeds are blowing around...LOL, the bathroom needs some attention and the back room needs LOTS on attention...but a little at a time will go along way there. I still need to make bread for the week...gosh, I better get moving...hee hee!
One of my favorite things...A fresh new Monday to make plans to get it all right! Grace from God to make it through and the courage to try yet again!
A few plans for the rest of the week…Mostly a planning and organizing week...shelves to re-group, boxes to dig through, homeschool things to save to the zip drive and get OFF of the computer, new summery schedules to make, preparing for Independence Day this weekend...red, white and blue, here I COME!
Here is picture thought I am sharing...Ummm, I didn't take any pictures this week...oops! Another thing I need to do this week, upload, organize, and save pics to my zip drive.

This post is in response to a call for simplicity. It was started by the wonderful Miss Peggy, who can be found at www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com ...and for the summer, we are posting our links also at Grandmother Wren ( http://grandmotherwren.com/ ) since Miss Peggy is on summer vacation.

1 comment:

Joyce said...

I enjoyed visiting your Daybook. Sounds like summer is off to a good start at your place. Hope you enjoy the upcoming 4th of July. :)

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