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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Catchin' Up with Us MeYeR's

~This post has been a long time in coming so it seems. So much has happened in the past few weeks. Where to start, what to share, well, as they say, let's just start at the beginning. : )
~The past few weeks have been really busy, busy, busy. Dan has been hired on again with Wooten, (not that we thought he wouldn't be, just that it might be a long wait) and as a double bonus, Joshua has been hired back as well. I think I already shared that, but it's so wonderful, it bears repeating : ) They are riding together, and working together which is good for both of them. Dan gets to help Josh with the things he's not quite sure of yet and keep him motivated, and Josh gets to spend time with Dan all day long and he seems to really like that. They are working out of town, but driving back and forth every day so the boys and I get to see him each day, and we are back to 3 day weekends...yeah! The side job is at a standstill right now, due to one guy getting fired so once it gets going again, Dan will be back to that, but for now, he's getting some extra rest, fixing up some things around the house and enjoying being home more.

~I have been working odd days at Kohls and it's been throwing me off a bit, I will admit. I'll long been of the opinion that your body/mind can get used to anything IF there is a routine...but since my work schedule has different each week for the last month, I find myself overtired and a tad cranky and out of sorts. But that's neither here nor there. When IS here and there is that I'm struggling with school most days because I am having trouble being motivated. But I gave myself a stern 'pull yourself up by the bootstraps/find your big girl panties' lecture about a week ago and it's been going much better this week. : ) The house is looking better than it has in a while and Dan is pleased...and that always makes me happy.
~The house issue gave us some worry over the past few weeks as our lease end date came and we could NOT get in contact with the landlord. We know that he wants to sell the house since he has moved out of state...but are not sure if we can afford to buy this place or not. We all LOVE this house...it's THE house that everyone spends 1/2 their life looking for. It's just right!! SO, of course, we don't want to move and as the end date grew closer and closer, we fretted and worried and PRAYED more and more, started looking for alternate housing, such as the 189 a week hotel if we had to move on a few days notice. The housing costs in NM have gone up this year considerably, and we were having issue with finding a house that had enough space that was in our price range and in a decent neighborhood. SOoooooo.....long story short (ish) he finally called back, we can stay at least for now, and next time he comes to town, he will come to see us and we will see if we can come to an agreement about a rent to own option. PRAISE the LORD and Hallelujah!!! We are patching dings in the wall, pulling weeds, and cleaning everything so that when he comes, he will know how much we love this house and will take care of it. Pray with us about it, please! We don't want to be selfish because we WANT this house so much and take on too much to handle. On the other hand, we want to keep this house and use it to minister to friends, family and strangers alike due to the space allowances we have here, and want to trust God to provide if He wants us to stay.

~In other news....wait for it...David CUT his hair! He looks like a boy again, and it actually makes him look a bit younger, which I'm fine with...LOL! It's quite dashing and now he's talking about black tips...oh my gravy! I'm going to end up with a boy that spends more time on his hair than I do...LOL! Dan already does...hee hee! Could be why he always looks better than me...hmmm, I may have to ponder that one. His gymnastics coach is THRILLED about the new cut also and he is excelling at that as well. The coach may move him up another level soon.
~Patrick is growing his hair out....and it's to the crazy stage...not all laying down, not all standing up, just insane looking all the time. Oh my, life with him is never dull! He's been working on his writing skills and they are coming along nicely. His penmanship is coming along as well, and if I could JUST convince him to look words up instead of guessing how to spell them, I'd be very happy indeed! : )~Derek is just happy to be 4 AND a Half! He tells everyone he meets that he is 4...and a HALF! Not sure if he even knows what that means, but he sure is proud of it...LOL! His letter recognition is coming along nicely and he loves to spell words on the fridge. He LOVES the new webcam and can't wait to call people and then talk their ears off...LOL!
~'Shua and Lauren are doing well. They are both working many hours and enjoying the great weather here in Cruces. Rusty and Jake (the dog and cat) bring them many hours of joy and we LOVE having them here right by us. ~Speaking of cats, we have a new one...her name is Sophie and she's just the sweetest little scrap of fluff ever. She's only 6 weeks old and 1.5 pounds but she's bringing fun to our house and Dan is just ga-ga over her which cracks me up. He tells everyone how she's learning to eat by herself and use the cat box...he gets so excited. He built her a kitty castle/tower thing and she spends HOURS a day playing in it. So cute!

~Anywho, now that this is SOOOOOOOOO long and you are all bored to tears, I'll hush. : ) we love you all and miss you bunches...especially all of you in IL that we haven't seen in ages. Lost boys, Mama K loves you and wishes you were all here, too!
Blessings and MUCH love,
Kristy and the Man Crew


Rhonda said...

Love love love the boys photos of their hair!
Great blog Kristy!
I pray that God will have a plan for you and your family to stay in that house that y'all love so much!
In Christ,

The Ruoss Crew said...

SO glad Dave cut his hair! He looks so much better and I don't think it makes him look younger. Pat is looking more mature, too. Very happy you guys got to stay in the house...ANSWERED PRAYER!! Ain't God good??

Anonymous said...

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