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Monday, May 17, 2010

All Good Things Must Come to an End, so they say...

...And that's true at our house as well. Game night has undergone a change....there is no longer any pizza to be had at my house on a Friday night. I feel sad about the change, I feel almost guilty about the change and while most of the gang was understanding, some were actually upset over the change. Here's the why behind the change. When game night originally started, our routine was family game night on Thursday, Pizza/Movie night on Friday and Game night with the gang on Saturday. The 'gang' consisted of us 5 MeYeR's, my sister and nephew which we were living with and the infamous Charlie and Devin. We'd all crowd around our ridiculously tiny dinner table meant for 4 and play games and laugh hysterically. Then one week, we got thrown off schedule due to my new job at Kohls...and game night got mixed in with pizza/movie night. And it stuck : ) We loved it and kept it, and also started inviting more people as the house grew and we got another table, and another. So, 25 people later, preparing for game night had become an all-day process. Not one that I minded, but one that was affecting my time to teach the boys, and one that seriously impacted my energy level. After 2-3 hours of grocery shopping with 3 boys in tow, then the slicing and dicing started, then an hour of MAKING dough, then almost 3 hours of actually making the pizzas and baking them. SO, I finally discussed it with Dan because we all LOVE game night and didn't want to just end it, so we came to a compromise...we still host game night, but everyone either has to eat before they arrive or bring a frozen entree with them to pop in the oven. And so it is. On Friday, I felt a bit melancholy, but I will admit to enjoying the extra free time since I didn't have so much prep to do. I enjoyed playing games with everyone instead of fussing about in the kitchen. : ) Once in a while, I'll do pizza for old times sake. This also allow for a return to the previous routine for our weekends. One of the boys in particular is partial to routine, traditions and the like. So a good change for him especially. All in all, a good change.
Sorry about my ramblings...I'm sure that wasn't that interesting to most, but I needed to process it a bit more than in my head. Thanks for *listening*

1 comment:

jolincountry said...

Oh wow.. you did do alot of prep work for that pizza night! I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.
Change usually isn't easy but hopefully your Fridays will be easier and more relaxed now. And, I know that will help with the budget as well.
Hurray to you and Dan for realizing the issue and making the needed changes!

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