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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Seriously, Kittens IN THE WALL???? Can I repeat...only at my house : )
My Man Crew of Kitty lovers : )
Dan with Sophie, David with Cassie, Pat with Fluffy, Derek with Tabby, and Josh with Fatty McPatty

Edit: Here's the back story. I was rummaging about in the back room looking for a box when I heard a faint mewing sound. I stopped, looked around, and called the kitties, but could not find them, even outside...leading me to believe they were IN the wall. When Dan and 'Shua arrived home from work I announced my strange news and they started giving each other the look that says, "Well, it's official, she's completely lost her mind" and chuckling at me. So I led them to the place where the wall was meowing and eventually they came to the conclusion that there were, in fact, kittens in the wall. (I love it when I'm right!) So Dan tapped around on the wall to find the exact spot where they were, cut a small rectangle out of the drywall and when he laid down the section, out tumbled 4 tiny kittens with their eyes barely open. They still needed their mama, so we put them in the box near the back door, and over the next 2 nights, she came and rescued them back from us. All's well that ends well, right?


Tara said...

did you ever figure out how they got in there? We had a momma cat have babies behind our cabinets. May i add brand new we had just installed them, hubby was not a kitty lover when he had to take them out to get kittens out from behind.
They are cute...

The Man Crew said...

Tara...best we can figure, the mama had them on the roof, wandered off to get food and while she was gone, they started stumbling around and fell down an uncovered vent and just slid down into the wall like a big slide. We put them in a box by the back door and she came back for them. So all's well that ends well, right?? That's a funny story you have, too! Poor hubby!

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