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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mouse Wars...Chapter 4

Where ARE they coming from?? Ewww.....

So let's see...as of chapter 3 we had caught 9 in the hamster cage, that was IN the rubbermaid box, right?? So, here we go. Monday during the day, there was no real change...the mice hopped around in the hamster cage, I fed them popcorn and grapes (they're not dying on MY watch, right??) and waited for Charlie to come fetch them. Lauren was fascinated/horrified by them and Bubba was actually trying to bite the hamster cage to get at them...May I repeat...only at MY house is the DOG trying to catch the mice, while the Cat just wants to watch...ha ha ha!

So, all was well until Charlie called and said that he wasn't feeling well and could he please come tomorrow. Of course I said yes, but I DID say that if any more started reproducing,we weren't going to be friends anymore...LOL! So he should be here before lunch to pick them up, hurray! Anyway, there wasn't much activity last night and I was REALLY FINE with that, thinking that we had hopefully caught the majority of them. We only caught one last night, right before bed. So that makes 10 in the box. UGH. This morning, we could tell that they had been active...whether the remaining few were throwing a final hurray, or looking for a way out or what, but when we got up this morning...there were 6 MORE! DOUBLE UGH....and bleck! So, Dan dumped out the hamster cage into the Rubbermaid box since there was no way they could all fit in the one little cage and he didn't want the others climbing onto the top of the hamster cage and jumping out of the box. SO now, sitting behind me is a Rubbermaid box with holes in the top with 16 mice in it. The incessant scratching and squeaking is starting to drive me a little batty. Ya know when you watch a scary movie where the people end up covered in bugs and it makes your skin itch?? It's like that...times 16~ Hurry up, Charlie!!


MeYeR's 16...can anyone else say EWWWWWW?

PS...I AM going to win the Mouse War, I'm not going to rest until they are all gone, and without resorting to buying a snake... although that option is looking better as the days go by : )
LInks to the other Mouse Wars sagas...ch 1, ch 2, ch 3


jolincountry said...

Saying EWWWW with you. My skin is crawling just reading that.
So glad the score is 16:0 and not the other way around!

The Man Crew said...

Deanna...me too!! LOL! I can't believe we have caught that many...totally grossed out!

DaintyDecker said...

Oh my....that is just way too many!

Christabelle said...

I don't know how you do it. Mice represent the ENEMY in my house! I take glory in their extermination. To have them LIVING would creep me out, shredding each nerve systematically. But, I am so glad they are not living, breathing, reproducing of their own free will outside your home! Tell your pooch he's in good company, my dog doesn't like mice either. ;)

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