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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mouse Wars...Chapter 2

Ah, Mouse Wars...gotta love it! And here we go with the ongoing mouse tales, no pun intended : ) As we left it, it was Sunday morning and we had caught a total of 4 mice, 1 ending up producing 7 more. 2 (Plus the 7) had already been taken to meet their fate at the mouths of hungry reptiles. So, that leaves us with 2 in a hamster cage and a few traps about. Sunday evening, we called Charlie to come and get them. As he was heading over, we caught 2 more. BLECK! As Dan was gently pulling them off the sticky goo, one got away and we spent an hour chasing the thing around the house...what a episode! I'm surprised the poor thing didn't have a heart attack and expire on the spot. Charlie had brought over his Savannah Monitor Lizard and it was chasing the mouse, too! Have I ever mentioned that it's not dull around here?? *winks* Anywho, they finally trapped that one behind the fish tank and set a trap for it and moved on. Charlie's lizard, Norbert, turned out to not be very hungry right then, so Charlie headed home and promised to return Monday with a box to take them home. That left us with 3 in the cage, 1 behind the fish tank and hopefully no more. After Dan and I got the boys settled into bed, we sat down to relax with a bit of TV before heading to bed. I got up for a drink and heard a squeak. Sure enough, we had caught another one...YIKES! So Dan dutifully checked all the traps and we had caught 3 more!! Ewwwww! So into the cage they go, the traps are reset and we go to bed.
Look for chapter 3...coming soon
That's DAN'S hand, people...not mine! EGADS! That thing was roaming around my house!!

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jolincountry said...

LOVE the score count.. wow...

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